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Hiking from Jaharsingh Pauwa to Nagarkot Tower

Route Jaharsingh Pauwa to Nagarkot Tower
Date April 29, 2018
Hiking Duration 3.5 hrs
Coordinator Pramod Kumar Rai
Participants Aseem Bhattarai, Bhumika Adhikari, Bhuwan Shrestha, Biswas Lohani, Chadani Pandey, Chakra Raj Pandey, Dhruba Bhatta, Milan Lamichhane, Prakash Bhatt, Pramod Kumar Rai, Pratiksha Dhungana, Rudra Pandey, Sushant Pandey
Report By Chakra Raj Pandey
Photos By Biswas Lohani, Prakash Bhatt, Pramod Kumar Rai, Sushant Pandey
Creative Support Bidish Acharya

Dr. Chakra Raj PandeyDr. Chakra Raj Pandey, MD, Medical Director, Orthopaedic Trauma, Arthroscopy, Joint and Sports Surgeon, Grande International Hospital

As a result of inspiration and invitation of Dr. Rudra Raj Pandey, me and our daughter Chadani could join hiking program organized by Deerwalk Nepal. Philosophy was very simple. Hiking bringing individuals together from the same organization and from different organization. It has several facets. One was being healthy. Second was socialization. Third was appreciating nature, valueing existence of human beings together. Fourth one was how CEO of the company and employee can get along together in daily lives.

Reaching from Sifal Deerwalk office to hiking spot in Jaharsingh Pauwa was a challenge. There was no road. It was all destructed. Traffic was terrible. Cloudy weather mixed with little rainfall was a blessing as hikers were not burnt by the heated sun. A cup of tea and some little breakfast gave every energy to the hikers. Getting a toilet was not easy. However, everybody could use school toilet nearby, but with a lot of difficulties.

Then we started hiking, around 10 am. Walking through the trail of hills in Jaharsingh Pauwa and then heading towards Nagarkot gave enough fresh air in the untouched natural environment. Little slippery land was a bit of fear, but everybody seemed excited. Selfie was a mode of entertainment, and everybody seemed happy taking pictures in their cell phones. We could see a great school in the middle of jungle and kids seemed very happy. They could get the fresh air compared to the most expensive school in the capital. Shankarapur Nagarpalika was a little joke as there was nothing that matched with the municipality.

Selfie was a mode of entertainment, and everybody seemed happy taking pictures in their cell phones.

Anyway, we moved happily and comfortably towards Nagarkot. Sometimes there was confusion of hiking trail, but team members easily figured it out. As we moved upto the hill, little rainfall started to hit us hard. But it did not disturb our journey. Deerwalk had made organic packet with cucumber, carrot and some vegetables. Everybody started to enjoy. I could see Rudra and the team eating with green minced chilly paste.

After walking little more than 2 hours, we could reach Nagarkot and enjoyed our starter in one restaurant. Some of us enjoyed with a glass of beer and others enjoyed with coke or tea. Eating was pleasant and satisfying. It was a freshly made food. To be honest, it was better than any five star hotels. Rudra then came with the idea that after ordering main course, let us walk all the way to view tower. So walked another 5 km before coming to the restaurant. Deerwalk Toyota Hiace was in the view tower and it brought all of us down to the restaurant again. We enjoyed our lunch together. Ate so well. After that we calculated that we walked around 20 km and thousands of steps. We all felt that our day was successful. Then returned home safely.

I have been to such hiking occasionally. But this was very successful as it was informal and friendly. Everybody forgot what they were doing in their office. In hiking everybody felt they were all pilgrimage to nature. I felt organization can grow bigger and bigger if they have such activities of closeness.

I took a leave for a day. Many of my patients might have suffered while I was out. I am sure they will forgive me as I could see different aspects of life with my daughter and friends. I would consider this hiking as a soul searching event for myself. I am very thankful to Rudra and Deerwalk team.

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