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Hiking from Lapsi Phedi to Tea Garden via Jarsing Pauwa

Title 2014 Apr – Deerwalk Hiking from Lapsi Phedi to Tea Garden via Jarsing Pauwa
Route Driving (Kathmandu >> Sankhu >> Jarsing Pauwa >> Lapsi Phedi), Hiking (Jarsing Pauwa >> Lapsi Phedi >> Tea Garden>> Lapsi Phedi), Driving (Lapsi Phedi >> Kathmandu)
Date April 26, 2014
Hike Duration 4 hrs
Coordinator Ashish Shrestha
Participants Ashish Shrestha, Bill Higgins, Jeff Gasser, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Kapil Pandey, Lava Kafle, Lekhnath Bhusal, Prajwol Shakya, Pramod Kumar Rai, Saurav Thakur, Suresh Maharjan
Report By Saurav Thakur
Photos By Kanchan Raj Pandey, Suresh Maharjan, Prajwol Shakya
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey, Suresh Maharjan
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya

Saurav ThakurSaurav Thakur
Lapsi Phedi, located around 20 kilometers from Kathmandu, is one of the most scenic spots near Kathmandu and is renowned for its spectacular view of the Himalayas and famous tea garden .The fabulous area features attractions ranging from beautiful alpine scenery to the magnificent Himalayan Panorama.

I was excited for the hike as this was going to be my first hike at Deerwalk. Early morning I called Kapil and plan was set to assemble at Annapurna hotel to pick Jeff and Bill. Guys were on time and we were on the way to the office. Pramod with other hikers were already present in the office campus to welcome us. Lekhnath was the last man to board the van. Finally one of the vans left office campus around 9 AM.

Our first stop was at Bhatbhateni store for water and chips. Once loaded with chips and water we drove nonstop for around 2 hours. Hikers got off the van and started to hike. After hiking for around 1 hour I asked for help and DW van was right there to save me. I and two other hikers board the VAN and we reached Jarsing Pauwa. We had a short break at Jarsing Pauwa before we boarded the van again for our next destination, Lapsi Phedi.

We reached Lapsi Phedi around 12:30 PM and our hike began. Initial plan was to hike up to Tea garden and have lunch over there. We were accompanied by some local hikers. Hiking route was shared by some jeeps and small buses making road dusty. It was difficult walk but we enjoyed the journey. Jeff and Bill were sharing their experience making our hike joyful. We reached the tea garden but found that all the places were reserved and there was no place to have lunch. There was no choice left for us, we started coming down to Lapsi Phedi.

At Lapsi Phedi, Pramod and Kapil went down to find our office van as our driver had gone out for lunch. After around 30 minutes of waiting for our VAN it finally arrived and we were on the way to Mountain View Resort. By the time we reached Mountain View Resort, weather had changed from hot and humid to cloudy. We had our lunch, good Nepali traditional one.

After lunch it was time to board our van. We reached Kathmandu around 6:30 PM and our hike ended where it had started, DW campus.

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