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Hiking from Banepa to Gosai Sthan
Hiking from Banepa to Gosai Sthan

Title 2012 Dec - Deerwalk Hiking from Banepa to Gosai Sthan
Route Driving (Kathmandu >> Panauti >> Banepa), Hiking (Banepa >> Gosai Sthan >> 28 Kilo), Driving (28 Kilo >> Kathmandu)
Date Dec 8, 2012
Hike Duration 2 hours
Coordinator Rupesh Karki
Participants Jeevan Timilsina, Kiran Dangol, Lava Kafle, Mukesh Chaudhary, Nimesh Deuja, Rajan Twati, Rupesh Karki, Sawan Vaidya and Ujjwal Manandhar.
Photos By Kiran Dangol, Nimesh Deuja, Rajan Twati, Sawan Vaidya and Ujjwal Manandhar
Report By Mukesh Chaudhary
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya
Mukesh ChaudharyMukesh Chaudhary I arrived early at Deerwalk premises, 8 am to be precise, as I did not want to be late for my very first hike since having joined the company. We were only three to begin with, Ujjwal, Lava and myself; and we picked the others up as we drove along. Originally the plan was to hike from Panauti to Namo Buddha, but we changed our mind and decide on Banepa to Gosai Sthan. We arrived at Panauti around 9:30 am, and had a heavy breakfast keeping in mind the long walks to come. On the course of the meal, we decided to change the original plan (Panauti to Namo Buddha) as it had been conquered numerous times in the past. Thus, the gang decided on Banepa to Gosai Sthan, a virgin route as far as Deerwalk hiking was concerned.

The hike didn’t seem laborious enough, so we sought the steepest hill and decided to climb it.

Along the journey we discussed the rumors of 21st December 2012 being the day that the life on earth, as we know it, ends. The talk then diverted to the new value of 'Pi' which Lava Dai presumed to be 3.12. Then we started debating on limitations of photography, wherein one can only focus on the near object or the farther one, but not both at the same time. We bumped into a lot of ‘Dukulanthus’ (slang for unemployed but busy teenagers) on the way. Around 10:30 am we reached Budol, and the view of the place was breathtaking. Everyone with a camera were busy clicking, I wished I had one in my hands. The hike didn’t seem laborious enough, so we sought the steepest hill and decided to climb it. Nimesh was taking pictures of every large rock along the climb. On the way, Rupesh started his legendary hilarious caricatures which left us laughing our bellies out. Later we reached the Karigaun tower and took some pictures. I was surprised to hear that Lava was afraid of heights. We asked our way to Gosai Sthan as it was new to most of us. When we finally reached Gosai Sthan, our first stop was the temple was of Gorakhnath. We saw a sadhu lost in meditation. We donated an orange and 50 Rupees in tribute to his discipline. The temple is one of the most popular places for Hindu worshippers, especially on the day of Janai Purnima. On the way back, Rupesh continued on his jokes. We stopped briefly for lunch and also visited Kathmandu University. It was my first time there, and was fascinated by the sheer size of the institution. Lava gave us a quick tour before we went for some tea and snacks. Then around 4pm we made our way back into the capital. For me I wanted the day to continue, as it was more entertaining and fun than I had expected. I look forward to other hikes at Deerwalk, especially the ones that Rupesh will organize.

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