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Hike to Palan Chowk Bhagwati

Route Sifal – Palan Chowk Bhagwati
Date 16th January, 2021
Duration 7-8 hours
Coordinator Bishal Giri
Participants Rudra Pandey, Bijaya Shrestha, Niresh Dhakal, Hitesh Karki, Tej Kafle, Ujjwol Poudel, Nirmal Paudel, Bishal Giri, Sumit Shrestha, Saroj Neupane, Santosh Thapa
Report By Bishal Giri
Photos By Bishal Giri, Tej Kafle, Ujjwol Poudel, Hitesh Karki, Santosh Thapa
Creative Support Pradeepti Aryal

Bishal Giri

Bishal Giri 1

Our day started out on a cold winter morning on 16 January, 2021 with the team gathering in Deerwalk Complex at around 7AM. The team were really excited for the journey ahead and everyone gleamed with joy for our adventures. We reached a famous Sweet shop which served us a breakfast consisting of Puri, Tarkari, Samosa and Haluwa to power us through our destination ahead. The food was really wholesome and supplied us with enough energy to power through our destination ahead. 

After having a great first meal we made a pitstop to buy some groceries and snacks to aid us through our journey to reach the Palanchowk Bhagwati temple. The hike started around 9:50 am with a long incline of stairs opposite the river. The stairway really resembled the song by Led Zeppelin “Stairway to Heaven” since it was the starting point of the great adventures ahead. With great enthusiasm the team bustled on to our destination. On the way to the temple we had a really memorable and enjoyable time.

On the way I was really excited since it was my first time Hiking with the team Members of Deerwalk School and college and it was an opportunity for me to be familiar with the Team members of Deerwalk School other than my colleagues. In the journey ahead we discussed the political situation of Nepal and how it has impacted us positively or negatively. Along the way something interesting caught our attention. A woman from the village was carrying a Doko full of Marcha which was the main ingredient behind the famous Rice Beer namely “Chang” in the Nepalese community. But, sadly the negotiation to acquire the Marcha went in vain when we were not able to come up with a deal to acquire the raw material [JUST FOR FUN]. Another memorable part of the journey was us discovering and identifying the Amala tree and eating it with the aid of our team member, Tej sir.

We marched on ahead towards our destination with the beautiful scenery of nature to accompany us. It was also a very nostalgic experience for me since I was surrounded by the team members of Deerwalk School and college which really revived my school memories. I also discussed the time I gave my SLC exams with the team members and they also in turn shared their nostalgic memories of school life with me. To power on for our journey we stopped for some quick snacks and also took a few pictures for the memories of our Hike. We were specially looking forward to some warm local milk but were unable to since the village was full of local alcohol instead of the milk we were trying to get.

We finally reached our destination hiking different trails. The bhagwati mandir was especially really beautiful. We did the puja there and also asked for palanchowk bhagwati of our wishes. After the puja was done, we took several pictures. The Hike made us really hungry and we stopped for some Lunch at Banepa at around 3 PM. The hike ended after we had our lunch. On my way back I was looking out the window of the van we were travelling to, especially being happy for the journey that I had and the memories that all the team members shared wishing for similar experiences in the future.