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Hiking from Changu Narayan to Nagarkot via Telkot

Report By Indra Dhoj Kshetr
Photos By Vishnu Kshettri, Indra Dhoj Kshetri
Caption Vishnu Kshettri

Dashain days had begun. It was the last hike before Dashain vacation on second day (Dwittiya) of Dashain. All the friends were in refreshing mood. So a shorter route and easier destination was chosen for the hike. It was really a refresher hike. Nagarkot is the hill town on Bhaktapur district, lying at the altitude of around 2000m. It is the nearest tourist destination from the valley and is famous for viewing sun rise. A black topped road leads to the town from Kathmandu via Bhaktapur.
We chose to reach Nagarkot from ChanguNarayan via Telkot. However, owing to an ordinary mistake on choosing road to ChanguNarayan, we reached Duwakot on vehicle at 8.00 and we had to walk half an hour additional to reach ChanguNarayan. Thus, our route became Duwakot- Changunarayan- Telkot- Nagarkot.

It is wonderful that, every hike differs from other. However shorter or easier it becomes, almost every hike is an adventure. This shorter and easier route also became an adventure for us. Walking hours in the incessant rainfall in foggy hills and jungles, the muddy and slippery roads made this hike also an adventure.

The rain had already begun before we reached Changu Narayan. We had breakfast at ChanguNarayan. We were expecting the rain to stop. However, with no such symptoms, we moved from there at 9.00. As higher we moved, so colder it was. As we reached Nagarkot at 13.00, almost all of us were soaked and shivering with cold. The fog didn’t let us see the beautiful views of the surrounding hills and settlements. It was just walking and walking. We had wonderful lunch at Nagarkot and got back at 14.30. It was 15.30 to get back to home.

Figure2: Narayankot

Figure3: Commencing

Figure4: Nameste!!!

Figure5: The Team…

Figure6: Beneath Changu Narayan

Figure7: Shiva Ka Santan

Figure8: Domestic Industry

Figure9: Changu Narayan

Figure10: ChhinaLata Mai

Figure11: Handmade

Figure12: Another Handy

Figure13: The hero of Changu Narayan

Figure14: Drinking Water; Maintained by Local Community

Figure15: Side View – Western part of the temple

Figure16: ChhinaLata Temple

Figure17: Changu Narayan from the Entrance

Figure18: Young Pujaris

Figure19: Crafted traditional window

Figure20: The Mask

Figure21: On the way to Telkot

Figure22: Correspondent…

Figure23: Bhale Baseko – Kukuriiii Kaaa

Figure24: Tea Time at Pipalbot

Figure25: Kodo ko Raksi Pareko

Figure26: Musa lai bato cheke ko

Figure27: Bhakri Village

Figure28: The Roof Speaks of a skilled Hand

Figure29: Smiling at Hikers

Figure30: Fertile Land at the Bhakri Village

Figure31: The Trail

Figure32: The Sun of the Hiking Day

Figure33: Rashmi and Surendra

Figure34: Dashain AAyoo

Figure35: Local Chimney

Figure36: Rest time at Nagarkot

Figure37: Club Himalyan from the Distance

Figure38: Approaching Nagarkot Buspark

Figure39: Please call Us for LOCAL BHALE:)

Figure40: Rukha ko Jara

Figure41: Road Inspectors at Rest

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