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Hiking to Nuwakot Durbar

Route Battar > Nuwakot Durbar
Date April 01, 2017
Coordinator Harish Thagunna
Participants Abisha Thapa Magar, Dipesh Bhatta, Harish Thagunna, Julina Maharjan, Kamal Pokharel, Nitish Maharjan, Pawan Kharel, Saurav Prajapati, Shankar Koirala, Tikaraj Ghising and Yunuj Dhakwa
Report By Abisha Thapa Magar and Shankar Koirala
Photos By Julina Maharjan
Creative Support Barsha Dahal

Abisha Thapa Magar Abisha Thapa Magar

After the chilling colds, spring arrives and squad A starts their first hike of the year 2017, a hike to Nuwakot Durbar. It was my first hike with Deerwalkers in which almost all of us were from Plan Analytics except Nitish dai from Genomics. Rabin dai assisted us with driving office vehicle from the Deerwalk premises while all of us joined him from favourable pick up places where by we started our journey from Kalanki, the departure stop. Even though the road had the ditches from Kalanki chowk to Galchi the excitement in us kept our enthusiasm alive.

We had our breakfast at Galchi. Few kilometers from there, we reached to Battar, the base of our hike, where we packed some snacks for the hike. And then we started walking up from Battar on red muddy road up above our destination, the Nuwakot Durbar. Our energy got drained on such a sunny weather while snickers added up some energy.

We passed by a green forest, felt some cool breeze of air and an ounce of tiredness went by.

We passed by a green forest, felt some cool breeze of air and an ounce of tiredness went by. Fortunately, it did not rain as walking up the hill on wet red mud road would be extra troublesome. A tortuous road up the hill led us to the Nuwakot Durbar premises.

Finally, a moment of relief came to our face as we could see glimpse of Durbar. We rushed to the Durbar and started taking unlimited pictures. Later, we realized our hunger and started taking snacks. It was heartbreaking to see the Durbar in the devastating stage. However, few supports sustained the Durbar after the ghastly earthquake. These historical buildings should have been reconstructed as it could fall down anytime on any minor jerks. We rested up there a while breathing the cool fresh air of Nuwakot, observed the historic monuments and took some more pictures. We descended from the Durbar back to the same muddy road. Full of hunger, we rushed down to Battar and had heavy lunch. Then, we headed towards Kathmandu from a different way passing by Jhor. This way was cool and had a lots of pleasant scenery where we passed by.

All the way back, we sang songs with our bad voices. As approaching to Kathmandu, we were welcomed by hailstone and rain. We reached Kathmandu around 6pm.

Shankar Koirala Shankar Koirala

On 25th April 12 of us from squad A went on a hike from Battar to Nuwakot. Early morning we gathered in the office premises and then we left the office around 8:00 am and few members were picked on the way.

The office van stopped us on Galchi, where we all had morning breakfast, Since the time was around 10:30, few members also had their delicious typical Nepali lunch. Having breakfast/lunch and some rest we headed towards Battar from Galchi. After few hours we reached to Battar where we ordered for launch and bought some snickers and chips. And the hiking was started from the Battar.

Everyone carried two bottles of water and started walking towards the destination.

We climbed hill for 3 hours and finally reached the Nuwakot Darbar. The view from the top of hill was really mesmerizing.

We climbed hill for 3 hours and finally reached the Nuwakot Darbar. The view from the top of hill was really mesmerizing. The Nuwakot durbar which stands seven storey’s is really beautiful and full of art. We rested and took some photos and headed back to the Battar. We had a delicious food and had some rest in the hotel. This time returned to Kathmandu in different route. The route was small and only few vehicle were seen on the way. The way was really beautiful with green fields and fresh air. The Some of the members were busy on playing Antakshari. We stopped van on some place to see the superb views of the Himalayan foothills with lush green vegetation and fields.

We were back to Kathmandu around 7 pm evening. There was a heavy rain in Kathmandu so Rabin
Dai dropped all the members to nearest possible, Thanks to Rabin Dai. Overall the hike was refreshment for the week and many more things to remember.

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