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DSS-Telkot to Nagarkot Hike

Route Telkot-Nagarkot
Date February 7, 2021 (Sunday)
Duration 4 hours
Coordinator Laxman Jari
Participants Bijaya Kumar Shrestha, Laxman Jari, Madhu Sudhan Bhusal, Neha Roy, Sameeta Shrestha, Samiksha Hada, Sita Khadka, Suraj Khanal, Tej Prasad Kafle, Ujjwal Poudel
Report By Laxman Jari
Photos By Laxman Jari, Neha Roy
Creative Support Pradeepti Aryal

Laxman Jari
Laxman Jari

“A walk-in nature, walk the soul back home.”- Mary Davis

The hike to Kakani was one of my first hiking. It was a wonderful experience to get in touch with the natural environment. This motivated me to get involved in this kind of thrilling activity. I’m now eagerly waiting for the next hike.

Sifal School has decided to organize a paid Hiking on every Last Sunday of the Nepali month. Upon hearing this news, I was keen to join the hike right away! As per the plan, the hike was fixed from Telkot to Nagarkot. It was about a four hours hike. 

We hikers (Colleagues of DSS) gathered at Deerwalk Sifal School premises at 8 o’clock in the morning. We departed from the school at 8:30 am. We picked other hikers on the way. We stopped by the Bhatbhateni supermarket to buy some snacks for our hike. Then we headed straight towards our journey. We reached Telkot at around 9:55 am. Telkot was our starting point of the hike. We had a light breakfast there.  Without wasting any second, we began our journey at around 10:30 am. 

We climbed the stairs which led us to a beautiful temple. After walking for a while, one could observe beautiful landscapes, mountains, and experience a calm and pleasant environment. The indigenous people’s lifestyle and their houses which looked so aligned to nature cheered everybody’s mood. The hiking trail was not very difficult. The moderate climate and pleasant environment added fuel to our hike. We stopped by some beautiful places and clicked our group photos. In between, we managed to have bits and pieces of snacks. After a continuous walk, we finally reached our destination, Nagarkot at 1:50 pm. We were quite exhausted and starving too. So, we had our food in a thakali restaurant. We rested there for a while.

Then we planned to go to the “View tower of Nagarkot”. We reached there by vehicle. We climbed the view tower. The view was mesmerizing. We could see the breathtaking, beautiful landscapes of the mountain and the surrounding dense forest. 

We headed back to school at around 4: 45 pm. A truck had broken down in the middle of the road, so we had to wait for a long time to get past the broken truck. While we waited, some of the hikers went on foot, while others rested inside the vehicle. Hopefully, the truck was repaired and finally we could move on. We picked the hikers along the way and moved on. We finally arrived back to school at 7: 00 pm.

 It was really a memorable hike. The hike was not much difficult. We got lost in the beautiful scenery. It was a much-needed break for everyone. We were exhausted but no doubt we all enjoyed it a lot.