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Nagarjun (Jamacho Gumba) Hike

Route Balaju Bypass >> Shivapuri Forest Reserve >> Balaju Bypass
Date March 16, 2019
Hiking Duration 6 Hours
Coordinator Utsab Sapkota
Participants Ajaya Chapagai, Ajaya Puri, Anjan Bhujel, Basanta Thapa, Bishal Acharya, Depenti Karki, Hari Prasad Raya, Mahesh Kaji Malla, Prakash Ghimire, Shiwani Adhikary, Shyaby Thakuri, Suman Koju, Utsab Sapkota
Report By Anjan Bhujel, Prakash Ghimire
Photos By Bishal Acharya, Suman Koju
Creative Support Dipal Malla

Anjan BhujelAnjan Bhujel
Saturday, March 16, 2019 was the most memorable day of my life. As we (Squad B) planned to go for hike just 3 days earlier. It was really a great experience with new team. Our journey started from Deerwalk. It was my first hike at Deerwalk which gives me a memory and opportunity to be familiar with my new friends . We decide to leave at 8 am sharp but due to some circumstances we get late so, we leave at 8:30. We had our lunch at Bypass, Balaju around 10 am. And we move towards our destination. After we reached Shivapuri National Park, all were excited to start hike. But there was a rule to hire an experience guide so we hire a guide and start our hiking journey. The National Park was fully under supervision of Nepal Army. They check our bag as per the rules and regulation.

We started walking and all were excited. Walking for at least 4 km we reached to ‘Buffalo-Buddha Cave’ where a monk meditated in Nagarjuna Forest. After that we headed towards our destination which was Jamacho ghumba. We had lots of fun during the hike. We click lots of photos and videos for memory. We get pass through a long stair which makes the hike more interesting and after passing those stairs we reached at cave and we take rest for some minutes and again start our journey. We have to walk through the jungle to reach the ghumba and make the journey more adventurous. We all were excited as well as tired. As the journey continues, we are very close to our destination. Finally, after walking for 4 hours we reach our destination. The view from top of the hill was so beautiful that we feel our effort was worthfull. We have our snacks there and spend some time by enjoying the view. And finally, we came back from there with lots of photos, videos and mainly with memory.

Wrapping up, it was the best hike for me with great and awesome people who makes the hike more enjoyable, memorable and interesting.

Prakash GhimirePrakash Ghimire
I am very fond of travelling and exploring the nature so when I got this hiking invitation I immediately included myself in it.

Our journey started when we all gathered in Deerwalk Complex at 8.30 am on 16th March, Saturday and then we headed towards Balaju, Bypass for the breakfast. Around 10 am we approached at the Shivapuri National Park and bought our tickets. The National Park is under the supervision of Nepal Army so we have to follow some rules like not disposing our waste garbage inside the park, avoiding loud music, picking flowers and many more. The weather was clear so we all were excited to start our hike and after walking for around 20 minutes, we reached to ‘Buffalo-Buddha’ , a monk who meditated in Nagarjuna forest. We clicked some pictures there and again started walking and we were welcomed by the stairs and at the completion of the stairs there was one stupa where we rested for around 15 minutes.

The trip became more adventurous when we have to walk upward through the jungle and it was very slippery which made us very difficult to walk. We all were somehow tired and also excited to reach the top but the way was so horrible and risky which reduced our excitement level but finally after long walking we reached at the top. After seeing the Jamacho Gumba, the majestic view of the mountains and the Kathmandu Valley view we felt that all our effort was worthful. We stayed there for a while, had some snacks and took some pictures and return back with all good memories.

Overall, it was a very delightful experience to be a part of this adventurous hike which gave me an opportunity to be familiar with my new friends and I look forward to the upcoming excursion in future.