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Hiking from Beni to Muktinath
Hiking from Beni to Muktinath

Date: July 10, 11, 12, 2009 Duration: 2 hrs and 5 hrs. Distance: 7 Kms. Hike Coordinator: [Ravi Sharma] Participants: Abhishek Shrestha, Awanish Ranjan, Bhanu Chalise, Bishwa Shrestha, Dhilung Kirat, Kapil Pandey, Pramod Kumar Rai, Pratik Joshi, Pratikshya Regmi, Ravi Sharma, Rachit Nepal, Sabita Khadka, Sudeep Ghimire, Sudeep Khatiwada Photos: Abhishek Shrestha, Bhanu Chalise, Dhilung Kirat, Pramod Kumar Rai, Pratikshya Regmi Caption: Abhishek Shrestha, Kapil Pandey, Pratik Joshi, Pratikshya Regmi, Ravi Sharma Report By: Bishwa Shrestha, Pratik Joshi, Ravi Sharma, Sudeep Khatiwada Geolocation: Gunadi (27°58'42"N 84°13'35"E) Pokhara (28°12'19"N 83°59'17"E)
Fun @ Pokhara -Pratik Joshi Beni and Muktinath – probably two wonderful places to be. This time Ravi organized the hiking and I surely wanted to be in the team. However I was a last minute replacement as Hitesh could not make it. Well Hitesh surely missed this trip, as it was one of its kind. Getting all geared up to reach our destination we moved ahead with smile in our face. But destiny had other idea. As we reached Thankot we could see a long jam. We thought it was some routine jam. The headlight of all the vehicles made a snake shaped pattern and Kapil guessed we’d get stuck for around 3-4 hours. Everyone had their share of guesses. We were in no mood to just kill our time in the van. We had already started to have fun and we didn’t want the jam to hamper that. And enjoyed, we sure did. The truck behind us played the role of DJ as it played some Indian songs and flashed its classic multi colored lights. We just found our dance floor in between our van and the truck. Besides our own van had superb sound system and we took full advantage of it. We took some snaps there. Getting curious we walked ahead to find out what went wrong. We kept moving but there was no sign of what went wrong. Finally we reached a place where a huge dozer was turned on its side. We came to know that the dozer fell off the truck that was carrying it. Another two huge cranes were working continuously to move the dozer, but the dozer remained didn't move an inch. Some of us walked further to find a place to eat and we found a nice classic restaurant type place where we ordered Masu Chiura (Meat and Beaten Rice). We ate there and returned to our van. Finally at around 2 AM the jam cleared and we moved ahead. Kapil kept us laughing all the time with his humor. It was late and everyone was feeling sleepy (except Ram, of course). We tried to sleep but how could anyone do that when Kapil is around. At around 4 AM we stopped at a place to drink our morning tea. Everyone was feeling drowsy and lousy by then.

Ram stopped the van as he said he could hear some distinctive disturbing noise from the van

It was especially difficult job to wake Dhilung up. We lied to him that we had reached the place from where we need to hike and only then he woke up and joined us in our tea session. The morning haze and the beautiful landscape kept our eyes wide and open. We stopped to get fresh at a beautiful water fall. Bhanu , Bishwa and some other guys climbed the rocks to move further up. The rest stopped at the bottom. The cool water made us fresh. We finished there and got back in the van to continue our trip wondering what lay ahead. Shortly after we reached Gunadi, Ram stopped the van as he said he could hear some distinctive disturbing noise from the van. He checked all corners without any success. Finally he found that one of the brake pads was damaged and it was impossible to move ahead. We waited there wondering when the problem would get fixed. Ram and Bhanu went to Damauli to fetch a mechanic. We were really glad to see him. But he said we need to buy some items to fix our problem. He suggested us to go to Pokhara for that. Reluctantly we agreed and also decided that we’ll stay in Pokhara. Pramod and Abhishek volunteered to watch our van while Ramand the rest of us would go to Pokhara, buy the items and Ramwill return with a mechanic. It happened as planned. We called Pramodand Abhishekto join us in Pokhara. They arrived at around 9:30 pm. Until then we sat in our room playing cards, while Sudeep went to meet his brother. As soon as Pramod and Abhishek joined us it was party time. We had our dinner at Marpha Thakali Kitchen. Some of us went to Club Amsterdam to try our hands at snooker while the rest returned to their hotel room to get a much needed rest. From there we went to Busy Bee where a live band was playing Metal song. We listened to the music and played pool. But sadly all the shops and pubs were to be closed by 11 pm at most. So we headed back to our room. The next day we went for cycling. The view of the lake was simply breathtaking, the spot selected by Dhilung. We went to Duna Tapari for fishing. We fished there for around 3 hours. Finally at around 3:30 PM we boarded our van to return to Kathmandu. It was a fun filled trip and we enjoyed a lot. We really had a great time and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Even though our initial plan was foiled we enjoyed to the limit. The unexpected -Ravi Sharma

Things don’t turn out as expected

Things don’t turn out as expected; sometime it gives better than expected and at times it leaves with us with nothing . Well this week’s 2 day hike turned out to be something out of the blue. Team spirit and team support, is what I felt from the hike. A group of 14 became the perfect group in every aspect, whether it was time of fun, hurdles or the pain. It was a full-fledged plan, leave the office early night and reach the spot on time. In spite of heavy traffic jam and vehicle break-down we didn’t lose the spirit and budge forward to the destiny. May be it was not the right time for us to reach the destiny, so we could only make it to Pokhara (the Unexpected).” If you want to experience something new don’t make plans, just do whatever comes in your way.” At Pokhara we had to slash all the planning made for the trip. Though we enjoyed a lot, in fact it turned out to be the wonderful experience of my life. Words like “yesto taal le ta vayena hai”, “Kadaa atyadhik kadaa”, “coordinator ho ki kodi nator” became so much popular that everyone started to follow it, all the credit goes to our best KD. The trip was full of fun and fun. My words can’t express the moments I shared with the team in Pokhara, thanks to the whole team for making it a success. An Ode of Friendship -Bishwa Shrestha An ode to friendship One day or the other, a painter paints his face - a self-portrait. But if you watch closely, it’s not his face! Each stroke of the brush, borrowed from us, blurred into indinstinction and mixed into a character. That is what a person is, a character - built up from the bits and pieces of the souls around him! And I, would have been someone else, if it weren't for you - my Dear Friends! Mero bhawana yesari bayan garchu -Sudeep Khatiwada “नसोचेको बाटो नसोचेका कुरा बेनी सकेनौ पुग्यौ पोखरा” लामो बन्द को पर्खाइ, मदिराले छोडेको बिहान पिरो चाउचाउ खाली पेटमा, बिग्रिएको गाडी रेस्टुरेन्टको गेटमा थपियो मदिरा योजना बिग्रिएको शोकमा, हान्नियौ पोखरा रिसको झोकमा अध्यारोले छोप्यो उज्यालो भयो नम शुर भयो उत्ताउलो उत्ताउलो कार्यक्रम बिहानको किरणसङै सुरु भयो "...इङ्ग" को लहर, कोही साईक्लीङ्ग त कोही बोटीङ्ग कोही फिसीङ्ग त कोही ड्रिङ्कीङ्ग "तामाकोसी बगर बिहे गर्ने रहर" सुन्दै यो गीत छोडयौ हामीले पोखरा शहर सबैको फर्माइसको गर्दै गाना सेट, आउँदा आउँदै भईहाल्यो लेट
Big Deal
01 Big Deal
Pulling Crane
02 Pulling Crane
Disaster on the Highway
03 Disaster on the Highway
time pass @ Naagdhunga banda
04 time pass @ Naagdhunga banda
05 Lifted
Head Cook
06 Head Cook
Sweet Dreams Airline
07 Sweet Dreams Airline
Tired but excited
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Lost in thier own world
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Perfect Angle
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The Spirit of Water v3
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The Spring and the fun
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Feel the current man
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Natural Jaccuzi
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Ram dai in Action
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Layered Luxury
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Close up
17 Close up
We followed the truck
18 We followed the truck
Tough Job
19 Tough Job
We can lift the van
20 We can lift the van
IS this matching
21 IS this matching
22 Wanted
lined up to cross the river
23 lined up to cross the river
Man on water pipe
24 Man on water pipe
Ram dai chito van thik garnu
25 Ram dai chito van thik garnu
Sale Sale
26 Sale Sale
Blue Kamal
27 Blue Kamal
timi kalo rail ko dhuwu le
28 timi kalo rail ko dhuwu le
lost in Gunadi
29 lost in Gunadi
When it rains in Pokhara
30 When it rains in Pokhara
Monalisa smile
31 Monalisa smile
Happy to B the part of trip
32 Happy to B the part of trip
Apsara ko ghar jane bato
33 Apsara ko ghar jane bato
Stroll around lake side
34 Stroll around lake side
Championship Race
35 Championship Race
36 Cyclist
Cycling under the rain
37 Cycling under the rain
Mr. Goez in action
38 Mr. Goez in action
Posing for foto
39 Posing for foto
 Trying to lift up over the horizon
40 Trying to lift up over the horizon
Naya Nepal naya Shree 5
41 Naya Nepal naya Shree 5
Peace of mind
42 Peace of mind
43 Stoppie
Pratik`s Best capture
44 Pratik`s Best capture
The Colorful Video
45 The Colorful Video
Gearing up
46 Gearing up
Contented fisherman
47 Contented fisherman
Machhi mara na hai
48 Machhi mara na hai
Team One found nothing but the green fishes
49 Team One found nothing but the green fishes
Team Two on the loose
50 Team Two on the loose
When nature gets purified
51 When nature gets purified
Back to old days
52 Back to old days
Did he spot that
53 Did he spot that
Macha macha
54 Macha macha

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