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Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Shivapuri

Hiking Route: Budhanilkantha – Shivapuri
Date: Saturday, July 23, 2005
Participants: Rudra Pandey, Anil Khadka, Shankar Upreti, Prabin Subedi, Amulya Bhattarai, Sudeep Adiga, Manohar Adhikari, Sewa K.C. and Anjana Shrestha
Photos: ShankarU, AmulyaB, Sewa K.C.
Report: Anjana Shrestha
Caption: Anjana Shrestha
Creative Support:DijupT, BishwaR, DhilungK

It was a regular party at D2Hawkeye on Friday evening. Rudra dai was in town and hence just another reason for our gathering. Suddenly, Rudra dai came up with this idea of hiking and casually said: Let us start hiking in D2 and why not start it from this Saturday.

To be honest, we did not care whether D2 would really start any hiking trend or not but we definitely opted for this hiking. It was indeed something new and thrilling, especially with your friends to go with. There were 9 of us including Rudra dai. It was Anil Khadka, Shankar Upreti, Prabin Subedi, Amulya Bhattarai, Sudeep Adiga, Manohar Adhikari, Sewa K.C and me.

We all gathered at D2 on Saturday morning, i.e. July 23, 2005 – the day that hiking would set history in D2 with the 9 historians. We drove up to Budhanilkantha and started our hiking from there. It was monsoon time and the road was slippery and not to mention filled with leeches. The road was a steep climb. We first got the tickets to enter Shivapuri National Park. From others that I recall about this hiking is that we reached “Nagi Gompa” monastery after walking for about one and half hours. We rested there for some time and made our way to the top of Shivapuri hill.

Our amateur photographers, Shankar U and Amulya B did enjoy capturing some pleasant moments on the way. The top of the hill was not as we had expected. It was just a small ground and as if the leeches were not enough, we were chased with flies everywhere. Nevertheless we gasped some breath there with a sense of pride.

Our way back was even tougher especially after it started raining. I remember that Shankar U had sprained his ankle and how Anil tied his leg with the shirt he was wearing. A friend in need is a friend indeed! We all were so hungry by the time we were descending as there was no sign of any restaurants throughout our hike. We survived with whatever food stuff we had taken. However, I remember that I had taken some hajmolas. That was the only food left while we got down and needless to say, we all had one slogan with us then: je aaucha majja le pachaucha.

We got down to where the van was waiting for us. We had ascended around 7:30 am and it was around 4:00 pm when we reached down. It had been indeed a very very long walk, especially for the new ones. We went for lunch at a Nepali restaurant in Durbar Marg. We hogged like anything.

We all departed to our homes to crush into our beds. We had one of the best night’s sleeps – a very tiring yet unforgettable hike with memories to last till date.

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 Looking back in time
01 – Looking back in time
 We set forth to set history
02 – We set forth to set history
 What's in a bottle
03 – What’s in a bottle
 Our first break
04 – Our first break
 The first ladies join
05 – The first ladies join
 A short break again
06 – A short break again
 Moving on
07 – Moving on
 The monastery bench I
08 – The monastery bench I
 The monastery bench II
09 – The monastery bench II
 Sewa runs away
10 – Sewa runs away
 Valley view
11 – Valley view
 The Nagi Gompa Monastary
12 – The Nagi Gompa Monastery
 Top of Nagi Gompa
13 – Top of Nagi Gompa
 Ready to get in
14 – Ready to get in
 Then we come out
15 – Then we come out
 Anil poses
16 – Anil poses
 Looks like a fork
17 – Looks like a fork
 It's Manohar next
18 – It’s Manohar next
 I am ready
19 – I am ready
 A click
20 – A click
 Through the eyes of the binoculars
21 – Through the eyes of the binoculars
 A bit tired
22 – A bit tired
 The grazing cows
23 – The grazing cows
 In pensive mood
24 – In pensive mood
 My trick
25 – My trick
 I got your head
26 – I got your head
 Just me
27 – Just me
 Happy Anil
28 – Happy Anil
 Move on guys
29 – Move on guys
 What's the status in ur project
30 – What’s the status in ur project
 Oh no, not here
31 – Oh no, not here
 Tired half way
32 – Tired half way
 Time to move on
33 – Time to move on
 This will definitely go
34 – This will definitely go
 Sewa beats them all
35 – Sewa beats them all
 Ola, this trail looks smooth
36 – Ola, this trail looks smooth
 Getting cloudy
37 – Getting cloudy
 Capturing the moment
38 – Capturing the moment
 Manohar ji and Shiva ji
39 – Manohar ji and Shiva ji
 Sewa with the deity
40 – Sewa with the deity
 Shiva ji alone
41 – Shiva ji alone
 Jay jay Shiva Shankar Uprety
42 – Jay jay Shiva Shankar Uprety
 Some natural water
43 – Some natural water
 I had plenty
44 – I had plenty
 My turn now
45 – My turn now
 A leech in my Tshirt
46 – A leech in my Tshirt
 I am refreshed
47 – I am refreshed
 So are we
48 – So are we
 We are tired
49 – We are tired
 Shankar minus 30 pounds
50 – Shankar minus 30 pounds
 Into the jungle
51 – Into the jungle
 The road less travelled I
52 – The road less travelled I
 The road less travelled II
53 – The road less travelled II
 The road less travelled III
54 – The road less travelled III
 Sewa from a distance
55 – Sewa from a distance
 Sewa from near
56 – Sewa from near
 Happy to be on top
57 – Happy to be on top
 The trick once again..
58 – The trick once again..
 Baba on top of Shivapuri hill
59 – Baba on top of Shivapuri hill
 Baba with Rudra dai
60 – Baba with Rudra dai
 Some rest
61 – Some rest
 Getting ready to descend
62 – Getting ready to descend
 Steep path
63 – Steep path
 Don't wanna get down
64 – Don’t wanna get down

15 thoughts on “Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Shivapuri

  1. Shutterbug‘s Pictures Rating.

    Hilarious shot :’26 I got your head’
    Nature’s Best shot : ’54 The road less traveled III’

    And picture no: ’21 Through the eyes of the binoculars’ is interesting.

  2. It’s really fun to know about the first hike of D2. I enjoyed reading Anjana didi’s report and Anil’s true frenship! Anjana di , u look so slim:P:P and shankar dai too. Liked the idea of reviving the history!!!

  3. Really good to revive the history. Keep it on for second, third so on until we have all records done. thanks to EU team.

  4. OMG look at Anjana didi, i dint know she used to be slim.
    What happened? tyo pachhi hiking janu bhayena ho?

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