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Sisneri Hike

Route Dakshinkali >> Sisneri
Date March 31, 2019
Hiking Duration 4 Hours
Coordinator Aashish K.C., Sairose Shrestha
Participants Aashish KC, Ajay Bandtola, Albin Lamichhane, Apar Baral, Aryama Upadhyaya, Ayush Raj Sedai, Eva Shrestha, Nischal Badal, Phanindra Nath Panta, Prashant Neupane, Riwaj Chalise, Rohan Prasai, Sabin Pathak, Sairose shrestha, Samil Shrestha, Sujan Adhikari, Swaroop Dhungana
Report By Ajay Bastola, Sujan Adhikari
Photos By Apar Baral
Creative Support Dipal Malla

Ajay Banstola Ajay Banstola
Hiking club organized a one-day hike to Sisneri at the end of March, 2019. We, 18 participants headed towards the Deerwalk complex early in the morning and started our journey there.
Fortunately, the traffic wasn’t that bad early in the morning. It was drizzling outside. So, no dusty road too. Bumpy road, chill weather and some Driver dai’s favourite Lok dohoris, the ride was really pleasing. I take that back. The playlist sucked. Anyway, we decided to have a visit to Dakshinkali temple and had a delicious brunch there. What better combo than jerry, puri and tarkari. It was about noon when we reached Sisneri, our destination.

We hiked for about an hour to the swimming spot. I must say the route was ravishing. Fresh and lucid flow of river by the road side was icing on the cake. Scorching sun made everybody sweat. Imagine how tempted everyone was to dive right in, seeing the clear blue natural pool there. The only thing stopping us was the fence, which had an opening. We then sneaked through it being very aware of nobody seeing us trespassing. Just kidding, we paid. I told you before, we were very tempted…and then I jumped right in. The water was way too cold than I thought. I wouldn’t want to freeze to death so my swimming course was episodic. Diving in, getting back out, and repeat.
After some photo sessions, we headed back to the hotel that we were to have dinner. We then headed towards college departing from the hotel at about 4:00 clock. Thankfully, this time we had radio playing enjoyable songs. Some prattle, tattle and cackle, the return trip was very fun. At dusk, we reached the college premises and bade goodbye to each other.

Overall, the hike was worth going. It isn’t about how much you walk or how far you go but about what you experienced that is worth sharing even years after. I encourage everyone to participate in these kinds of activities and have a meaningful hike and yeah thank you Hiking Club.

Sujan AdhikariSujan Adhikari
On 1st March, DWIT Hiking Club had organized one day hike to Sisneri, a beautiful destination 37km south from DWIT. Seventeen hikers were selected and were asked to reach college at 6:15 am and by 7 am we were all set and the journey for Sisneri began.

When we started our journey, the weather was gloomy and rainy which made us quite sad thinking about the rest of the day. We left the valley through Balkhu into the green hills of Kirtipur. The scenery around us started to be more and more beautiful with the villages we pass by. After one and half hour travel, we reached Dakshinkali and worshipped there. We also had our breakfast in a hotel near to the temple. After little bit of rest at 9:45 am we continued our journey.

The roads we followed weren’t in good condition as the roads at high hills had been suffering from landslides in past, so the journey by bus was quite bumpy. But the fun we had talking, singing and dancing made us enjoy that moment. By 11:30, we reached Sisneri town and the actual hike started. We walked through the village roads and forest, clicking photos and enjoying. Finally, after a hour hike we reached our destination, NATURAL SWIMMING POOL OF SISNERI. We wasted no time in jumping into the chilling water. Those are good swimmers, swam well and who are not, enjoyed on their own way using life jackets just like the club’s president. We spent about 2 hours in the natural water, dried ourselves, took photos and returned to Sisneri town after one hour walk back. Then, we took our lunch and had some rest for a while. It was around 3 pm, when the return journey form Sisneri started. As soon as we entered the valley, rain and huge lightening welcomed us. We reached college safe at around 6:30 pm and bid goodbye to each other and returned home.

Thanks to hiking club for organizing this hike, we all had good time.

“It’s hard to be unhappy when you travel” is what we learnt/felt from the journey.