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Hiking from Nag Dhunga to Naubise via Masine Gaun
Hiking from Nag Dhunga to Naubise via Masine Gaun

Hiking Report Participants: RachanaT, MamataO, RinaM, AsimK, BidhaR, DeepakM, ManojR, KeshavB, AbhishekJ, KapilP, LavaK, SamirR and SantoshK Route: Nag Dhunga to Masine Gaun to Naubise Date: Sunday, Dec 2nd, 2007 Duration: 5.5 hours Trip Doom: 15 Kilo meters Report: BidhaR and DeepakM Photo: Abhishek and SameerR Caption: Santosh Koirala Creative Support: Suyesh Nepal and Nishchal Shrestha Deepak Maharjan: It all started with me reaching office at 6:30 in the morning as we decided. But I realized our hikers won’t come until 7. So I gave myself a chance for a cup of tea. However, I didn’t find any café nearby open but a ‘local Bhatti’ which I mistakenly thought it to be a tea shop after I ordered a cup of tea with a strong taste. So, this is how my exciting hiking started. As soon as we reached Naghdunga, we were welcomed by a cool breeze that made us asking for a hot cup of tea from nearby ‘chiya-pasal’. After a brief inquiry with a two local army personnel, Santosh Dai decided to hike through Masine Dada to Kafal Chaur to Naubise. On the way up to the Masine Dada, I felt really sad to see people were taking out gravel from a rocky mountain that makes it venerable to landslide but I somehow felt that at least poor villagers are getting some wages out of it. Walking through the foothills made me remind that life is full of ups and downs, sometimes leading the way and sometimes lagging behind all. I realized why people say nature is the greatest teacher you can ever find. The minute we reached Masine Dada, everyone felt their stomach rumbling so Santosh Dai asked a small village shop to prepare tea and boiled eggs. But before it got prepared we were already busy eating apples, oranges, chocolates and bread with cheese and jam. Trust me it never tasted so good before! All the way through the Kafal Chaur we had several snaps taken by Abishesh Dai and Sameer who turn out to be good photographers. While Abishesh Dai was lost in capturing beautiful landscape mountains and deep valleys, our friend Sameer was busy clicking beautiful faces. Finally we reached Naubise and then we went to a popular Banepai Hotel to taste mutton and ‘chewra’. Soon songs and Sayaris started to come out especially about ‘sharab’ and of course ‘shabab’. Actually all the credit goes to Santosh Dai, Kapil Dai and Sameer who entertained us wholeheartedly. ‘’Log Kehetey hai main sarabai Hu’ was a best performance by a trio which they sang with such a deep feeling. Lastly as we return, we had a melodic Antakshari all the way back to our home. Besides, I cracked a joke asking Lava Dai how come his trouser is rightly worn in order. He was shocked and surprised that I noticed his trousers were worn upside down in morning which he thought nobody would have noticed. He revealed the secret with thrilling expression that he went into the woods to put them into order! I guess this must be a natural trail room for Lava Dai. All in all, I had awe-inspiring hiking and I particularly enjoyed the company of my team mates particularly Asim, Rachana Didi, Rina and Mamata. In addition, distributing D2hawkeye labeled stationery as charity to Janashakti Primary School at Pasangkhel was satisfying to me. Bidha Rimal: The first ever D2 hike of mine, really very very excited and enthusiastic to get new experience at each and every step of it, i get up toooooooo early in the morning than normal days. Then i received a call... "Bidha kati bela aauchas ma aaisakye chado aaija" from sameer. Then, i walked out from my home. And then we reached baneshwor... waiting for Mamata and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited for about 20 mins. Finally, we three reached sahidgate at 6:45am expecting the D2 gadi there, instead we meet Rina and Ashim there waiting for gadi to arrive. Really, i was very excited that day... but many gadi came and gone and there was no idea when D2 gadi will come...At last after waiting for 45 mins D2 gadi came at 7:30am. The journey of the hike exactly begin when we reached the Nagdhunga. It was all fun to walk up and down and ofcourse to take photo at each and every step. We all were enjoying and making our journey full of fun,asking people about way to our destination. Then, we reached the "masine gaun" nearly about 10:40am. We had our breakfast there, there we saw many children going to school. They were so cute and innocent which can't be explained in words, we all distributed chocolate to them and they were too happy to have that. The smile in their face somewhere gave peace of mind and heart. We then again started our journey... after a while keshab dai slip off and water bottle fell down in the slope with bushes and it was a challenge for him to get that, so he ran after that and finally succeeded. In our entire journey..keshav dai's long hair was too famous so we can't stop singing song "ye reshami julfi...." for him. We then reached the "kafal chaur" but unfortunately we didnt see any kafal hehehe. On the way, we found a small water fall, wow! that was amazing we all couldnot stop us going there to play with water and ofcourse to take a photograph. Meanwhile, Rina fell into water and was fun.. at last we all were wet to some extent..But some slope was too steepy that we had to hold the branches for our own safety.Listening and singing songs on the way and some sayari added more joy to our destination.Nevertheless.. Kapil dai's 'sounds good' and calling Santosh dai 'daddy' was too fun.We all went to one school and distributed D2 notebook and pencil to all students there and handed some to the school teacher for those who were not present that day. There they all were too happy to take it and while we were returning they told D for D2 and it was nice to hear that. From there our journey was almost completed and we were to catch the pitch road. At last we reached the Naubise and went to the hotel which was famous for "khasi ko masu".Oh! how can i forget Abhishek dai's pateyala there and teasing guys on the way to Santosh dai's home hehehe. Finally, we all returned enjoying and capturing all those memories. 001 Fresh and Happy faces 002 Everyone loves sun 02 Interesting man we met 03 Gansters of Masine Gaun 04 Lava leading the race 05 Rachana with unknown lady 06 I have better hairstyle 07 Santosh and the ladies 08 Beauty of nature 09 Help! He kidnapped us 10 Guess who they are 11 Everyone doesnt have a safe workplace 12 Santosh is able to maintain height. What about body...Hahaha 13 Charlies Angel Part 3 14 Manoj trying a tough way, as always 15 Here is your bottle girls 16 Kapil trying to lead the team 17 Guys enough rest. Lets move! 18 I want to go to school too 19 Excuse me maam, which is your next movie 20 And a supporting Actor 21 Not interested in camera 22 Green Nepal 23 Nepal ki aama 24 Trying to impress someone 25 Trail to folow 26 I have seen many ups and downs 27 Girls getting social with local people 28 Small town khanikhola 29 Young D2-ians 30 Two D2 Boys and five girls 31 A view from Nagdhunga 32 Farming land 33 Here is your chocolate 34 Donating stationery at local school 35 It was tough and this is the best part 36 Identical pose with face in wrong direction 37 Log kehte hain mein Sharabi hoon-Sounds good 38 Rachana on the lead 39 --- 40 It is not easy to be a cameraman 41 Who is the man in red 42 Masine Gaun 43 So sweet 44 Jackie Chan changed his hairstyle 45 Tough! Isn't is 46 Dashain aayo

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