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Hiking from Sisneri to Kulekhani Hydropower via Kulekhani

Title 2014 Feb – Deerwalk Hiking from Sisneri to Kulekhani Hydropower via Kulekhani
Route Driving (Kathmandu>> Sisneri), Hiking (Sisneri>> Kulekhani>> Kulekhani Hydropower), Driving (Kulekhani Hydropower>> Kathmandu)
Date February 8, 2014
Hike Duration 4 hrs
Coordinator Ganesh Regmi
Participants Biplav Raj Osti, Ganesh Regmi, Jeevan Timilsina, Narayan Kandel, Prakash Bhatt, Prayag Upadhyay, Rabin Acharya, Ramesh Maharjan, Sachin Kushwaha, Sandip Rajbhandari, Suman Shakya, Surendra Maharjan.
Report By Rabin Acharya, Surendra Maharjan, Sandip Rajbhandari
Photos By Sachin Kushwaha, Prayag Upadhyay
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey, Rinesh N Bajracharya
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya

Sandip RajbhandariSandip Rajbhandari

It’s always great to move away from schedule. Doing same things over and over again makes everything monotonous. I was very excited to go hiking as it was my first time. Our hiking destination was Kulekhani. Kulekhani is a beautiful and panoramic landscape situated in Makhwanpur district.

We began our journey from Deerwalk complex at about 8 AM.We chose Dakshinkali- Hetauda highway to reach Sisneri where our hiking began.It took about 2 hrs to reach Dakshinkali where we had breakfast and then moved to Sisneri. We had wonderful time on our way talking about college and other aspects of our life as most of us were new to Deerwalk while listening to songs of 1974 AD.

Getting off the four wheel carrier at 11AM we started walking. It was great viewing the landscapes and other eye pleasing natural beauty. It was great feeling when we reached Kulekhani Dam ,the last destination of our visit. We came to know that the dam site was very sensitive zone and taking photographs were forbidden. The feeling of chilled cold wind at the dam site was really awesome.

We moved back to Kalanki which takes a walk of around 15-20 mins from Dam site of Kulekhani. There, we saw the end of the dam. This reservoir plays a very vital role in supplying electricity to our country. This place is very famous for fishing and it is a crime not to eat fish when you are there . We had lunch at a nearby hotel and moved back to Kathmandu,ready to face the upcoming challenges of life.

Rabin AcharyaRabin Acharya

It was already 8am on Sunday when our pre-­planned hike started. About waiting for an hour in muddy road I finally got the chance to get inside the Deerwalk van, which was assigned to take us to our destination. After collecting all the staff members, our hike started from Balkhu.

We were all together 13 people waiting for the wonderful journey to start. It was an average travelling distance to our destination, so to kill time we managed to make jokes and discuss work. After an hour of travelling we reached Dakshinkali, we stopped to have snacks there. Gaule Restaurant was a moderate place to have breakfast. Food was not so tasty but it helped us to be charged for couple of hours. It took us more than 2 hours to reach our destination, Kulekhani. In the way to Kulekhani we took some snaps and enjoyed beautiful sceneries of the Himalayas.

Kulekhani is a beautiful and panoramic landscape situated in Makwanpur district. Kulekhani is mainly famous for fishing, hiking, trekking and boating.

Our hike to Kulekhani started from a place called Sisneri , which is located in Makhwanpur district. After very short time we were able to see some part of Kulekani dam.

The scenery of dam site was so catchy, we took some group and solo snaps .We walked to the dam site, and stayed there for a while, enjoying the nature. After an hour and half we walked back to Sisneri , where we had lunch. Lunch was delicious .We had rice,curry and local chicken in an affordable price.

It was already late, so we didn’t wait too much after the lunch. At 3.00 pm our van headed to Kathmandu leaving Kulekhani behind. As the sun was setting soon, Dipak didn’t take much time to touch Kathmandu valley.

It was a beautiful experience of my life and I got a chance to know my colleagues better.

Surendra MaharjanSurendra Maharjan

As a software programmer, I am fascinated with the outdoor gear and apparel technology that optimizes and improves my efficiency. Therefore, participating on an enthusiastic activity like hiking and trekking adds strength and quality to carry my schedule on working week days. The conventional definition of hiking with the mutant engineers’ team of Deerwalk is not just limited with experiencing nature and all its elements- whether in sunshine, rain or snow, but rather it’s more about exploring and knowing about each others in a deeper level.

A days hike from Kathmandu to Kulekhani that I attended on 9th February 2014 with Makalu team was my last hike from Deerwalk. Actually I was not about to write a blog on this hike, Sachin asked me to write a few words about how I felt being a part of Makalu product and my experience about this one day hike. In my opinion it does not always need to be the large and spectacular outdoor destinations for refreshment, even a short distance travelling with the best buddies can be fun.

I always had incredibly fun while travelling with the seniors and friends from team Makalu. This hike helped me to know more about my colleagues and to create real friendships. Hiking can be a good way to get close with nature, friends and to share each other’s thoughts with like minded people.

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