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Hike to Banepa

Route Nagarkot >> Banepa
Date August 17, 2019
Coordinator Bishwas Dahal
Participants Ajaya Chapagai, Anib Manandhar, Bibhushan Jha, Bishal Shrestha, Bishwas Dahal, Ganesh Bdr Karki, Pratik Kafle, Prayash Khatri, Preksha Shukla, Rajat Singh, Sanjaya Pokharel, Saurav Chapagain, Sujan Bishwakarma, Susan Pant
Report By Bibhushan Jha, Bishal Shrestha
Photos By Prayash Khatri, Pratik Kafle
Creative Support Swornim Bhattarai

BishalBishal Shrestha
On the beautiful day of August 17, fourteen of us gathered together in Deerwalk Complex at 8 am to begin a memorable hiking experience. All of us were very excited for the hike. Our vehicle left the complex at about 8:30 am, and the journey began. After about 1.5-hour long ride, we stopped at Nagarkot for breakfast. We were in big group and had to split for breakfast into two groups. We had tea, selroti, egg and tarkari in the local eatery, and after spending for about 30 minutes, we reached a point from where our actual hike began.

The weather was gloomy, and we were enjoying every moments of our hike. We kept on walking enjoying the good views and taking photos and videos. Listening to the good music the walk was easy until the stairs came in front of us. Some of us face challenge walking in the stairs but everyone of us succeeded. Slowly but steadily we reached our lunch place a local restaurant. We were very tired and hungry and each one us could eat a whole chicken. And then we did had chicken for lunch which was pre ordered so we did not have to wait for long. Thanks to our coordinator Mr. Bishwas.

As we finished our lunch it started to rain heavily so we had to stop. But after a while we started our journey with umbrella. It rained heavily for sometime so we had to cross a river that came across the road which we did and it was very fun. After walking for about 1 hour we finally reached our destination. We could see our vehicle waiting for us and the distance was not far but was the hardest as we were very much tired. Everyone of us enjoyed the hike to the fullest and was one of the best hikes for me.

Bibhushan JhaBibhushan Jha
“Thunderstorm” was the weather forecast for that Saturday but it didn’t stop us from going to the hike. We had breakfast at Nagarkot and started our hike from there. We had a hard time finding the start point of the trail because there were many similar trails. By the help of some army personnel, we chose the correct path and started our hike. It was a cloudy day, temperature favorable for a long walk, but the trail was slippery, and rain would only make it worse. We could only pray that it won’t rain and walked our way through. We had our Bluetooth speaker entertaining us throughout the hike. After a decent walk we were in the home turf, Kashi Bhanjyang, of our hike coordinator Bishwas Dahal. He had arranged a feast for us where we had some local chicken. 

While we were enjoying our meal, it started raining cats and dogs. We had to wait till it stopped raining
but there was no sign that it would. So, we took out our umbrellas and raincoats and resumed our hike.
The path was tough and more slippery due to rain. Some part of the trail was even flooded, and we had
to take our shoes off to continue. But we did everything we had to and completed the trail. We walked
out way though despite of all the hurdle we had to face because of the rain. We reached Banepa at
around 6 where our transport was waiting for us which brought us back to Deerwalk Premises.