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Hiking from Bungmati to Pharphing

Route Bungmati to Pharphing
Date June 11, 2017
Hike Duration 1 Day
Coordinator Riwaj Neupane
Participants Grade X and VIII, Riwaj Neupane, Maya Ogasawara, Ujjwal Poudel
Report By Elina Kumal and Nisha Shrestha (DSS Grade X students)
Photos By Abhisekh Kadariya, Kriston Pal and Prayush Shrestha
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey

We departed from the school at 7:40; each one of us was eager to explore the journey ahead of us. We were full of joy as it was the first hike of this year. We had our three teachers accompanying us for the very first hike. We had our hiking gear and some light snacks for the hike. The journey from the school to Bungmati was quite pleasant as we didn’t have to face any traffic on the way.

When we reached Bungmati, it seemed to be a remote area; beautiful as it was full of natural beauty and beautiful scenery, untouched by urbanization. We started our hike from a muddy trail which was wet due to yesterday’s rain. We went through a lot of brick industries, which were constructed by locally available resources.

We had to cross a long suspension bridge which was the first experience for most of us as we were raised in urban areas. We captured many sceneries and beautiful moments. As we reached Pharphing, we got to observe the second powerhouse of the world at Pharphing. We were really tired after crossing the long stairs. After that we went to Pharphing Bazaar and waited for the DSS Bus.

We departed from Pharphing and reached the Deerwalk Complex at 4:00. We had our lunch, a brief photo-session, and we all got separated and went to our own homes.

Thank you DSS for making us a part of such a beautiful journey.

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