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Lakuribhanjyang Hike

Route Lamatar>> Lakuribhanjyang >> Godawari
Date February 03, 2019
Hiking Duration 6.5 Hours
Coordinator Aashish K.C., Rohan Prasai
Participants Aashish KC, Anju Shrestha, Ashyun Bhandari, Avyudaya Acharya, Giriraj Khatri, Jubindra Kc, Kusal Bista, Nandita sharma, Nischal Badal, Raman Lamichhane, Rohan Prasai, Sabin Pathak, Sairose Shrestha, Samil Shrestha, Sanjana Koirala, Subekshya Karki, Sulav Prasain
Report By Nandita Sharma, Subekshya karki
Photos By Kusal Bista
Video By Rohan Prasai
Creative Support Milan Lohani

Nandita Nandita Sharma
This was the second hike I attended here in DWIT. There were total of 17 hikers and all the hikers gathered at the Deerwalk complex at 6:30 am. We left the complex at 7:00 am via college bus. We reached Lamatar at 7:45 am, on our way we went listening to music and playing ludo and everyone looked very energetic. We then had our breakfast in Lamatar and then started our journey ie. Lamatar-Lakuri bhanjyang-Godawari.

We started our journey at around 8:15 am. The weather was kind of cold at the beginning but after few minutes the sun was shining brightly and the color of sky was appealing. After a long week in the noisy and the busy streets of Kathmandu, we finally got to see greenery around us with fresh and refreshing air. The way to lakuri bhanjyan was not as difficult as I expected it to be. But at one point I found the hike to be a little complicated when all of the hikers had to crawl up the hill due to slippery way. All the members were very friendly and very helpful. We reached lakuri bhanjyang and the view from the top was surreal. We enjoyed the view and captured the moment. After a while we again started walking. Around 12:20pm we had snacks. After having some snacks, everyone were refreshed and started walking downhill. We reached Godawari at around 1:45 pm which was our final destination. We went to Godawari Kunda temple and sat near to the small pond for a while where our feet felt the coolness of the fresh water coming down from the temple. We visited nearby places and also me and my two friends went to the monastery near the temple and clicked some pictures. Finally, we had our meal at 3:00 pm and then returned back to the college. On the way back we all returned with all the good memories spend together. We sang songs and danced all the way to college in the bus and didn’t even realize the time that we got stuck in the traffic. We reached Deerwalk complex around 5:00 pm in the evening.

Though the hiking was of short period of time, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed a lot. We explored a lot from this hike. Life would be dull and meaningless if we don’t come close towards the nature. Special thanks to the hiking club for making this hike successful. “The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”.
Happy hiking.

Subekshya KarkiSubekshya Karki
On 3rd of February, DWIT Hiking club had organized one day hike to Lakuri Bhanjyang, which is 13 kilometer up from the Gwarko. The 17 hikers who were selected for the hike were asked to reach the college at 6.30 am and it was already 7 o’clock when we finally headed to Lubhu from where we were supposed to start our hike. Almost after 45 minutes by bus, we reached Lubhu. We then had a quick breakfast over there and after a while we finally started to hike. Everyone was quite excited and to add it up the weather was just perfect. There were two ways to reach the “Lakuribhanjyang” from there. One was the motor-able road and another was steep hill trail. We went through the steep hill making the hike more adventurous and fun. Well, it was difficult for some to walk at the beginning but after a while everyone was used to it. On the way, everyone was amazed to see the beauty of nature out there: the sound environment, non-polluted atmosphere and the green forest lured everyone. While some of were walking listening to music, whereas some of them were capturing the beauty of nature on their way through. The more uphill was reached, the more panoramic views were seen. After a while we reached this ground, where we got to see amazing mountains views and we were already excited but then the coordinator told us that it is just a trailer.

After taking rest for few minutes, we continued our hiking to the main destination. With the greenery all around and all that fresh air, didn’t make us realize how tired we were already but instead it cheered up us to walk more and more while enjoying the beauty of nature. It was quite surprising to see how just a few kilometers away from city, there’s a place with all these greenery and clean surrounding. On the way through, there were many pines which some of hikers collected as a memory of the hike. After a while, we finally reached to the destination where we got to see spectacular view of the mountains and hills. We then spend time there a quiet long taking pictures and enjoying the scenery.

We then headed to see the pond, which took us almost one hour to reach there from the Lakuribhanjyang spot. The place was just beautiful. The small pond, with the tall trees around and a school just beside it was what I used to draw during my school days, and I was amazed to see that place existing in real world. We had our lunch there at the yard and after taking rest for a while we then finally headed to our final destination Godawari.

On the way to Godawari, the way was quite easy as we have to go through downhill which was easier to walk compared to uphill. Well, at around 3 o’clock we reached Godawari and even went to ‘kunda’ there. After spending time at the kunda we then headed to have a lunch nearby. After having lunch, we then headed back to college. Thanks to hiking club for organizing this hike and giving some of us a wonderful experience.

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