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Hiking from Larcha to Yarmasing Fort

Sun welcomes us at Sanga

Participants: Ankit, Bhanu, Basu, Manindra, Keshav, Charu, Rachana, Binesh, Raj, Rajiv and Vishnu
Route: Larcha (108 Kilo) to Yarmasingh
Time: 5 hours
Distance: 16 km (Appx)
Date: Sunday, Jan 28, 2007
Report: RachanaT and VishnuK
Photos: Keshav and VishnuK
Captions: BinayaN, VishnuK
Creative Support : BinayaN
Hiking hints: RD Hiking

“With seven good reasons to walk for your health”

7:30 AM – Geared up from Office in our office van for Yarmasing

1. If your back hurts — the cure may be as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. Walking can lessen pain, hasten healing, boost strength, increase flexibility, and, in the long run, prevent recurrences

10:00 AM – reached a place named 0 Kilo and had a stop for breakfast, that was unusual but many of us would like to go for its delicacy

2. It’s an easy way to a healthier you. Brisk walking lowers the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes in women, according to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. So in addition to strengthening your calves, hamstrings, arms (your entire body, really) walking can help prevent disease and illness. The bottom line: It does a body good

11:00 – had a chance to meet six students of Chandeshwori School in Barhabise who were sponsored by Namlo International for higher education from Yarmasing. We presented them some note books and pencils on behalf of D2 Nepal.

3. You’ll stick to it. Experts call it adherence. Others call it dedication. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, people tend to stick to a walking program better on a long-term basis than to other exercise activities. After all, you can do it anywhere — with no equipment required.

12:30 PM – Commenced hiking from Larcha (which means can’t hold but roll down in Sherpa language) to Yarmasing and reached there at 3:00PM. Dawa, who was guiding us to reach Yarmasing, had an arrangement to welcome us at his sister, Shangmu’s home with refreshment. Soon after, we proceeded to Yarmasing School, Where they had an astonishing preparation for us. By the time we reached there we were all very tired but their warm welcome made us all forget our tiredness though it all came as a beautiful surprise for all of us. After being introduced with teachers and people of local community care takers of school we handed over some parcels of D2 to the students. Then they put a cultural program with some dances and songs to entertain us.

4. It’s a no pain, all gain proposition. Your body will thank you for choosing such a stress-free exercise method with low risk of injury. The impact of running on your joints is about three times your body weight, while walking is only about 1.3 times your body weight. “Lower impact means there’s less risk that you’ll have sore muscles, aching joints and repetitive stress injuries,” explains Dr. Bach.

4:30 PM – After having real refreshing time at the school at Yarmasing Dawa guided us towards a fort from where our great warrior Junga Bahadur Rana had fought against Tibet. We could have clear view of the mountains covered with snow from there. It was as beautiful place as one can ever think of. After that we headed towards the beautiful and neat village once again where we were invited by Dawa and his sister Sangmu for lunch at her house. The cuisine was prepared by Shangmu and that was delicious but their hospitality was much more than that. We experience the reception time to time but it was one, amongst the special ones.

5. Both social butterflies and soul searchers enjoy it. There’s no better way to catch up on gossip, brainstorm business plans or mull over an idea with a friend. Instead of meeting for a sit-down lunch, take a stroll. Or if you’re in desperate need of some alone time, walking is also a great way to relax, reflect and re-energize after a long day or before the start of a busy one.

7:20 PM – After the charming and refreshing hospitality that we received at Yarmasing, we had to take leave from there. Though the evening view of sunset had made the snowy mountains look like golden mountains. It was all like heaven to have that view. Then we headed to return and we reached back at Larcha, boarded in the van to come back to Kathmandu.

6. it’s an excuse-proof workout. Walking is cheap and easy. No gym membership or expensive equipment required. Bad weather? Head to a mall — some cities are extending hours so walkers can stride (and window shop) before stores open.

10:00PM – All the way in van, most of us were tired but still could not help thinking about the Amazing view we had, wonderful people with such soothing hospitality and generous soul. It all came out to be a beautiful experience ever had. Arrived in Kathmandu from Larcha with unforgettable memories that hiking can offer us if we pay a little efforts to go on!

7. You can walk your way to the Fountain of Youth. A new study from the American Academy of Neurology reports that walking can keep your mind sharp as you age. Researchers tested the cognitive abilities of 5,925 women ages 65 and older, and then tested them again six to eight years later. Their finding: women who walked an average of 18 miles a week had the least cognitive decline. Women who said they walked the least — just half a mile a week — showed the greatest decline.

This is 0 Kilo’s Breakfast

Kodari highway

Bhote Koshi River at BahraBise

Chandeswori School

Baba distributing the Notebook and Pencil to the Students

Hiker, Students sponsored by Namlo International, and Coordinator Mr. Dawa Sherpa

Boys with Newly Printed D2NoteBook

Last Resort at Bhote Koshi; Read the board and prepare yourself

Suspension bridge by Last Resort

Hikers smiling at Naya Pool

Bhote Koshi from the Naya Pool

The spot for the Bungy Jump

Vishnu without Rope

Flying Buddhist Prayer Flags over the Bhote Koshi

Larcha (Bandar Ladne Bhir)

The Hiking commenced from here

On the way to Duguna

Marching ahead

Spot the China Town Khasa Bazzar

Looking at Hikers Vehicle from Duguna

Rachana (Rookie) trying hard

Ready for Spring

Falls at Larcha

RajK leading the Hike

Duguna Village

Rachana and her NY

Local fuel supply

Saili aunt on her owner of fuel depot

Kanchi and Thule Kanchi at Saili’s House

and others

This is public house but looks like religious

Sherpa Civil Engineering

Mt. Ganesh not in Nepal but in China

Charu and Rachana

Dawa’s Aunt

and her kitchen

This is for you…

Vishnu and Shangmu (Aroma)

@ Shangmu’s Guest Room

Shangmu’s Living Room

Dawa waiting for others

The tradition to welcome the Guest

Student of Bhoomachaur School

and Lady Teachers with Khada

The khadas were purposed for this

Mutual Respect

and another in Baba’s own way

The school board

Here come students with little flower in their little hands

Look at the Baba

Charming Dawa

Bashu, Vishnu and Mani

Little Supplies

Manindra joins here to distribute

Gift from D2

Some to Principle Hridaya Nath Yadav

Cultural Show

Teachers; Dawa, Sita, Ram and Hridaya

The School

The Trail leads to real Hiking, Bhairav Kunda

Here the Sherpa celebrate their Festival Lohsar

Inside the Resting Place

Hiking helps you to become like this

Wild Begonia

V from Vishnu

Hurray!!! for Baba and Manindra

Panch Pandav walking at Gadi

Historic Notes

Walking inside the Fort

This Fort was built in 24 Hours by Junga Bd. Rana

Far end of the Fort was proposed to attach Tibetan Army

Difficult to read but speaks the History Sila Patra

Hikers on the Fort Parapet

150 Years old Lord Ganesh; Stone Carving

The Fort Trench

Reflection of Sun from Khasa Bazzar, China to Hikers eye in Nepal

Danda ko Gham

Yarmasing Village

From Gadi to Yarmasing

Monastery of Sherpa in Yarmasing

Binesh, Keshav (Looks Like Tribhuwan) and Rachana

Busy Dawa serves late lunch to hikers

Middle hill belongs to China

Mount Ganesh in the Dusk

For Rememberance @ Shangmu’s House

Rachana and Baba both in Meditation

First Experience Crossing Suspension bridge in the Dark

Showing the Road for Next HIKING

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