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Hiking from Jefferson Notch to Mt Washington Summit
Hiking from Jefferson Notch to Mt Washington Summit

This one-day, 12-hour (excluding 8 hours travel time from home) hiking experience showcases the great natural beauty of the tallest mountain in New England. Uphill from Jefferson notch to Jefferson Summit to Cave-mountain to the summit of Mt Washington, and down through Crawford Path and Mt. Eisenhower to Crawford notch, this 15-mile long unique trail was a perfect getaway to leave the stress of the world behind and get lost in the serenity of nature. The hiking team: Purushottam P, Bijay G, Tika M, Ishwar K, Puspa D/K!, Sanjay G Experienced in hiking- Purushottam, Bijay, Tika, Ishwar Conditioned (with regular work out), but not experienced in hiking-Puspa Unconditioned with no hiking experience- Sanjay. The last time I remember going for hiking was more than 10 years ago in Shivapuri danda. As I look back, and try to recall a few things about the experience then (the geography, the people I went with, and the hiking trails), I was astonished to find myself in a position that I remember very few things. The experiences I’ve forgotten are lost to time. However, this time this won’t be the case- we had a near professional photographer- Tika. Normal early morning start at 5 in the morning, a nice heavy breakfast at McDonald’s at 7, and ready to hit the trails by 9. The weather could not be better. Clear, warm day Headed north uphill from Jefferson notch… I was new to the area and fully unfamiliar with hiking on the rocky terrain. Other end of the spectrum, full of confidence and stories of earlier experiences, Purush was the source of motivation- Unfolding a map from his pocket, he says-“look here, it's a piece of cake. Keep heading up and we will finish this in no time. But, watch the weather, it is very unpredictable, one moment rain and another moment sunshine”. The plan, trail and the destination img_7225 Big Mac for the road? img_7986 The Presidential range img_7990 It's not fall yet.... img_7226 All set ... img_7229 The team - photographer img_7245 Road to bliss is filled with thorns and rocks... img_7252 Rocky Mountain - NE Version img_7253 Anyone for rock climbing? img_7998 The rock climbers... img_7256 kuhiro? img_7257 I am first here...... img_7259 me second img_8001 third and fourth? img_7266 a silver lining behind any dark cloud img_8002 kalo kalo rel ko dhuwa......... in the background img_8004 How do I look? img_8007 follow me boys img_7272 good boy... img_8009 dai..... img_8016 can you see the silver lining? img_7273 Time for a break img_7275 will be fun kicking that rocky arrangement img_7276 getting cold here img_8018 follow the doc img_7280 Where we headed next Mr. guide? img_7282 down this road boys.... img_7285 let's goooooo img_7289 The Ghimires img_7293 wassup Doc? img_7304 still no rain...... img_7306 and then we held hands........... img_7310 Puspa knows where we going....... img_7314 The Khatiwadas.......... img_7316 wait doc.....it's pic time img_7324 The cog rail........oh and the doc too img_8031 heading down...... img_7329 need "safa - rel" here img_7345 just another half mile to go img_7347 the cog-rail track img_7350 Tika the conquerer img_7354 almost there........ img_7360 is it a toy train? img_7362 We did it dear..... img_8060 Tika leading the way.... img_7369 And then there was no where to go....... img_7373 except down........ img_7376 The Japanese Rock garden? img_8074 I doubt if the water is deep enough for this canoe...... img_8076 let's head down....... img_8080 and there we go.... img_8083 can we drink this water? img_7382 some greenery here at last img_8086 the road less travelled img_7385 kahaja time again img_8089 goreto......... img_8090 guys.... mushroom ..... img_8092 where are we headed? img_7389 little dam img_7393 No reservations? img_7397 you need a bigger water bottle... img_7405 and then we pose again img_7406 and again 5 U 5 = 6 Parking Lot finally

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