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Hike To Bishnudwar

Route Budhanilkantha >> Bishnudwar
Date 25 May 2019.
Coordinator Shristi Baral
Participants Anup Shakya,Anuska Jaiswal,Ganesh Bahadur Karki,Krishna Bist,Meera Gurung,Puja Maharjan,Rishav Jain,Ruby Shakya,Sabin Pathak,Santosh Devbhandari,Shristi Baral,Sirshak Regmi,Sweta Prajapati,Yojan Shrestha
Report By Anushka Jaiswal
Photos By Anup Shakya,Anuska Jaiswal,Puja Maharjan,Ruby Shakya,Sabin Pathak,Santosh Devbhandari,Sirshak Regmi,Suman Koju,Sweta Prajapati,Yojan Shrestha
Creative Support Swornim Bhattarai

Anushka Jaiswal Anushka Jaiswal
Doesn’t matter where you are in Kathmandu, a hike worthy trail is within 10 km. Pick a direction and move on. You will be dazzled by the enigma nature has to offer. So, one doesn’t need much motivation to get going. Therefore, we decided to go for a hike to Bishnudwar on 25th of May, 2019.

Hiking started with much motivation from our senior dai and di that we all reached office premises before time. “Yes”, except for our “senior” dai and di.

The office bus moved from Deerwalk premises exactly at 8:30 am. It was a bright sunny day, the sun beamed upon our faces. But we were more excited about all the fun we were going to have during the hike. The bus dropped us to Budhanilkantha. Since all of us were starving we stopped at a dhaba and had breakfast then clicked pictures. Now with our tummies full, we were all set to go Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. We reached the entrance gate of the park. We were welcomed by a doggo who wagged its tail and motivated us saying “Go on, Hoomans!”. Sadly, the doggo wasn’t allowed to accompany us.

We collected our tickets, got our bags checked and moved inside the park. It was an easy walk until the stairs, that’s where most of us (especially Ruby) lagged behind. With the help of the sticks lying around (official stick finder and provider: Rishav) and frequent breaks, we kept on moving. As we were not allowed to take the speaker inside the park, we sang our own songs, rhymes, music and made our way to the first destination: a beautiful stream with a small waterfall. It was an amazing view of nature. We rested there for around an hour and had some snacks. The cool and fresh water refreshed us and now, we were ready to move for our main destination which was Bishnudwar which is the origin of our Holy Bishnumati River. Sabin took the lead as he was familiar with the way. The trail leading to the Bishnudwar was fully covered with thick layers of leaves which made the way slippery. Laughing about the way most of us slipped and got our backs hurt, we finally reached Bishnudwar and enjoyed the waterfall and the view for some time.

Then we headed back. On the way, we clicked the mandatory group pictures, “the dab” where we failed miserably. After a long walk, we all were tired and couldn’t take more steps, then finally we saw our bus coming which made us happy and relieved. We then decided to have Thakali food at Chakrapath. Finally, we reached Deerwalk premises around 5 pm.