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Hike to Shivapuri National Park
Hike to Shivapuri National Park

Sriya Mainali

The Deerwalk and Deerhold Family embarked on an exciting journey to Shivapuri, a beautiful and challenging hiking destination located in the heart of Kathmandu on May 14, 2023. Shivapuri is known for its stunning landscapes, a habitat of diverse flora and fauna, and breathtaking views of the Himalayas. But, little did we know that our adventure would include an unexpected twist—getting lost in the woods. However, through teamwork, perseverance, and a bit of luck, we managed to find our path and reach our destination safely.

Our hike began from the Deerwalk Premises where all the hikers were equipped with backpacks filled with essential supplies, and a sense of anticipation, to embark on our adventure. Firstly, all the hikers assembled at 109 restaurant located at Deerwalk Premises, Sifal, Kathmandu, where we had an appetizing breakfast consisting of Jeeri Swari, chickpeas, boiled egg, and tea. At 8: 30 AM, we departed from Deerwalk Complex to Chisapani as per the hiking plan. We began our hike from the Shivapuri National Park entrance. The weather was ideal, with clear skies and a pleasant breeze that energized our spirits. 

As we delved deeper into the dense forest, the trail became progressively steeper and less defined. Our initial excitement quickly turned into a mild concern when we noticed that the trail markers seemed sparse and inconsistent. Despite our best efforts to follow the designated path, we found ourselves gradually deviating from the expected route.

When we eventually realized that we were off the trail, a mix of emotions—frustration, worry, and a hint of fear—overwhelmed us. It was a critical moment that required clear thinking and swift action. We gathered as a group, assessed our options, and decided to retrace our steps back to the last known marker.

Retracing our path proved to be more challenging than anticipated, as the dense foliage made it difficult to navigate. However, our team remained resilient, supporting and encouraging one another. With team effort and never giving attitude, slowly but surely, we made progress.

Just when our confidence was waning, we were fortunate enough to finally find the trails that guided us to the main route. 

All in all, the experience of being lost and relying on the collaborative effort to help each other taught us valuable lessons. We realized the importance of being well-prepared with reliable navigation tools and extra provisions. Furthermore, it highlighted the significance of teamwork, quick thinking, and patience during unexpected challenges. Finally, after a long and eventful journey, and the guidance of the local guides, we safely reached Kageshowri temple. 

Our hike to Shivapuri was undoubtedly an adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns. Though we lost our way, we overcame the challenge through teamwork, resilience, and resourcefulness. This experience served as a reminder of the unpredictability of nature and the determination of the human spirit. As we concluded our hike, we were filled with a profound sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the opportunity to explore such a remarkable destination.

Thank you.

Hike to Shivapuri National Park

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Hike to Shivapuri National Park

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Hike to Shivapuri National Park

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Hike to Shivapuri National Park

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