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Hike to Bishnudwar

RouteGodawari – Phulchowki – Godawari  
5th June, 2022
Hiking Duration8 hours
CoordinatorPranaya Shrestha and Prithvi Khawas
ParticipantsAnkit Puri, Ashray Baral, Hariram Khadka, Nirnaya Dangol, Pranav Dahal, Pranaya Shrestha, Prayas Joshi, Prince Raj Panday, Prithvi Khawas, Sakar Shrestha, Shreyash Ratna Shakya, Sudip Regmi, Sulav Adhikari, Sushanta Sharma, Sushovan Khanal
Report ByShreyash Ratna Shakya
Photos ByPrince Raj Pandey, Sushovan Khanal, Prihivi Khawas
Creative Support
Kiran Parajuli
1694 Modified
Aasara Shrestha

Hello All,

Hello everyone,
DWIT hiking club successfully conducted a one day hike to Bishnudwar, Shivapuri National Park on 15th May, 2022 to help students take a break from the busy life and relax.

There were a total of 16 students for the hike. All the participants arrived at the DWIT ground by 7:30 am, where we rode the bus to reach Budhanilkantha. We had our breakfast there and continued our journey. We had chickpeas, boiled eggs and puri-curry. We arrived at the destination and purchased our tickets. We started the hike at 9:25 am after clicking a quick group photo. The hike was pretty simple with the mesmerizing view of nature without any major accidents. After a while it started raining. It didn’t cause a big problem but the trails got slippery as we went downhill to Bishnudwar. The hike would have been much more fun without the rain but walking in the rain had its own charm.

After reaching Bishnudwar and having some of us slip here and there, we felt a sense of happiness on reaching our end goal. We clicked some photos there to save our memories in the form of photographs. Having rested for a bit, we then returned back from a different path than before which was comparatively easy. We reached the half point of the hike where we had our snacks that were handed out earlier. We rested for a while,and then continued towards Dadagaon. Taking pictures and videos of the scenery, singing along to Albatross and 1974 A.D., cracking jokes and talking about Elon Musk we made our way to Budhanilkantha.

Then at 3:15 pm we reached the end of our hike where we waited for the bus to arrive with a short coffee break and talked about various different topics and bonded more. We rode the bus to Tama where we had our meal at 4:30. Then we came back to the college at 6:00pm and went our separate ways.

The hike would have been more amazing if it wasn’t raining. However, it didn’t matter at the end of the day because of other wonderful memories. All in all, it was a very fun experience and gave us an escape from the hectic world that we live in, not to forget a great experience for usto connect with our seniors.