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Hiking from Kavre Bhanjayng to Namo Buddha
Hiking from Kavre Bhanjayng to Namo Buddha

Theme: Festive Fever Hiking Route: Kavre- Bhanjayng to Namo Buddha Day: November 02, 2008, Sunday Hike Coordinator: DeepakM Participants: ArbindK, AsimK, BirajS, DeepakM, MaheshR, PrajwalS, ShekharP, Photos: Team Caption: MaheshR/PrajwalS Report: ArbindK / DeepakM Creative Support: Pallavi Sharma/ Ganesh Thapa/ Dijup Tuladhar Namo Buddha Hike: Trail to Nirvana As we were still in the festive mood, we gave continuity to our theme based hiking Festive Fever and this time the destination was Namo Buddha. Seven Charming people, encouraging trail and bags full of foodstuff – all got blended in such a way that the hike became a memorable one. As always, we started our journey early in the morning enjoying the cloudy fog. At Surya Binayak we stopped for breakfast and enjoyed hot tea coupled with puri – tarkari. Then all the way to Kavre Bhanjyag - rich fields, curvy roads and tall stories made our journey very short. After that, consulting with local villagers we chose a bit challenging trail to Namo Buddha. As we set up for hike- dense forest, twittering birds and narrow trail energized all of us. However, after an hour or so, we lost our way (or we found a new one?). However in the mean time, we saw a Stupa at the top of other side of the hill. So, we had to slide down the steep hill to catch up the right trail. After an hour uphill walk then, we were welcomed in a villager’s home where they served us with cool cucumbers and fleshy fruits. All the team members seemed to be satisfied with the food combined by reminiscence of house owner about Kathmandu 30 years ago. We really liked the good company and generous offer to have a lunch at his home. But then, it was time to give continuity to our hike. We also distributed some stationery and sweets to children on our way because schools were closed pretty early as they were still in the festive mood! Then after a tiresome yet fascinating hike of four and half hours, we reached Namo Buddha. When we reach there, we were awestruck by the magnificence of the idol of Lord Buddha. We spent some time there praying and lighting some candles. After that, we went towards a monastery where monks were busy praying. Seeing some monks spending their time constructing the road was really inspiring. After spending some time wandering at Monastery, we visited the place where Lord Buddha in his earlier life had sacrificed his life to save weak mother tigress. According to legend, Lord Buddha was born as Prince Mahasattwoo whose reincarnationed form was Gautam Buddha. During the course of hunting in the forest, he saw a weak mother tigress and her five cubs so starved that they were near death. There was no other way for the young prince to feed the starving tigress without killing other animal. The young prince became so compassionate towards the starving tigress that he decided to cut his own flesh and feed her. He sacrificed his own life to save the starving mother tigress and her cubs. So the main Stupa dedicated to Namo Buddha depicts this story of self-sacrificing action of the prince. Finally taking some lessons from this story we decided to go back home. Then on our way home we had a good lunch at Kavre. In short, we had a really good time together enjoying some fun –filled and exemplary hike. Cheers!
Initial Excitement that lasted long
01 Initial Excitement that lasted long
Into the Fog
02 Into the Fog
Getting loaded in Bhaktapur
03 Getting loaded in Bhaktapur
Kabre Landscape
04 Kabre Landscape
Gearing up for the hike
05 Gearing up for the hike
leaving the vehicle we move on
06 leaving the vehicle we move on
Gathering information from a local person
07 Gathering information from a local person
Hiking starts
08 Hiking starts
A Camouflaging Creature
09 A Camouflaging Creature
A Stupa on the way
10 A Stupa on the way
left right left
11 left right left
As the sun get higher, hiking becomes tough
12 As the sun get higher, hiking becomes tough
 Lost in green
13 Lost in green
14 solitary
Honey hunters
15 Honey hunters
16 gravity
Jungle safari
17 Jungle safari
ukali ma agi agi
18 ukali ma agi agi
Matrix of Pine Trees
19 Matrix of Pine Trees
Lost in Middle of the jungle
20 Lost in Middle of the jungle
Thought for food
21 Thought for food
Tiffin box
22 Tiffin box
leaves or flowers
23 leaves or flowers
Mountains showing up
24 Mountains showing up
Perfect scene
25 Perfect scene
Blues in Harmony
26 Blues in Harmony
Cha cha huiya
27 Cha cha huiya
Band of boys
28 Band of boys
Festive Flowers I
29 Festive Flowers I
Festive flower II
30 Festive flower II
beaming Village
31 beaming Village
 Hamro palama
32 Hamro palama
 Four legged Tractors
33 Four legged Tractors
How do i look
34 How do i look
Its time to rest
35 Its time to rest
kori bati chitika
36 kori bati chitika
malai ta lazz lagyo
37 malai ta lazz lagyo
Ready to serve us
38 Ready to serve us
Traditional kitchen
39 Traditional kitchen
40 Den
Hu yatri euta....
41 Hu yatri euta....
How to open it
42 How to open it
Into Shades
43 Into Shades
Isn`t it tough
44 Isn`t it tough
Prajwal pakha na
45 Prajwal pakha na
Spiky pines
46 Spiky pines
Born leader
47 Born leader
Picturesque range
48 Picturesque range
49 Streching
Lost and found
50 Lost and found
Cloth bearing tree!
51 Cloth bearing tree!
1000 wishes
52 1000 wishes
For the sake of peace
53 For the sake of peace
54 hmm..lamp
55 Monastery
56 bravura!
57 wishlist
58 serene
way of life
59 way of life
Picture story
60 Picture story
61 Tranquality
Monk at work
62 Monk at work
sound purifier
63 sound purifier
64 Carnival
64 Embellishment
the Name of God
65 In the Name of God
of Asia
66 Light of Asia
66 Nirvana
have to Reach There
67 We have to Reach There
Hills and Hills
68 Hills, Hills and Hills
of Nature
69 Art of Nature
70 Trakes
Thanks D2 but what about 5 rupee note!
71 Thanks D2 but what about 5 rupee note!
With the mountains
72 With the mountains

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