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Hike to Marble Dada

RouteGodawari – Marble Dada
DateAugust 21, 2022
Hiking Duration4 hrs
CoordinatorShashwot Upreti and Shrey Dip Bhandari
ParticipantsAadhyashri Poudyal, Aasara Bade Shrestha, Abhay Manandhar, Abhigya Karmacharya, Bishrut Uprety, Gigyasha Niroula, Ishant Gurung, Kripa Acharya, Niharika Thapa, Nirnaya Dangol, Prasansha Bharati, Richa Rajendra, Rojen Maharjan, Saishma Ghimire, Sharbani Bhattarai, Shashwot Upreti, Sheetashma Karki, Shrey Dip Bhandari, Sudin Rajbhandari, Yujina Shrestha
Report ByAasara Shrestha
Photos ByEveryone
Creative SupportNuraj Rimal

Hello everyone,

DWIT Hiking Club in coordination with The Artistas club as well as The Media Club successfully conducted a one-day photo hike to Marble Dada, Godawari on 21st August 2022 to help the students relax and have fun with colors and paintings and to capture the beautiful scenery with photographs.

There were a total of 20 students for the hike. All the participants arrived at the DWIT ground by 7:30 am, where we rode the bus to reach Godawari. We had chickpeas, boiled eggs and a cup of tea for breakfast at 8:43 am and started our journey. We started our hike at 9:30 am after clicking a quick group photo. We reached the destination at 9:57 am, The Artistas Club started their competition at 10:30 am and it ended at 12:00 pm. Every one of us painted various paintings on the canvas which was provided by the Artistas Club. We were then served cucumber which made each and every one of us refreshed. The hike was pretty simple with a mesmerizing view of nature without any accidents.

Everyone was having fun as we also got to know each other and bonded more during the hike. We clicked some photos and videos there to save our memories. At 1:55 pm we departed from Marble dada and walked for a short distance to reach Panch Pokhari where we rested for a bit. We enjoyed the journey very much by taking pictures and videos of the scenery and singing along to various songs. We rode the bus to Mantra where we had our meal at 3:15 pm. Then we came back to the college at 5:15 pm.

Everyone enjoyed the event very much and had a great experience connecting with the seniors and juniors.