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Hiking from Jhorgaun to Kakani via Gurjebhanjyang

Figure1: Getting off at Jhorgaun

Figure2: View of the Jhorgaun from Katheri

Figure3: Walking through Katheri Village

Figure4: Trail in Katheri

Figure5: Tejaswee, Shailee, Keshav (baba), NishchalS from Left

Figure6: Pine Plantation in Katheri

Figure7: The Colonel (Abishesh)

Figure8: Signboard for Shivapuri Village Resort

Figure9: Gurung Gaun

Figure10: Kakro Time at Gurjebhanjyang

Figure11: Dawn at Gurjebhanjyang

Figure12: Thakur, Mr 76 and Surendra from Left

Figure13: The Guide

Figure14: Walking towards Kakani

Figure15: Wild Beauty

Figure16: Hikers pushing hard

Figure17: Water fall

Figure18: Teammates from the distance

Figure19: Hill without Hikers

Figure20: Dancing Stream on the way to Kakani

Figure21: Other side of the Tarkeshwor

Figure22: New Road build from Gurung Gaun to Shivapuri

Figure23: Lonely Tree

Figure24: Likhu River from Distance

Figure25: Close look of the Likhu and the village

Figure26: Wild Boar Tower

Figure27: Wild Berry

Figure28: This one does not need Gardener

Figure29: Inside the cloud there is a village

Figure30: White lilly

Figure31: Looks like Ipomoea

Figure32: Black Fern

Figure33: Cloud pouring over the village

Figure34: Looks like wild Ginger

Figure35: Untouched

Figure36: Some times hikers play game

Figure37: Board Speaks itself

Figure38: Notice Borad

Figure39: Scout Guest House in Kakani

Figure40: The area Map of the Kakani

Figure41: Dikesh, NirajS and Keshav Baba with Jolly at Zorba

Figure42: Tapoban where followers of Rajneesh Practice

Figure43: Zorbian Chilly

Figure44: Waiting for Lunch at Zorba Restaurant

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