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Hike to Sailung

Route Kathmandu >> Mude >> Sailung >> Kholakharka >> Sailung >> Mude >> Kathmandu
Date 18th May, 2019 – 19th May, 2019
Hiking Duration 6 hours
Coordinator Sujan Neupane
Participants Achyut Kumar Bhattarai, Anshu Kiran Sharma, Anuj Shrestha, Asmita Acharya, Krishna Raj Dahal, Madhav Adhikari, Prabin Ojha, Roshan Shrestha, Sagun Rayamajhi, Samikshya Adhikari, Shirish Khanal, Shyam Sundar Swonepa, Sujan Neupnae, Suman Thapa, Upama Rai
Report By Samikshya Adhikari, Upama Rai
Photos By Asmita Acharya, Krishna Raj Dahal
Creative Support Swornim Bhattarai

Samikshya AdhikariSamikshya Adhikari
Life gets exciting and audacious when we break the usual thresholds and get immersed into the serene lap of nature. “Always dare”, they say. Always go beyond your capacity, and life gets thrilling. The ones who push themselves every day are the ones who succeed in life. We just want to follow these footsteps, yeah not totally, but at least we want to give it a try. For the purpose, we embraced the trekking to hinterland, a place where nature finds soul and we find solitude from this humdrum.

Sailung, the land of hundred hills with the beautiful rolling hillocks at the high altitude, caught our eyes to make it our destination. The 360 degree panoramic views of mountains will be worth a sight, we decided. So, we the Squad D team gathered at the Deerwalk premises at 6 in the morning. The sun has just risen, and with the rising sun lay our fervent enthusiasm. We took a minor step in our journey and headed towards it. Listening to the songs and cherishing the moment, we finally reached the Mude at 12 am and had our lunch there. After having lunch, we took a local bus and again we continued our journey. At nearly 1 pm, we reached Dhunge, from where our hiking started. The weather was mild, calm and peaceful. Beholding the beauty, we took our steps further. Nature pushed us into its lap, innervated our strength and soothed our soul. Who can neglect such beauty? The beautiful rhododendron and pine forest, oh wow, we felt lucky to cherish those moments, those pristine landscapes. Finally, we reached the unique landscape located in the border area of Dolakha and Ramechhap district, Sailung at 4.30 pm. We ran through the hills, took pictures, stared at the mountains and just relaxed at the amazing creation. It was a very beautiful place indeed. The sound, formed when a cold breeze passing by tickles you, resonant in your ears making the sound “This is all what you need, this is all what I need.”

We left from there and by 6.15 pm, we finally reached Kholakharka, where we were planning to experience the way local people live. There, we had some snacks and tea and enjoyed the moment. It was cold and windy but since it was the full moon day, the surrounding seemed to lighten up and that view was very breathtaking. Outside under the open and clear sky filled with twinkling and shimmering stars and the full moon, we lit a campfire. We all gathered together and discussed different topics. We sang different songs and made the environment even better. We fully enjoyed the moment there and then we had our dinner.

Next morning, Himalayan panorama’s views stretching from Dhaulagiri and Annapurna in the west, Langtang range, Ganesh Himal region & Rolwaling region was quite eye catching. Being amused with all those beautiful scenery, we left Kholakharka at 6 in the morning after having breakfast. With the soft breezes on the face, after walking half an hour we reached Sailung’s main hill. There, we took some photos and left the place behind. We reached Deurali at 11 am and took a local bus to Mude where we had our lunch before heading back to Kathmandu. Finally, at 6pm we were at Deerwalk.

This hike added beautiful memories on the pages of my life and was a wonderful life time experience for me. The unforgettable experience was all I could ask for. It will remain as an indelible memory in our heart and mind. Life goes on but we get a purpose for our life: live like the last day and enjoy every bit of second.

Upama RaiUpama Rai
May 18th and 19th was predetermined date for Sailung hiking of Squad D 2 Day Hike!

On May 18th, Saturday, all hikers gathered at Deerwalk complex as planned. All hikers gathered at 6 in the morning and we left the office premises by 6:30. Our first stopping station was Dhulikhel. Reaching Dhulikhel took us about an hour where we had our breakfast. After that we reached a place called Mude by 12. From there we travelled in a local bus for about one hour to a place named Maghadeurali. Maghadeurali was the place where our hiking journey actually begun. From there, we walked slowly taking little breaks to conserve our energy.

On the way to Sailung, rhododendron of various colors were blooming. Varieties of trees and plants could be seen which made us really happy and calm. Reaching Sailung was really a new vibe for each one of us. As I am new to Deerwalk and didn’t know many of the other hikers, I got a good opportunity to know most of them during the hike. Sailung’s beautiful landscape mesmerised us in each and every way it could.

It took us about 4 and a half hours in total to reach our destination. As it’s located in high altitude we could see 360 degrees panoramic views of mountains. Experience of being at Sailung was really mesmerizing and breathtaking for all of us. I know because I asked each of the hikers too! ^__^)
Catching these beautiful views and fresh rush and gush of wind fluttering onto us, we headed towards Kholakharka by 6.15, which was our final destination where we planned to stay the night.

On Returning, our journey from Khohakharka was predefined at 6 am. It took us half an hour to reach Sailung’s main hill. Walking from From Sailung to Maghadeurali took us long enough that we reached there by 11. People that we met on the way were really nice, welcoming and good to greet. Most of them helped us to get through the way which we weren’t quite aware and familiar of! From Maghadeurali we took a local bus to Mude. Reaching Mude took us exactly one hour, and we had our lunch at the same restaurant that we chose before. At almost 1 o’clock we headed for Kathmandu. Despite of all the bumpy and dusty roads and leaps we had, and traffic included we gladly reached on time to the office at 6.