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Hike to Mulkharka, Sundarijal

Route Sundarijal Bus Park >> Mulkharka
Date Jul 06, 2019
Coordinator Surendra Nath Adhikari, Ratna Bdr. Sirish

Participants Aadip Lama, Aman Ghimire, Anil Kumar Basnet, Dhamaya Ghaley, Dhirendra Kr. Mandal, Harun Mia Hazam, Hitesh Karki, Kalpana Tamang, Kashmoddin Alam, Raju Majhi, Ram Gautam, Ratna Bdr. Sirish, Shiva Kr. Karki, Suman Byanjankar, Sumitra Rai, Sunny Philben, Surendra Nath Adhikari, Surya Majhi, Uddhavman Pradhan
Report By Sunny Philben
Photos By Dhirendra Mandal, Sunny Philben, Uddhavman Pradhan
Creative Support Milan Lohani

Sunny PhilbenSunny Philben
After 3 months of continuous hard work and dedication, we newly born Deerwalk Auto Services entire team decided to plan a team-building hiking campaign. As we know, in Kathmandu valley major hiking trail is within 10 km, just we need to do is pick a direction and move on. In every direction of the valley, you will be overwhelmed by the bewilderment of nature. So it was not so tough job to choose our destination. Therefore, we decided to go for a hike to Mulkharka on 6th of July, 2019. Since it was our first hiking with this team so we all were motivated and reached Deerwalk Complex premises before time.

It was a clear sunny morning and perfect weather for the hike. As we moved from Deerwalk yard exactly at 7:30 am by office bus, we were more excited about all the fun we were going to have during the hike. Since all of us were starving we stopped at the highway side near Gokarna and moved towards Jagadol park, which was in a walking distance of 20 minutes. We had our hard and fast breakfast then all of us were busy taking selfies and groupies. Now with our body full of energies and calories packed, we were all set to head towards Sundarijal. Joking, teasing and singing together we reached the Sundarijal bus park at around 10:30 am. We parked our bus near the bus park and begin our hike with full energy and pace. Few meters ahead, we collected our tickets, got our bags checked and again moved ahead.

As we moved slowly ahead the well-paved paths got narrow and steep with small houses at both sides. It was an easy walk until the stairs got more inclined and abrupt. Afterward, most of us (especially Suman and Harun) lagged behind. We were listening to songs in our speakers, capturing moments and making our way to the first destination, Sundari Mai: a small temple built inside the rock and nearby located a beautiful flowing river with ice chilled water. It was an amazing view of nature. We spend most of the time playing inside the river that reminds us of our childhood. Afterward, the sound of a flowing river and chirping birds captivated us (especially Hitesh Dai and Surendra Dai) to conduct a short meditation session. Surendra Dai guided us with the meditation process and we really relaxed with peace of mind and heart for around half-hour. I personally nurtured that deep down, at the molecular heart of life, the trees and we are essentially identical. It was midday after meditation session we were again rejuvenated and started our hike again for our second as well as final destination. And then again we climbed uphill for about half an hour and reached to the water reservoir, Pani Pokhari with captivating beauties of nature. And we were again busy taking some mandatory group pictures.

Since we were almost close to our destination, it just took 15 minutes to reach Mulkharka, Sundarijal. We were around 15 km away from the city but the feeling to be right there was totally different. The peaceful environment, no crowd, and no pollution just fresh air with one small guest house and restaurant attract us more. We ordered some snacks and refreshments since our lunch was not ready. And as the fun, we started physique test like push-ups and planks. It was worth our time consumption while we were waiting for lunch to get ready and the majority were at the equivalence of the given limit. Furthermore, we had a fundamental team-building meeting where management expectations were explained and some of the members have participated in the idea sharing session. Afterward, when our meal is ready and served on the table, we all were concentrated on our plates with delicious pure Nepali Cuisine (Dal, Bhat, Tarkari). After having our tummies full we headed back slowly together. After a long walk, we all were tired and couldn’t take more steps, then finally we arrive back to our bus parking premises which made us happy and relieved. Then slowly our bus leads us to the hiking origin point. Finally, we reached back to Deerwalk premises around 5 pm.

At the end of the day, what we can figure out is “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt”