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Mulkharka Hike

Route Sundarijal > Mulkharka > Sundarijal
Date December 4, 2016
Hike Duration 4.5 hours
Coordinator Tulsi B Ramtel
Participants Anil Parajuli, Anish Pradhan, Hasan Mainali, Narendra Maden, Padma Raj Lama, Pankaj K.C, Prakash Chandra Joshi, Prasanna Pandey, Rajesh N. Shrestha, Randhir Yadav, Saurav Chapagain and Tulsi Ramtel
Report By Anil Parajuli and Pankaj K.C
Photos By Hasan Mainali and Suman Thapa
Creative Support Barsha Dahal

Anil ParajuliAnil Parajuli

Everyone gathered at Deerwalk complex at 7:45 A.M. Due to some technical problem we have to wait some hikers. One of our hiker was busy fixing the bugs of his work so he could not make out and cancel his hike. So we started our journey at 8:15 A.M. Everyone was so amazing during the hike so that no one felt bored during the whole hike. We stopped at Bhatbateni supermarket to buy water bottles and continued our journey. We stopped at Umesh’s restaurant for breakfast. He served good breakfast. Bread, tea, potato chop, boiled egg was good. After the light breakfast, we reached Sundarijal.

We started our hike from Sundarijal. At first, the trail was tough. Some of the hikers were making fun of each other and having fun. We had to pay Rs. 58 each for entering the Shivapuri National Park. We reached “Jharna”. At Jharna everyone started clicking photos. Some started to climb the rocks. Tulsi cracked some funny jokes. With his jokes said I could not resist laughing. So we moved further. We also visited ‘Sundari Mai’ temple near the river. We clicked some photos. Everyone was busy giving pose. Suman was busy capturing the good scene in the temple. He was giving all effort in taking good photographs. Randhir was happy with that. So we continued our hike and started moving to Mulkharka. Rajesh was advising everyone if we move 1 hour further we would reach a good hotel where we can have ultimate fun. With these advises in mind everybody was moving forward. Everyone was tired and thirsty. We had some rest and drank water.

We reached the top of Mulkharka at 1:00 PM. The view from the top of Mulkharka was very beautiful and everyone was in love with the beauty. I loved the view from the top. Also, we reached good hotel. The hotel owner had a warm welcome and made us sit outside where we could enjoy the beauty of Kathmandu valley with soft flow of wind.

We ordered some drinks, “Sukuti” and noodles “Sadeko”. The taste of “Sukuti” made us travel in heaven deep inside in our imagination.

We ordered some drinks, “Sukuti” and noodles “Sadeko”. The taste of “Sukuti” made us travel in heaven deep inside in our imagination. With few shots of beer Tulsi started saying good “Sayaris”. Hasan added there some. He started his sayari with these lines: “Ma ra timi uni ra ma vandai gayen unle”

But after this he could not complete this “Sayari” due his inner sentiments which I think was real. Everyone was having good conversation. We wanted to stay there whole night but again everyone remembered tomorrow was Monday and everyone has to attend office. So after enjoying for one and half hour we decided to return to Sundarijal. We started moving down to Sundarijal. On the way we had chat with some beautiful girls who were returning from the hikes. We reached Sundarijal at 3: 30 P.M. Deerwalk van was waiting for us. We again moved to Umesh’s restaurant. He had prepared good dinner. Everyone was satisfied with the delicious food and returned to Deerwalk premises at 5:30 P.M. The hike was fun and memorable.

Pankaj K.CPankaj K.C

On 4th December, We 12 men went to Mulkharka for a hike. We headed out for Sundarijal from the deerwalk premises around 8 am. The commute was really fun as we started singing songs. We reached Gokarna, Umesh’s hotel around 9:00 am and had a mild breakfast before we started our hike from Sundarijal bus park at 10:00 am. One of our brothers could not walk and he gave up uphill climb just after 5 minutes of walk. As we were walking uphill we stopped many times for rest and later keep walking. Saurav, me and Anish started walking uphill very quickly. But the way was so tough we had to slow it down, after that we reached to Shivapuri National park ticket counter, each ticket cost us Rs. 56.50 and we entered to national park. It was awesome feeling for me as I returned there after long period.

Anish was like beast and way ahead of rest of the pack. As we were walking uphill we saw waterfall and we stood there for 5 to 10 minutes for photographs. The water was crystal clear and very cold. We also saw many others hikers like us. Later, we went to Sundarijal Mandir for religious purpose. We clicked some photos within the temple premises as the temple was beside the holy river Bagmati we went down to click more photos. The water was blue and the view of the dark dense forest was quite mesmerizing. After that we again headed towards our destination. In of the places we found a water dam that was nearly 30 feet deep. We clicked photos in front of the dam just for fun.

After that place, we found multiple trails we got confused and we waited for all the team members to join same trail. Our Hiking coordinator Tulsi then lead us to our destination, I personally admire Tulsi for having fun out in the nature of this hike.

Finally, after tirelessly walking for 3 hours we reached Mulkharka top (final destination). I was the last one to reach the destination. However, Prasanna wanted to walk more, he went further more and returned. We gathered in a restaurant and had beers, sukuti, chatpate etc. And our all the hiking members were having fun. My friend Suman Thapa was busy clicking awesome photographs. After getting little drunk our brothers Hasan, Randhir, Tulsi, Saurav, Prakash, Rajesh started poetry (Sayari) moment. I must say they were one of the best poetry I’ve heard in a while.

“म अनि तिमि
तिमि अनि म
भन्दै गयिन ऊन्ले
हसन दाई को चस्मा ह्राको थियो लगेर गयिन कि ऊन्ले”

“Deerwalk bata aja aayeko hami hiking
Raksi khayera gardainau hami koi pani miking”

Chiso cha mausam
Tesaile hami gardainau
sundarijal ma diving”

After 1 hour of fun we headed down the hill back to Sundarijal quickly. It took us 1 hr 30 minutes to get back. As our hiking coordinator Tulsi already fixed the lunch in our Umesh’s new hotel. We went there for lunch. After having lunch we headed back to Deerwalk.

Personally, it was one of the best hikes I was ever been in. I got the chance to get to know many brothers, about deerwalk style of working.

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