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Simvanjyang - A day with Several Seasons
Simvanjyang - A day with Several Seasons

"There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country. A fine landscape is like a piece of music; it must be taken at the right tempo. Even a bicycle goes too fast." - Paul Scott Mowrer This hike had challenges due to the inequitable weather for a long hike, we all knew. Yet, we were determined to stretch our lazy legs for both, historical excursion and geographical exploration of Gorkha. Entire world seemed to have been informed through Facebook by the participants and I could read the jealous comments. That would bring me a smile doubling my excitement for this Hike. One after another, we gathered at the office premises. Pawan KC, the coordinator seemed occupied and worried due to some news of landslides on the way. This is best part to let others coordinate the Hike, there is someone who has to worry first and manage the route accordingly. For me, I was ready to hike, come hell or high water. Finally, the team had a decision to change the destination: Naubise- Tistung- Palung-Daman-Simvanjyang. Though a little shattered for not being able to Hike to Gorkha, we still had reasons to keep up the spirit. I had never been to Daman as well. After all it was a two-day hike and we had enough time to feel the fine landscape. Start suggested that we had an adventurous trip to Simvanjyang in store. All of us were pumped up , Bishwadeep started tuning up the Guitar, RiteshK and Pravinda started adding the harmony with Djimbey beats; Suyesh, Amit, Bishwadeep on lead Vocals, rest of us supported them with great zeal. Van geared up and we cheered up at each moment. None the less, I could see myself into the most exciting and Humour- filled group in D2. This group has always created a memory whenever I was with them. This time, for sure I would get so much again. As soon as we started rolling up to the hills from Naubise, we were sometimes welcomed by light rain and sometimes we could see the mellow sun. We, inside the van, were enjoying- singing, making jokes, wandering our eyes around, and some still were taking a nap. Some landslides and accidents made us wait until the road was clear to move ahead. We reached Daman with a terrible hunger. There we had our Lunch. After resting a while, we made our way to Shimvanjyang, where we would spend our night. This was indeed the start of real adventure. The foggy weather in between the woods was alluring every step ahead. On the way we, we would stop a while, capture the natural decorations and move on. The weather at Shimvanjyang was awesome. A cold breeze with adequate with mist rinsed our face. We were in search of a hotel – Himshikhar was the final choice. We were tired. Rooms were cozy. Hunger soared to the extreme. Dinner was ready, we were there. We had expected a delicious dinner; in return we were served with the Bitter behavior like never in life before. When Nepal Tourism Year 2011 is just in the verge of start, this is too embarrassing that the hotel business don't yet change the way they should treat the tourists. We were there as an internal tourist group, no doubt. There is still a great number of enthusiasts who wish to promote internal tourism just by taking a walk during leisure. The dinner was over, we kept staring at each other. Each of us felt so humiliated that we gently promised ourselves that we are never going to step into that inhospitable Hotel. I felt sorry, not for us but for the hotels like Himshikhar. When will they realize the joys beyond just Money in life, to share,to acquire. Leaving it apart, we still had much, some real entertainment were yet to start. No one wished to get fast asleep. Having to comfort ourselves, live songs and music by D2-Rockstars came together with great energy and skill. Once again it was all about the musical session by Biswadeep K.C , Pravinda, Riteshk and Kapil.Thanks guys for making the day "A moment to Remember". I admire all, for the way they presented. With laughter and songs, we all felt asleep. We had plans for the next day. At the dawn, I woke up to see RaviS ready with his camera to climb up to the tower to capture the sunrise. I chose to follow him when others were still surrendered to the comfort of their beds. It was a 20 minutes rush and we were at the top. We were glad that Hills had their first ray of the day only after we reached there. It was worth watching the sun rise. It was worth watching the clouds change color. I kept wondering and thanking the nature for this view. When my cheeks felt the warmth of sun, I had a Bob Dylan on mind- "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry Sunshine on the water looks so lovely Sunshine almost always makes me high…" Accumulating ourselves after freshening and morning duties, we had our breakfast. Group dispersed, some were taking a walk around the market place, and some were busy with photography. Under the tender warmth of morning sun, I loved to wait for the next hike. Since, others had missed the tower in the morning; we led them to the top. I didn't bother to walk up again. Weather was clear by then. We could vividly see Hetauda bazaar, Chure region, some parts of Chitwan National park and mountains. Sky was exceptionally blue in color. But at Shimvanjyang, weather keeps changing at eyes blink. It looks as if a day has all the seasons. Fogs came rushing up. It felt like we were above the cloud. It started raining lightly. Soft sprinkle of rain drops added fun and excitement making our walk easier. We started marching down to Daman. On the way, we came across the Hrisheshwor Mahadev premises. It is considered as a sacred destination for Hindu as well as Buddhist pilgrims to pay homage to their deity Shiva. It was a couple of kilometers walk from highway. Light rain had turned into a downpour by the time we reached there. We enjoyed getting soaked into the rain as well. On our return to highway, Ram dai was there to receive us. That pleased us all. We drove down to Daman where ramdai had all the necessary arrangements for meal. We were tired and trembling with hunger, we could eat a horse. After our meal, we sat in the sun to warm-up ourselves and ease the tightened belly. Just then we happened to meet Lava Kafle. It felt like we found our guardian. He also started jumping-up with excitement. It was then time to hurry up to home. Again the songs, again the guitar tune, again the djembe beat and plenty of alluring sight scenes. We reached Naubise in no time. Tired throat, twisted eyes and trembling legs urged some refreshments at Naubise. With a cup of tea and some light snacks, we continued...with soft music being played in the van, with lots of memories, with wishes to go back again, with desires to explore the nature again. Again with thankful heart for this hike-A walk to get the feel of a country, a fine landscape like a piece of music being taken at the right tempo!!! Hats off to Hike Co-ordinator Pawan KC for the entire coordination and arrangements. We, rest of the hikers, had the moments just because YOU were there. Thankyou Pawan KC. You Rock! Rest of the Hikers' recollections: Asim: "One of the best hikes: as Anuj has already described above.So there isn't much more that is to be added. It felt amazing right from the beginning to the end , throughout the ride.Musical Sessions by Biswadeep K.C , Pravinda and Ritesh K ." Amit: Anuj, a man with a silent character but with an awesome thinking and writing skills. His poetic skills were so brilliant that it amazed all of us. The way he wrote his feelings down was just one another Classic moment that we had. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Anuj. RiteshK: And not to forget, Kapil (Another classic Poet) - we all know how talented this guy is.So it was just what we needed for the day.Two poets with their different perspective about life, love , pain, sorrow etc an etc. Bishwadeep: Ohh..Pravinda's different creations (Eg:"Rato and Rato"). His all times revolutionary poem. He is a revolutionist. His words, right away were thrilling to hear. Next time it will be a Poetic Session by Pravinda too. We want some more on red and revolution. So, be ready Pravinda. Pravinda: We had such fun that all our body parts were aching due to continuous 1 and half hour laughing session.The next morning we all were having problem with our physic. All of us were shouting: " Mukh , Chati , Gala dukhyo yaar, kati hasako last night". "A land without ruins is a land without memories - a land without memories is a land without history." Ravi: I think i am blessed where ever I go. There were beauties every next step and my hungry lenses were well prepared to grab them all. I am pleased to share u all my photography. Beside, the team rocked. Pawan: I feel proud that I conducted this hike. The coordination and energy of all the hikers are admirable. Each of them was terrific. So, yes! We have certainly left so many memories out there but also we have stored it in the safest place in the world: - in our Hearts. Deepak: I knew we would have pleasant weekend. So all in all, another terrific hike and thanks to all of us for making it successful. hurrey. Jeevan: what else to add…perhaps, I will visit EU at least once in a month to recall this hike. Such a fun filled Hike. Suyesh: I still feel a pang somewhere in my throat. Sometimes I sang on top of my voice, sometimes I laughed out LOUD. All these still echo on my mind. My best hike ever! RiteshS: Well, I am not an accustomed Hiker. But this hike has made me prepare for some more hikes with the friends here. I am pleased that I was a part of this hike. Kapil: " The poetic session by Anuj was just what would add a sweet topping to what so called "A Brilliant Night". We had fun and I am thankful to everyone, especially PawanKC the coordinator." I would like to share a line of Anuj just at the end- Ye jun ustai chha tero mero kahani , ustai chha hami dui ko jawaani Chhopeko cha kaalo raat le, sath cha sirani ra birani, Ta aakash ma basera runchas ma kuna passera runchu Farak yeti, ta runchhas ra sit bancha, ma runchu ani geet banchha…… Followed by Narayan Gopal's, aakha chhopi narou bhani bhannu parya chha….. Please click on the image to see its large version.  

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