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Hike to Phulchowki

RouteGodawari – Phulchowki – Godawari  
5th June, 2022
Hiking Duration8 hours
CoordinatorPranaya Shrestha and Prithvi Khawas
ParticipantsAnkit Puri, Ashray Baral, Hariram Khadka, Nirnaya Dangol, Pranav Dahal, Pranaya Shrestha, Prayas Joshi, Prince Raj Panday, Prithvi Khawas, Sakar Shrestha, Shreyash Ratna Shakya, Sudip Regmi, Sulav Adhikari, Sushanta Sharma, Sushovan Khanal
Report ByShreyash Ratna Shakya
Photos ByPrince Raj Pandey, Sushovan Khanal, Prihivi Khawas
Creative Support
Kiran Parajuli
Reporter Shreyas Ratna Shakya Modified 1
Shreyas Ratna Shakya

Hello All,

The DWIT hiking club successfully conducted a one-day hike to Phulchowki, Lalitpur on Sunday, 5th June 2022 to help the students take a much-needed break from their day-to-day lives and relax.

There were total of 15 participants for the hike, 14 of which were students and 1 was a member of the administration department of DWIT. All students arrived at the Deerwalk Complex by 7:35 am, after which we rode the bus to Godawari. After a few fun conversations on the bus, all the participants had their breakfast consisting of chickpeas, boiled eggs, and black tea at the Godawari Bus Park around 8:30 am.

Subsequently, we set out on the hike at 9:00 am, enjoying the breathtaking view of nature as we moved further. The chirping of the birds welcomed us as well as the mist alongside the trees, rejuvenating the team furthermore. We enjoyed the mesmerizing view of nature along with a few snacks at 11:40 am. As we climbed higher, we finally reached the Phulchowki tower at 1:45 pm, which stood at the height of 2,700 m. Hereafter, we relished a bowl of wai wai noodles, choco pie, choco fun, and a packet of bourbon biscuits as our lunch while the rain started to pour gently.

As our appetite was satisfied, we slowly put on our raincoats and retreated back to Godawari. Eventually, we arrived at Godawari where our bus was parked, inhaling the fresh scent of mud after rain and enjoying every bit of it. Bringing an end to our 21 km hike to Phulchowki with a mobile full of pictures and a heart full of memories. After that, we had our dinner at Tukche Thakali Kitchen to satiate our hunger at 7:00 pm and finally arrived at the Deerwalk Complex once again at 8:00 pm to conclude this amazing journey.