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DSS Outing to Poonhill

Route Kathmandu >> Pokhara >> Nayapul >> Ulleri >> Ghorepani Poonhill
Date December 27 – December 29, 2019
Coordinator Hama Rajbhandari
Participants Hama Rajbhandari, Hangkeng Rai, Hema Rai, Laxman Devkota, Mandira Shrestha, Narendra Maden, Neha Roy, Prakash Lama, Rakshya Rijal, Ravindra Kumar Baniya, Santosh Kumar Sahu, Sita Khadka, Suman Manandhar, Tribhuvan Bhandari
Report By Santosh Kumar Sahu
Photos By Neha Roy and Santosh Kumar Sahu
Creative Support Jatin Neupane

Hiker Santosh Kumar Sahu Santosh Kumar Sahu

“Colleagues make trips better”. This was my first trip with my colleagues since my coalition to Deerwalk. I was very excited about the trip and curious too since I had the enthusiasm to know about my colleagues and I wanted to know about the flora, fauna, the culture and the ethnicity of the place we were going to visit.

To start off, we had a plan for the winter vacation trip to Poonhill. We had set the date for December 27th, 2019. On the morning of the departure all of us gathered at the school where we had a private winger reserved. When we departed it was sharp 8 A.M. We also picked some of our colleagues on the way. We had a music system inside the winger which kept us entertained and excited throughout the trip. When we had started feeling tired, we reached Muglin at 12 PM where we had our first lunch for the day. There we had a beautiful encounter with the living legend of the Nepali Music Industry, Mr. Amrit Gurung, the vocalist of the Nepali band, “Nepathya”. They were the first ones to do an international concert from Nepal. I personally was not on the spot to meet him or any of his family members there but the praises we heard from our colleague Ms. Hama Rajbhandari made us pretty confident about the fact that he was very humble and respectful towards his fans. Then we went towards the destination and we reached Pokhara at 2 PM. We were at Nayapul at 4 PM when we had to change our transportation because we came to know that the winger had a low ground clearance and it would not go forward due to the hurdles in the road. Then, we rented 2 boleros to Ulleri which took us two hours to reach.

On the way to Nayapul to Ulleri, we saw a lot of waterfalls, the rice terraces, the Himalayan range and at last we were warmly welcomed by the villagers at a place. We did not have a lot of time to learn about Magar culture. However, we learned that Magar are the third-largest ethnic group in our country and they are one of the oldest tribes of Nepal and has a lot of contribution to Nepal’s formative history. They were friendly in every way. After 20 minutes of walk from Ulleri, we reached our pre-booked hotel, Himalayan guest house. There, we got freshened up and had dinner. We had a lot of fun afterwards. We had a campfire and Mr. Tribhuvan Bhandari sparked the light of the bonfire. He was the best version of himself that night. We went to sleep at 10 PM.

We woke up at 6 AM the next morning, got freshened up and had breakfast. After some tea talk, we then started the trek from Ulleri to Ghorepani at 9 AM. This trek usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. But it took us 4.5 hours since we were not used to walking for so long. The jungle along the trail was a full forest of Rhododendron tree. But we did not get the opportunity to see the glorious view of Rhododendron flower since it was not the season for the flowers to bloom. With 4.5 hours long walk from Ulleri, we reached Ghorepani Fishtail hotel. We were very tired but the enthusiasm and excitement were at the same level. There, we rested and had some snacks. We went for a walk outside to see if we could find a place to get some pictures taken. We then talked to a local who said that after a short walk we would find a place called “Phaple danda”. On the Phaple danda, the view was awesome. In addition, we also got the chance to witness the sunset. While returning back, some fell down to ground too, as it was already dark and the path was slippery due to the ice. We had our phones’ light turned on throughout the walk. Just when we thought we were at the last quarter of our way back to the hotel, we realized that we took a wrong way! But after some discussion we figured out the right way. We had dinner afterwards at 7 PM. We saw a lot of tourists there even though it was not the season. We then went to sleep and some of our friends were still by the heater.

Next day, we woke up at 5 AM for the trek to Poonhill with warm clothes to keep away the cold, as the temperature dropped to minus four-degree Celsius. We then walked for an hour to reach the top of Poonhill at 3210m to see the sunrise and scenery of the Himalayas. It was worth the walk! The glorious light emanating from the sun took our breath away. Around every corner is an exciting glance of the high mountains, whole horizons that will be open to you as you reach the highest points of the trek. Mt. Dhaulagiri range, Mt. Annapurna I, Mt. Annapurna South, Annapurna II, Machhapuchhre, Annapurna III, Gangapurna, Tukuche peak, Dhampus peak, Himchuli, Gurja Himal, and Nilgiri are visible from the top. As the sun touches the snow-capped summits the Himalayan giants, Dhaulagiri (8167M) and Annapurna (8,091M) along with a maze of other peaks slowly begin to appear, like some sorcery.

This trek is one heck of an experience for nature lovers. The place is also filled with a variety of flora, fauna and ethnicity. It was only 6:55 AM when we saw the alluring sun and it has been captured in all of our hearts ever since. We took a lot of pictures there. We climbed the view tower for a better view, we clicked pictures there too. There we saw a lot of tourists whose faces were lightened by happiness. There was a teashop on the top which was expensive, yet nice. We then returned to Fishtail hotel around 8 AM and had our breakfast and then we returned to Ulleri. It took us 3 hours to return to Ulleri, which was significantly less than the time it took us to trek from Ulleri to Ghorepani. We had our lunch there. We then moved towards Nayapul at 2 PM via two hired bolero. We reached there at 3:30 PM. Then, we were ready to head towards our home because it was already late. We got in our winger and left from there at about 4 PM. We reached Pokhara at 5:30 PM and we had our dinner in Muglin in the same hotel at 8:30 PM. It was dark and all of us were tired. We reached Kathmandu at 11:30 PM.

To conclude, this trip was one of a kind. One of the most famous, easy and beautiful destination Poonhill, has taken a special place deep in our hearts. With the glorious view of the mountains and the friendly people, the rich flora and fauna and the beauty of the fraternity, this trek has all of those merits that a trek should have. This trip was a catalyst for our already great friendship. We got to know everyone well. From sharing the workplace to sharing a house, a kitchen, it was great. I had expected a lot out of this trip and it delivered. With all of what I have experienced, I can say that this trip is never going to disappoint anyone in life. Being beautiful in every way, this is the one that every Nepali should trek in their life.