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One day hike to Tindhare Jharana

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Saurav Dhakal

Hello all,

The Hiking Club conducted a one-day hike to Tindhare Jharana on 17th December, 2022.

It was almost 8 in the morning when we departed college grounds on the bus with 18 people. Everyone was excited for the thrills that awaited them that day but no one could have imagined how thrilling it was going to be.

The streets were almost entirely closed on that Saturday morning. But we found this hotel right around the corner as we passed Banepa. We had breakfast and went our way towards Namobuddha. It was from where our hike officially started.

The energy was unparalleled but after around twenty minutes of walking, someone had a bright idea to ask a local how long the hike was going to take. The answer sent shivers down all of our spines because they said it would take at least 6 to 7 hours to reach the destination. We spent about twenty more minutes discussing what our plan of action should be. At the end, it was unanimously agreed to take a local bus to take us there. We reserved a pickup truck and travelled for about two hours. I wish I could say that the wind moving along with us as we raced down the hill on the back of the pickup was exhilarating but the dust in our faces and clothes overpowered the feeling to say the least. Nevertheless, we successfully completed the hike after an hour of walking. The waterfall was indeed quite exquisite but would look even more amazing during spring or summer.

It was a long and difficult road but an amazing one. An adventure of a lifetime, if I say so myself. I would like to thank the Hiking Club for such an experience and hope to participate in more sessions like this.

Thank You

RouteNamobuddha – Tindhare Jharana
Date17th December, 2022
Hiking Duration7 hours
CoordinatorPrithvi Khawas
ParticipantsAmol Timsina, Ankit Puri, Ashray Baral, Ashwin Adhikari, Avipsa Prasai, Hariram Khadka, Isha Gauli, Nishant Pant, Pranav Dahal, Pratik Khanal, Prepesh Tuladhar, Prince Raj Panday, Prithvi Khawas, Saurav Dhakal, Suraj Bogati, Sulav Adhikari, Sushovan khanal, Vardaan Khadka Chhetri
Creative SupportNuraj Rimal