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Hiking from Godavari to Phulchowki
Hiking from Godavari to Phulchowki

Title 2011 Dec - Deerwalk Hiking from Godavari to Phulchowki
Phulchoki Godavari
Date 17th December, 2011
Total Time 7.5 hrs
Coordinator Rupesh Karki
Participants Shukra Shrestha, Deependra Shrestha, Rupesh Karki, Suman Shrestha, , Sailesh Shrestha, Kiran Dangol, Prabim Manandhar, Nawaraj Thakuri, Sajjan Shrestha, Ujjwal Manandhar, Sajjan Shrestha and Awart Adhikari
Photos By Shukra Shrestha, Aawart Adhikari, Sailesh Shrestha, Rupesh Karki
Report By Sailesh Shrestha, Prabim Manandhar
Captions Sailesh Shrestha
Creative Support Shukra Shrestha
Godavari to  Phulchoki Photos Hike from Godavari to Phulchoki Phulchoki is situated at the height of 2782m from the Godavari. It is the highest hill in the south of the Kathmandu valley. Hiking to this area is most interesting because of its natural vegetation. It is said that the place is famous for the bird watching as over 250 species of the birds are found over there. Also there are many different animals like the barking deer, leopard, bear and the other animals. We don’t know whether it was our good luck or the bad luck we didn’t encounter any of these animals .Phulchoki is also famous for its winter snow fall which happens there for the short time on winter. It has the tallest radio broadcasting tower and it also has the shrine for the goddess Phulchoki which is situated at the peak. It was on Saturday, a really chill out winter day (17th December 2011), we had planned to go for this hike. As usual most the hikers just gathered at the Deerwalk. Then at the sharp 8.30 am the micro with the hiker left for the Godavari .While few of the hikers were picked up on the way to Godavari. There was a sort of excitement on the face of every hiker regarding the hike. On the way, we heard some rumors of the strikes due to some political issues but we didn’t care about it and just headed toward Godavari. Finally at about 9.30am we reached Godavari. As it was Saturday, we could see many peoples who have come there for the picnic. The most of the picnic spot seemed to be packed with the groups of people. On reaching there, we all went into one of the hotel over there to have a breakfast. There we had a cup of tea and some light breakfast. After that we bought some bottles of water and some food. Then finally we headed for the starting point of the hike. From the starting point, we were supposed to walk 13km to reach the Pulchoki hill. We had supposed it to be the easy and a very comfortable hike. We just started out hike at just about 10am. The whole road to Phulchoki was grabbled road and had lots of patches and it was steep and so rough most of the way which made our hike little difficult but quite interesting. In spite of these, we seemed to be full of joy being out the concrete valley and getting lost inside the beauty of the real Mother Nature. We experienced her at her most brilliant. On our way we could hear the birds singing but most of us were much more attracted by the singing of rupesh dai(also known as hike le banayeko Gayak). His singing used to bring a smile on the face to the tired hikers. After walking for almost two hours every one got so tired that we decided to take a rest. And after the rest the most exciting part of the hike started. Actaully in spite of walking for the 2 hours we had only covered 4km and there was still 9 more km to go. So what we did was we decided to take the shortcuts which goes through the hills and lead us to the destination faster. Actually the shortcuts were so breathe taking and a bit difficult and slippery .While in some cases we have the clear the bushes ,branches of trees to make our way ahead. Also sometime our clothes used to get stuck in the bushes and thrones. Though the shortcuts were the fastest way to the top but were painful. So at the end of the few shortcuts many of us got so exhausted that we started to get divided into two groups. One group taking the shortcuts while other not. But the groups again got merged at the top of the Phulchoki. After walking for almost 4.25 hrs we all reached at the top at 2.15 pm. On reaching to the top ,there we saw the communication tower which has been playing a very important role in telecommunication of Nepal. To safeguard such important tower there is an army regiment garrisoned at the top of Pulchoki. Also next to the tower there is a small temple of Phulchoki mata. Actually the temple ,tower ,and the army regiment is the main things we saw over there. But due to foggy environment at the top we missed the great view of the mountain from the top. Then at about 3.15 pm we decided to go back. It was the another challenge for us but after taking a rest for a while and having the lunch we all were quite fresh and ready for it. Returning down the hill was not as difficult as going up but it seemed to be like the race against the sun which was about to hide itself behind the mountains. Most of us had only reached the halfway mark when it gradually start to become darker and darker. Some of us didn’t think it safe to be in the middle of jungle road at such time so many of the hikers started to walking fast as possible. But as it was getting darker and the road was too rough ,we could hardly control our pace and direction. But somehow we manage to reach down to our microbus. On reaching down we decided to have a small campfire to warm ourselves. Then after an hour we finally decided that it was the end of the wonderful and memorable hike. Though it was painful and a quite difficult hike ,it left behind a lots of memorable moments that we can remember for a long time. Hiking Experience: Sajjan ShresthaSajjan Shrestha: "13km up & down fulchoki ....yeah this hike was bit tough for me.......... but it was fun coz i got the chance to meet new people & yup there was rupesh dai sense of humour which never gets old.......anywayz this hike made my heart pump rich oxygenated blood thats for sure. Overall this hike was delightful." Aawart AdhikariAawart Adhikari: This was one of my memorable hike from Deerwalk. It was very tough hike then expected. We experienced different moments with our fellows. Want to revisit again … Sailesh ShresthaSailesh Shrestha: This hike let me know lots of experiences and was most adventerous hike,Really Memoriable. This time I got to know what hungriness is meant for. Waiting for next package of hike. Kiran DangolKiran Dangol: Phulchoki hiking was really unexpecting and interesting. I haven’t expected that it will take so long time to reach up there for just of 13 km from the base. I was so glad when I reached up there. But the moment which I was thinking that again we have to go back through same path. At middle of returning, what a running we have done to reach before we get too late. And the moment of sitting infront of fire. We gathered together and shared moment of hiking with each other. It was too joyful and painful too of phulchowki hiking. Many many thanks to Rupesh Dai for such a lie hiking of such of 2 hrs.

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