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Hike to Champadevi

RoutePharping – Champadevi – Bhasmasur – Macchigaun
Date12thNovember 2022, Saturday
Hiking Duration6 hrs
CoordinatorSushant Chitrakar
ParticipantsAyush Raj Sedhai, Jessica Shrestha, Mikita Lakoul, Rachana Banjade, Saloni Shrestha, Santosh Thapa, Saras Karanjit, Saurav Adhikari, Shubham Joshi, Sophiya Maharjan, Subi Singh Dangol, Sushant Chitrakar, Kalam Uddin, Sabina Thapa
Report BySaloni Shrestha
Photos BySaras Karanjit
Creative SupportGaurab Neupane

The destination was set with hikers ready to march, preparations all done and the day was November the 11th. Rushing for the trip to begin, everyone reached the office premise with their backpacks and of course in their hiker’s look. As the clock struck 7:15 a.m., we quickly got into our vehicle and so the journey began. Down the road, we had fun playing games and singing all the way. Music turned out to be everyone’s favorite companion. We stopped for a quick breakfast where few of us decided to try the Nageshowr Temple in the scenic height. The steep staircase was enough to challenge oneself but we dared to move along and reached the temple in no time. It was a fun warm up before the hike. We then had our breakfast and left for the destination to start with our actual hiking thing.

We reached Pharping, the starting point of our hikeand began our Route number 2 [Walking]. Everyone was excited and yes, we did not let go of the chance to capture the moment and quickly clicked a few pictures before we began the journey. And finally, the hike began. 14 people, 28 feet, moving towards destiny, it was kind of a friendly atmosphere. Initially, we were all at the same speed and everyone had a smile on their face because they thought that the hike would be kind of easy. Slowly and gradually, few picked up their pace and got into their hiker’s attitude. Within a few moments, the routes started troubling some of the members as they were unprepared for the challenging walk. But that did not stop anyone. Rather we started to find the quicker ways to reach the destination and instead walked side by side guiding each other. I bet no one could motivate us the way we did to one another. 

With the kisses of sun rays that were piercing through the trees in the jungle, the chirping of the crickets, the peaceful delight of the forest made us feel so close to nature. The hiking trail was beautifully managed with so many alternate ways to reach the destination. Where people would go for the easy ones, we were there choosing the most unusual path that drove many of us crazy. But unusual paths are the most beautiful ones, we enjoyed the difficulties as we learned and mastered our ways. Giving up was not in the option so everyone gave their best to make it a fun filled and successful hike.

The views of the Mountain Ranges, we could really sit and watch them all day. The huge buildings and monuments were miniaturized which looked so tiny and yet beautiful since we left those far behind. Walking a few steps and resting to refill the energy tanks, we drank water to stay hydrated and shared our energy bars to share some moments of care. Willingly or unwillingly, we then reached the Champadevi Temple which was so unexpectedly holy. Everyone gathered and took pictures. Few of us showed our religious sides by worshiping the shrines while few of us enjoyed the view.

After a few minutes of break, we continued our way to Bhasmasur. Thinking of a gem and we got two. Champadevi and Bhasmasur. The distance was not that far from Champadevi and so we carried our bags and happily left for Bhasmasur. Walking and talking both simultaneously was our religion for the day. Few of us enjoyed it and rushed towards the peak for a beautiful view while some of us wished to fly and reach the destination.

After walking a decent distance, we were at 2505m, the ultimate height of Bhasmasur. Eventually, the destination arrived and we all started to enjoy the scenery. Like little children, we were all so happy that we did it. We then had our snacks, enjoying the view of the mighty altitude. And as the wind started to whistle all around, we packed our bags and moved down the hill.

t was 6:00 p.m. when we reached the base of the hike. The energy level was down to zero and everyone was craving for some good food so we stopped by a lavish yet simple Thakali thali and left no proof of food on our platters. The hike day then ended with the departures.

We wish we could count the miniatures of city blocks, get sun-kissed, enjoy the view of mountain ranges, dance under the open sky of Bhasmasur and sleep counting the stars someday together again… 

Thank you.