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Hiking from Sankhu to Jhule

Title 2012 Aug – Deerwalk Hiking from Sankhu to Jhule
Route Sankhu >> Jhule>> Sankhu
Date August 26, 2012
Total Time 5 hours
Coordinator Niraj Thapa
Participants Aawart Adhikari, Ishwor Sapkota, Mahendra Duwal, Manish Man Singh, Nhurendra Shakya, Niraj Thapa, Prabim Manandhar, Rajendra Prasad Gyawali, Rajesh Prajapati, Renu Dangol, Santosh Shah, Shrada Pradhan, Ujjwal Manandhar, Uttam Man Karmacharya
Photos By Aawart Adhikari, Manish Man Singh, Niraj Thapa
Report By Shrada Pradhan
Captions Niraj Thapa, Rajendra Prasad Gyawali
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey
Edited By Rinesh N. Bajracharya

Shrada PradhanShrada Pradhan

Work and fun should go together, Deerwalk surely tries to encompass them and hiking is one of those examples. After having joined Deerwalk this was my first hike. It was definitely a good experience and a golden opportunity to have fun and mingle with fellow colleagues.

Full of anticipation and anxiety the 14 of us headed to Sankhu from the Deewalk premises at 8:30 in the morning. We stopped by a nearby shop for breakfast in Sankhu. As they say that the morning suggests the day, it was bright and sunny and so was the entire day. We were hoping to see cloudy atmosphere because of the scorching sun, but the nature had other plans as the day was hot and humid.

Under the guidance of Ishwor Dai, we started our journey at 10 am and as luck would have it we took the wrong way and had to walk an hour longer. But all the effort was worth it once we reached to our destination in 5 hours time, despite all the difficulties we had to face during our walk.

There were many interesting incidents along the way to our destination. We energized ourselves with fresh cucumber, pears and many other energy giving snacks. The view along the way was just awe inspiring, making us forget our worries and feel like we were in a whole different planet altogether. Other memorable and funny incidents were the slipping and tumbling which came along frequently for some of the members of our team, but it was all in good fun as they shrugged off the dust and walked on determined to the reach the destination, Jhule. At around 3 in the afternoon, while the food was being cooked we enjoyed serene beauty of nature bestowed upon Nepal; some were clicking pictures while others were simply taking the pleasure of the blissful breeze. Then at around 3:30 we all had a heavy meal, the hunger made the meal that more delicious. And after relaxing for a while we left at around 4:15.

This hike was especially memorable for me as even veteran hikers in our team referred to it as being a tough one, but me as an amateur am proud to have conquered it. The best part of the hike was when the cool breeze grazed us every now and then on our hot and humid journey giving us pure joy, be it even for a few seconds.
Even though hiking is a tough thing, once in a while it surely becomes a treat.

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  1. check out picture 51 — this photo is award winning. all the girls are smiling and the little buy is so serious. what a contrast! this tells boys and girls think differently. good job capturing this.

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