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Champa Devi Hike

Route Hattiban Resort Parking Ground>>Jungle Resort >> Hattiban Resort >> Champa Devi Temple >> Champa Devi Mai Temple >> Shree Champa Devi Secondary School
Date January 26, 2019
Hiking Duration 5 Hours
Coordinator Pratik Anand Shakya
Participants Aayusha Shrestha, Ajaya Chapagai, Depenti Karki, Kinar Dahal, Kshitiz Lamsal, Prateek Hada, Pratik Anand Shakya, Sanil Shrestha, Shreehari Bhandari
Report By Kinar Dahal
Photos By Aayusha Shrestha, Pratik Anand Shakya, Kinar Dahal, Shreehari Bhandari
Creative Support Milan Lohani

Kinar DahalKinar Dahal
If you are interested in a short hike around the valley but don’t have any experience regarding it, then Champadevi Hike is what I’d suggest you to get started with. You’d get the desired scenic view with calm environment, without feeling like you are not going to complete the hike and might not even make it. Champadevi offers a great view of the valley and with right companions, you’d have a great time hiking uphill.

On 26th January 2019, a total of 9 members of Deerwalk Services participated in a Hike to Champadevi coordinated by Pratik Anand Shakya. Everyone was supposed to be by the complex strictly by 7:00 am. But as it was raining, everyone could not be on time. Everyone arrived by 8:00 am and by looking at faces of those who arrived, I could tell that no one actually wanted to go as it was still raining slightly and actually regretted sending their name for participation. We finally convinced ourselves to leave and left Deerwalk Complex by 8:20 am.

We had light breakfast at Bob Marley khaja ghar. Prateek Dai gave us 2 bottles of water and some Deerwalk Textbooks to distribute to kids during the hike. We started our hike from there at about 10:00 am. We gave some textbook to children of the shop we had breakfast in. The weather was still gloomy, which actually worked for us as it would have been tough to hike uphill with scorching sun above us. All 9 participants were from Squad B and we started the journey while gradually knowing more about each other. We listened to music from a wireless speaker- until it died on us. We were expecting to pass by two resorts en route but since we were taking shortcuts through the jungle, we missed one of them.

We reached Hattiban Forest Resort, which was considered as mid-point of our destination at almost 11:20 am. We proceeded from Hattiban Forest Resort area after briefly staying there and clicking some pictures. We were calmly and steadily reaching the destination. But amid the calm and serenity we literally lost ourselves for a brief moment. It was a bit chaotic for a moment because none of us really knew the trail well. Fortunately, GPS was working throughout the trail and we could find our way back. All 9 of participation were from Squad B, so it helped to strengthen the bond within the team. The road was not as muddy as we expected since it had rained heavily overnight. On the trail after crossing the resort and a dense jungle after it, we came upon the stairway to Champadevi. We decided to take rest before proceeding through the stairway as it seemed like a daunting task after crossing the dense jungle.

Slowly but steadily we reached our destination Champadevi. On reaching there everyone was very proud and equally surprised as we expected a big temple, however, the temple was comparatively smaller. We stayed in the destination and clicked some pictures. We stayed there for about 20 minutes and headed back to Taudaha where our vehicle was waiting for us. We decided to take a different trail to return as we wanted to experience other trails as well. So we took a steep downhill trail which consisted of small stairs, which could barely fit our feet. Both Pratik Dai and Prateek Hada fell on the way down but they did not let it break the journey. They stayed strong and finished the hike along with all the other participants. The hike was successfully completed at 4:20 when we reached Taudaha where our office vehicle was waiting for us. After the exhausting experience we filled our empty stomach at Baneshwor, where we had delicious Biryani. With filled stomachs and unforgettable memories, we reached Deerwalk Complex by 6 where everyone said their goodbyes and went their way with an experience which will stay with all of us forever.

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