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One Day Panauti Hike

Route Khopashi to Panauti
Date 15 April, 2018
Hiking Duration 6hrs
Coordinator Ayush Raj Sedhai and Riwaj Chalise
Participants Aayusha Paudel, Alisha Jabegu, Alon Shrestha, Ayush Raj Sedhai , Bishesh Amatya, Dhiraj Dhungana, Dipal malla, Giriraj Khatri, Hariram Khadka, Moon Shrestha, Riwaj Chalise, Sabin Pathak, Shiva Tripathi, Shreya Sapkota, Sunita Kuwar, Takdir Bartaula
Report By Moon Shrestha and Alisha Jabegu
Photos By Ayush Raj Sedhai
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey

Alisha JabeguAlisha Jabegu
DWIT Hiking Club organized a one-day hike to Panauti on 15th April 2018. Fourteen participants were selected for the hike from the different batch with an admin member.
All the hikers assembled at the Deerwalk Complex around 7:00 AM. Later, the bus departed for the Khopasi at 7:15 AM. After an extensive bus ride and road traffic, we reached Banepa at 9:00 AM. We had our breakfast which was provided by the Hiking Club. After breakfast, all hikers were energized and motivated. So, we quickly trailed towards our destination!

The hike formally started at 10:00 AM from the plain dusty road of Khopasi. We walked for half an hour under the bright sun, then we parted from the dusty road. We steadily took a pace in the direction of the forest to make it more adventurous. However, we felt overwhelmed by the challenge since the pathways weren’t there. We had to explore and discover the road to the Panauti bazaar.

For hours, we continuously walked from hills to hills. While searching for the path to the Panauti bazaar, we sightsaw many beautiful things in nature. During that time, some hikers took pictures while some decided to take rest and enjoy the view. We had to struggle a lot in climbing-up the high terrifying hills to find a way towards bazaar. After constantly walking for five hours, we were finally able to see the view of Panauti Bazaar. At that moment, there were no boundaries of happiness. All the hikers seem blissful and delighted.

After finishing the hike, we had a delicious Thakali dinner near Panauti Bazaar. Later, we headed towards Kathmandu at 4:30 PM. All the hikers were so much inspired and lively by the day that we all decided to make memorable hike by visiting the Sidhhapokhari Lake in Bhaktapur.

Siddhapokhari Lake was dazzling with the view of nightfall. The sky looked lovely with the bird soaring in the breezy wind. It was the perfect evening! All hikers certainly forget their exhaustion and enjoyed that peaceful moment. At last, the adventurous hike came to the end with the famous “JuJu Dhau”.

Moon ShresthaMoon Shrestha
On April 15th, 2018 DWIT Hiking club organized a one-day hike to Panauti. There were a total of 14 participants from batch 2020, 2019 and 2018 including one faculty member. The participants gathered at DWIT and left the premises at 7 am sharp. At around 9 am, the participants stopped for breakfast at Banepa.

The hike officially started from Khopasi on a plain road. The participants took the path of a small hill to reach to the other side. As no one actually knew the route to reach Panauti bazaar, the participants made their own way and kept moving through different hills and small villages around the bazaar.

The luck was on their side as the trees from forests helped to stay cool in spite of the high sun. But, the hike was pretty challenging as the participants had to make their way through the forests and hills without knowing when the road would actually meet them. Beautiful scenery and views met them often that led the participants to take photographs and short breaks.

Finally, after walking for 5 hours, the sight of Panauti bazaar came to view. The participants walked through the beautiful field to reach the bazaar. A delicious Thakali lunch set was waiting for them. After having the lunch and resting for about an hour, they left for Kathmandu. But this wasn’t the end for the day. As the evening sun was still shining brightly and with some extra time to spare, a visit to Siddhapokhari lake in Bhaktapur was decided.

The lake looked amazing with the view of sunset. It definitely made the participants forget about their tiredness from the tough hike. The famous ‘Juju Dhau’ from Bhaktapur was a perfect ending to a fun, adventurous and an amazing hike.

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