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Hiking from Palung to Simbhanjyang via Daman
Hiking from Palung to Simbhanjyang via Daman

Hiking Route: Palung - Daman-Simbhanjyang Date: Sunday, Nov 30, 2008 Participants: Niraj Shah,Pradipna Gautam, shikshya Gautam,Ritesh Khanal,Puspa Gurung,Santosh Koirala,Pallavi Sharma,Bidha Rimal, Pragya Rana, Ravi Sharma,Sabita Khadka, Srijana Pokhrel, Ritesh raj Aryal,Lokesh Gupta,Keshav Basnet, Mahesh Raj Regmee, Tejaswi SJB Rana Photos: Keshav Basnet Report: Lokesh Gupta/Ritesh Khanal/Tejaswi SJB Rana Caption: Santosh Koirala Creative Support: Dijup Tuladhar/Pallavi Sharma Lokesh Gupta’s recollections: After saying goodbye to November, the counting stared on the way in the cold morning, almost everyone reached office around 6:30 AM. We enjoyed hot black coffee at D2 Canteen while waiting for the rest of the hikers. With the excitement of being the first hike of RiteshA, TejasweeR and I left the D2 premises at around 7:30. KeshabB made everyone laugh with his interesting stories and a unique style of laughing. SantoshK joined on the way at Thankot. Teasing BidhaR all the way and gossiping about the Novafest , we reached Naubise where we stopped for a while and had a light breakfast. On the way I remember a joke which was passed by Pallavi on everyone's request... here goes the joke "Our salary has been increased" and the joke was over... Then we headed towards Tistung. RiteshA had problem travelling. But at times his ‘HA HA HA’ could be heard. After a long drive of more than three hours, we finally reached Palung. As it was a long travel, everyone was hungry and seemed tired of the long travel. We all needed to recharge ourselves. So after having some food, we commenced our hike. Although it sounds weird but we started our hike after having lunch at round 11:00am. The path initially was easy enough. People were busy talking about the trail and Keshav Dai was at all times ready to capture the hiker’s situation and captivate the scenic beauty of snow-covered mountains, the layers of green hills and the dense forest all around as we make the climb over the mountain. Slowly, the accent became tougher. In addition, the trail was a bit slippery with the dry leaves of pine tree and there was a steep drop-off on the side of the trail. We had to walk very carefully or we would slide down the hills. As we had a huge number of people in the group ... while hiking we were seperated and the extra adventure started... the smallest group RiteshA, PragyaR and Shreejana were in one group n were lost in the area the better part was that our mobile was working and we frequentlyn called eachother in the mean while n the bad part was that ... seems funny ... some question on the mobile "where are you ...?" in the mountain area what probably would you answer this question ... other answered "Baneshwor pugna lage dai ta kaha chas..?" This way enjoying we reached along with the two guest hikers who were friendly enough and added some more joy to our hiking ... I also remember an incident while taking a snap of women carrying loads on there back shouting at Keshav Dai " Hami mare pani hamile bhari boke ko photo nai huncha sukha kaihe napaune bho...". We talked about the life style and IT awareness and were happy to see a local FM being broadcasted from Daman. From there we started for the second part to Simbhanjyang with the same energy which was there only because of the wonderful group we had... At simbhanjyang we had some fried meat, wai wai soup, tea.. making fun with virtual sauni...as original sauni was not there ... that too was fun.. returned back to Naubise n had our Dinner there as the journey started with josh... n slowly tiered the report too seems slowly tiered ... I was back to my room at 9:00pm. Ritesh Khanal’s recollections: I had heard a lot about Daman from friends but never had a chance to go there. I was pretty excited about it. The 3 hour drive to the spot where we started to hike was fun with Sikchha’s comments about the road, Prad’s come-backs, Pushpa’s FM Transmitter and Niraj’s humor. We reached Shikharkot around 10:30 and after having some breakfast, we were on our way to Daman. Was kinda short of breath for the first ten minutes of hike but slowly got used to it, that made me realize how fit I was (NOT) during the last 6 months in Boston. Climbing up and down the abrupt changes of highs and lows, we reached Daman,and it definitely wasn’t quite like how I had expected it to be, few houses and one resort and that’s all there was, but as I turned around to see the distant horizon and mountain ranges, my idea about Daman changed. The scenic beauty was overwhelming. We didn’t stop there but started to walk to Simbhanjyang. We finally got there to see most amazing views of mountain ranges. I was expecting a misty and cold weather, but it turned out to be sunny, Oh well, now that I’ve decided to go back to Daman during mid winter, I will be able to see it’s misty apparel too. After enjoying a short meal and Sim Bhanjyang’s scenic beauty, we were on our way back to Kathmandu. We stopped at Naubise for some food and drinks, and though everyone was tired after the hike, D2ians and family are never tired for a time of laughter and chit-chats. Be it politics, current affairs, D2 affairs, Rocket science, or Seinfeld; everyone has something to say and crack a joke about it, and that’s fun. Overall the hike was lots fun, only if we could make our FM Transmitter plan work, it would’ve been awesome. Tejaswi SJB Rana’s recollections : 1 down 49 to go... Last Sunday was ma first hike with D2. I am not saying "with D2" like I'd been doing it regularly before I joined D2- just that I've done a few. Anyways, it was an experience I will forget by this Thursday ( my sore muscles will have healed by then) but will be reminded of again on Sunday after an hour of climb! Seriously, the climb was STEEP - at least for me. Man I kept on saying TGIF (thank god it's flat) after every 80 degree climb. That's right 80 degrees. That's what I felt like. It was like forget about the nature and the wilderness - just GET TO THE TOP!! I know my colleagues would be describing how Daman was and what we did there. I am sorry but the only thing I remember is the steep climb. Maybe after a few more hikes (yikes) I will report better on the scenery and what we did (should have done..hehe). This one was about getting over with it. Next one will be about .... getting over with that! Please click on the image to see its large version.
Four Girls -oh no no this is guy tejeswee
01 Four Girls -oh no no this is guy tejeswee
Capturing good looks
02 Capturing good looks
Freshening up!!
03 Freshening up!!
Good way to advertise
04 Good way to advertise
Lucky small village
05 Lucky small village
Morning Dawns
06 Morning Dawns
It`s school time
07 It`s school time
This is Pallavi Sharma
08 This is Pallavi Sharma
Gori manchhe ko kali hune daar
09 Gori manchhe ko kali hune daar
Kasari hedne hola yaar-santosh
10 Kasari hedne hola yaar-santosh
Hiking Fuel
11 Hiking Fuel
Hiking kicks off
12 Hiking kicks off
Hand Gestures
13 Hand Gestures
RRA on lead
14 RRA on lead
Parkhai ko pida
15 Parkhai ko pida
Happy to hike
16 Happy to hike
17 Hikers
Santosh is leading--hmm sounds good!!
18 Santosh is leading--hmm sounds good!!
Just watch
19 Just watch
Creation-just translate it
20 Creation-just translate it
ek pachhi arko
21 ek pachhi arko
Pls meet Ravi Sharma-Pillar of D2cultural show
22 Pls meet Ravi Sharma-Pillar of D2cultural show
Palung Bazar
23 Palung Bazar
Yatra Jindagiko
24 Yatra Jindagiko
Mahesh n Tej
25 Mahesh n Tej
26 Nature
Jungel n beauty
27 Jungel n beauty
Small Valley
28 Small Valley
Real picture of Nepal
29 Real picture of Nepal
Property of Our Country
30 Property of Our Country
Look This!!
31 Look This!!
Another One
32 Another One
let`s walk together
33 let`s walk together
34 Basti
Unforgettable journey!!
35 Unforgettable journey!!
Two Killers
36 Two Killers
Keshav`s photography
37 Keshav`s photography
 please see pic 39
38 please see pic 39
please see pic 38
39 please see pic 38
Time to Rest
40 Time to Rest
Guess the Gender
41 Guess the Gender
Raat ki rani
42 Raat ki rani
Yeati ho Gaunle Jeewan
43 Yeati ho Gaunle Jeewan
That`s why we are in touch
44 That`s why we are in touch
Devoted to calture
45 Devoted to calture
46 Refreshment
The Magical tree
47 The Magical tree
perfect shot
48 perfect shot
49 Refuelling
Three stars
50 Three stars

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