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Hiking from Sundarijal to Chisapani

Participants : RudraP, VishnuK, RejanK, KeshavB, NishchalS, AbhishekS, PramodR
Route : Sundarijal to Chisapani to Sundarijal
Time : 6.5 hours
Distance : 38 km (Appx)
Date : Sunday, Dec 17, 2006
Report/Illus. : PramodR, VishnuK
Photos : NischalK
Captions : BinayN, VishnuK
Creative Support : BinayN

Circuit              : Sundarijal – Chisapani –Sundarijal
Length              : 38 km
Pit Stops          : Shivapuri Height, Chisapani, Karma Hotel


Name Team Races Debut Rank (F2C 2006)
RUDRA ALONSO RENAULT, Michelin 19 Jul, 2005 1st
VISHNU VILLENEUVE BMW SAUBER, Michelin 53 Aug, 2005 2nd
REJAN ROSBERG WILLIAMS Cosworth, Bridgestone 2 Nov, 2006 3rd
KESHAV YAMAMOTO SUPER AGURI F1, Bridgestone 28 Dec, 2005 4th
NISHCHAL SCHUMACHER FERRARI, Bridgestone 17 Nov, 2005 5th
ABHISHEK BARRICHELLO HONDA, Michelin 3 Nov, 2006 6th

Race Report:

Every year, at least a person gets killed at Sundarijal around this season and the person is always the only child in the family. Despite hearing this local story with trepidation and identifying some of the racers as being the only child in the family, they began the race, undeterred. Vrroom! Vrrooooooooom!

The track was steep, almost precipitous, their noses touching ground at times. And on top of that, they decided to take a detour through a dense forest where they had to clear bushes to proceed and hang on to branches to ascend. That particular route was tough but gratifying. Maybe, it was gratifying because it was tough.

Most of the racers had no problem making it to the first pit-stop at Shivapuri Height but some, particularly the McLaren, the Honda and the Ferrari, puffed and puttered all the way and made dozens of unofficial pit stops.

They refueled themselves with ripe juicy oranges and feasted on the splendor of the Himalayan range in the distance. Then they descended to Chisapani where they sipped a hearty cup of tea each and rested for about 19 minutes. Then, they again vrroomed vrroomed their way back.

By 3:00 pm they were back at Karma Hotel at Sundarijal, having covered 38 km within 6.5 hours, their average speed being 5.85 km per hour. Well, that speed may not look very commendable but considering the difficulty of the track it is awesome, you sluggish folks. (Earlier, the same route, without the detour, had taken over 9 hours to complete.)

Alonso, the indubitable force behind the race, finished first and Raikkonen finished last.

Then it was time for refreshing Beer, nourishing Boiled Chicken & Vegetables, and invigorating discussions on Ways to drive Nepal in Full Gear.

Finally, the race ended with a shopping spree for Chinese Brandy and Whiskey. 4 bottles of brandy and 7 bottles of whiskey, in total, made their way home, sweet home.


This particular race was intentionally extreme and we pray that nobody gets discouraged by its extremity. It has been decided that the upcoming races will be for shorter distances within longer duration so that even buses, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles and rickshaws may join. We hope to see you next season. Be there!!!

Ready to go from Sundarijal

Did you noticed it! In front of the Syalmati

Fours in action

Welcome to Sundarijal Post

Good for Camping

Distinguish the Head

Nagmati “Ghatta” Mill

Rudra and Natural Grinder

Rudra Loves Heights

Mulkharka Farming Land

Vishnu in Lead

Feel the difference of Green and Dry

Mulkharka Village

Mountains Peeps from the distance at Mulkharka

Mt. Lakpa Dorje

Rejan pushing hard

From Left: NishchalS, Rudra, Vishnu, Keshav, Rejan, Standing: Abhishek, PramodR

MR and MRS England

Happy Time during Hiking

Enjoying the view with cheese and biscuits

Rudra in action 1

Rudra in action 2

Rudra in action 3

Rudra in action 4

Rudra in action 5

Time for Oranges

Vishnu has little paints

so the shoes have



Mountain ranges from Chisapani Area

Dancing in sky…

Natural Water Supply @ Free of Cost

Super Hikers: Abhishek and Rejan

Find the roads in the part of the Shivapuri Hills

One Night Stay is recommended

Approaching Chisapane

Closer Looks of Twins

Rudra without Lessons

Mt. Dhaulagiri

Rudra loves grass bed

Time to return from Chisapane


Human Ambulance

Fives in action

The trails and hikers

May be Wild Chrysanthemum

Supply to his Cattle

Visitor Hikers

Little Rest


Old time Friends

Enjoying Chutruke; Looks Red but Taste Sour

Talking to Local School Boy

The trail invites you

Healthy Hills

Fuel Supply

Kids Play Ground

BABA in Deep Sleep

Buffet Lunch for Hikers

Hero from the Area

Rudra winning the Hiking Race

Keeping away from Birds

Bye Bye Sun for the Day

11 thoughts on “Hiking from Sundarijal to Chisapani

  1. This was really a great route. Views were so amazing and I was surprised that we could watch Himalaya range so near. To Hike faster was also a unique experience as well as having boiled food. I really got new experience and felt so energetic after it. On a single day we viewed the actual beauty of Nepal.

  2. Wow! Simply Wow!! Was Rudra really first or you guys just gave him chance to be happy. I have not seen him hiking that fast. Anyway – great work of brigning Natural beauty of Nepal to the world. We have got a beutiful country – let us get inspired from these hikers and do sth to help our motherland. Every little things count!!!

    Yestai Ho

  3. great concept of presentation!!I got all in laughter … we should make more experiments like this..Rudra alonso ko ‘racer’ gaze chai ekdam khatara cha…

    Nishchal dai, u r really a great photographer..
    picture frame garne tapaiko andaaz malai ekdam man paryo…

    I too loved Chisapaani’s route when we went last time.

    and watch out guys, next time there will be lady racers too …

  4. After this Formula 2 Championship I would definitely want to participate on other Formula 2 Championship races and this time as rejan said I would also like to be Ferrai.

    The hiking to lele was exciting, ramilo and most memorable hiking but this hiking was adventures Exhilarating and out of the ordinary.

  5. Splendid!!! I know what I missed this time are 5.85Km/hr and the fresh Oxy. The photo quality are really very good and heart touching. I would rate number one for the last photo “Bye bye Sun for the day”.

  6. Defintely, the the toughness of the hike resulted in its grandeur.
    This was just my second hike and both these times there were something extra, something unique. My first hike to Lele ended with a ‘boka’ feast and this one as Nischal entitled it as ‘Ferrari Hiking’ was in itself an enthralling experience. It was just the matter of thinking that my destination will arrive sooner rather than soon and this would propel me to tread on and on.
    I’d like to thank D2 for developing this tradition of hiking. Its a whole different world out there which I’ve not been aware of. Such beautiful landscapes and trekking routes, simply marvelous.
    Will be there, more often than I can, with all those D2 hikers.

    ps. next time I want a ferrari hai!!

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