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Hiking from Khawa to Thulo Patal

Theme: Being a Villager for a Day
Hiking Route: Kathmandu-Jiri-ThuloPatal
Day: June 21, 2008, Saturday – June 22, 2008 Sunday
Hike Coordinator: Lava Kafle
Participants: AashishK, AbisheshJ, BasuD, LavaK, MaheshR, MaheshS, ManojR, NirajS, PrajwalS, PramodR, RajendraB, SanjeetB and ShankarU
Photos: ManojR/AbisheshJ/BasuD/ShankarU/PramodR/LavaK
Caption: AbisheshJ/PramodR/BasuD
Report: MahesR, AashisK, PrajwalS and ShankarU
Creative Support: Dijup/Dhilung/Pallavi

Escape from Kathmandu Valley
Unfortunately, it was the day of strike in Kathmandu valley. With a small discussions with the protestors at Koteshwor, we headed towards Bhaktapur and then Jagati so as to make a narrow escape.

Vehicle Tour to Charikot
It was nothing less than a good tour on the office vehicle. We had the advantage of both hiking and tour in a single package towards. We were all equally excited and curious about reaching the destination. Some jokes and gossips on the way, enjoying the nature and taking wonderful snapshots of the beautiful and natural views of mountains, rivers, streams, we reached Charikot, the district headquarter of Dolakha.

Dolakha, Bhimeswor and Charikot
Charikot a town situated on top of a hill and surrounded by mountains is one of the most wonderful places in Nepal. With little rest, we went to the famous ‘Dolakha Bhimeshwor’ temple. Legend has it that the idol perspires as a warning of a possible disaster in the country.

Charikot to Jiri

We continued our journey towards Jiri crossing beautiful Tamakoshi River, small Maina Pokhari village and savoring the greenery on the highway. Finally, we reached ‘JIRI’ at about 7:00 PM. With little rest and some tea, we decided to start our hike from Khawa. Among 13 hikers, only 9 decided to go to Thulo Patal as it was already getting dark and rest planned to stay at Jiri and hike to the School, paper factory, monastery and cheese factory the next day.

Night Hiking

As compared to previous hiking at D2, this one was completely unusual as the real hike started from 8:00 PM (hiking under night sky). Added, we forgot to take the dry foods that we had bought earlier. After buying small torches for each of us so as to kill the dark and help ourselves to walk in night, we moved ahead towards our real destination ‘THULOPATAL’ to be a one day villager. The supposed half an hour hike did not end even in an hour. All of us started to wonder if THULOPATAL existed at all. “Are we on the right trail? If yes, how far is the destination?” These questions started haunting us. The lights were getting dimmer and the night was getting deeper. Then to our relief, we reached a place called ‘Lahare Mane’ at 9:15 PM. There we came to came to know ThuloPatal was still far far away. Having tea and a little discussion with the local villagers over there, we again decided to continue our hiking over the night sky. ‘JUKA VOKA CHAN’ (leeches are hungry) was the phrase used by villager to lure us to stay in his hotel. But, we had to reach our Dhurba dai’s ghar at ThuloPatal, so we had no choice but to move on.

The Rescuer ‘Tilak Bahadur Tamang’
Moments later we came to know that we actually were to reach DandaKharka, situated in remote hills of ThuloPatal VDC. Our previous assumption of half an hour hike was then a big blow to all of us.
As the clock was ticking towards midnight and most of the people were sleeping in their cozy bed, nine of us were wandering in the forest seeking the right direction towards DandaKharka. We didn’t know we were heading towards the wrong direction until we heard someone cough nearby. Luckily, the man replied to our shouts and decided to join us.

Finally, we reached Dhurba’s house under guidance of Tilak Bahadur. But to our dismay, we came to know that there were many persons named Dhurba in that VDC and the Dhurba we were referring lived at about half an hour’s walk from there. We had no option, but to walk. Everyone was quiet on the outside and equally furious from the inside. Tilak was a great motivator. After 5 hours and 30 minutes of continuous hike over slippery and dangerous jungle trail we reached our destination at 1:30 am (the house of Dhurba Kafle). Dhruba was a cheerful person and he couldn’t believe we had made it to his house under such conditions. We enjoyed the dinner on the top of his house (Buigal) and discussing the earlier events, we then went to deep sleep.

Warming up
We had to wake up early in the morning as the village life had already started. We had no idea where we were, and it was a surprise to look outside and find ourselves in the middle of a cliff. Dhruba’s family members were nice to us and served morning tea to us. It was already getting hotter, and we had a big day ahead. Four hours of hiking lay ahead, so we gathered our belongings and bidding goodbye to Dhruba, we decided to return back to JIRI following alternative descending trail at 8:00 am.

Devi’s house
The journey back was rather interesting. We met different people on the way and shared wonderful experiences with them. One of them was Devi. We reached her house on the way for information on the actual way to JIRI. She served us plums (aalu bokhara).One of us took her photos as if she were modeling. Another one talked to her and he came to know that she was not married yet.

Fulfillment of the theme of the Hiking

We met farmers busy in their fields.. As fulfillment of the theme ’Being a one day villager’, we decided to help them in their work. It was good to give a helping hand to an old lady. We took her photo along with her son and promised to send it to her. We left the village back and continued with the descent. As we were already hungry and no signs of any shops or hotels were to be seen nearby, we asked a young boy named GAMBU BIKA to prepare some food for us. He boiled some potatoes, and provided us wheat, maize and some plums. We thanked the boy and moved forward.

On the Way
We had already been hiking for five hours, and Jiri was still a distant dream for us. Then suddenly it rained. As we waited patiently for the rain to stop, we realized we weren’t going to make it to JIRI if we were to keep waiting. We bought an umbrella from a man who was returning to his home. Then, another man gave us his umbrella on the condition of returning it back to him by dropping it in his friend’s shop in Jiri-encouragement for hiking in the heavy rain.

Get Together
As some of us had hiked faster and some were lagging behind, the hikers reaching JIRI first had to wait. People who stayed at JIRI reached Hat Bazaar at 5:00 PM and finally, all of us were altogether. We decided to journey back to Kathmandu and it was 12:30 am Monday when we reached Kathmandu.

Capital`s crippling life
01 Capital`s crippling life
Break, Leak, Smoke, Breathe Time
02 Break, Leak, Smoke, Breathe Time
Waiting for breakfast at Zero Kilo
03 Waiting for breakfast at Zero Kilo
Silent Road (Noisy Van) to Nowhere
04 Silent Road (Noisy Van) to Nowhere
BLSB Time (Part 2)
05 BLSB Time (Part 2)
Sub hiking at Mudhe
06 Sub hiking at Mudhe
Messing with local children
07 Messing with local children
Feeling shy
08 Feeling shy
Helping family
09 Helping family
RajendraB sharing the Load
10 RajendraB sharing the Load
Smile My Little Sunshine
11 Smile My Little Sunshine
Mudhe Bazzar
12 Mudhe Bazzar
Great Sky
13 Great Sky
NirajS (Read the T shirts)
14 NirajS (Read the T shirts)
Culmination point of Araniko Highway
15 Culmination point of Araniko Highway
Entrance to Dolakha
16 Entrance to Dolakha
Driving into the Clouds
17 Driving into the Clouds
Courageus RajendraB
18 Courageus RajendraB
Frozen in time
19 Frozen in time
Free Flow (Charange Any Time)
20 Free Flow (Charange Any Time)
Stairway to Dolakha Bhimsen
21 Stairway to Dolakha Bhimsen
Dolakha Bhimsen
22 Dolakha Bhimsen
English speaking Sadhu
23 English speaking Sadhu
Sacrificing rate @ Dolakha Bhimsen Temple
24 Sacrificing rate @ Dolakha Bhimsen Temple
Riding the Bull
25 Riding the Bull
Together with Dolakha Bhimsen
26 Together with Dolakha Bhimsen
Bird`s eye view of Tamakoshi from Peepalbot
27 Bird`s eye view of Tamakoshi from Peepalbot
On the Tamakoshi Bridge
28 On the Tamakoshi Bridge
Swollen Tamakoshi
29 Swollen Tamakoshi
Funtime at Tamakoshi
30 Funtime at Tamakoshi
31 Scaffolds…
Sunbathing on one sunny afternoon
32 Sunbathing on one sunny afternoon
33 Tamakoshi Bridge Links Charikot to Jiri
Waiting for the tide
34 Waiting for the tide
35 Pensive
SanjeetB and ManojR
36 SanjeetB and ManojR
Lunch at Tamakoshi
37 Lunch at Tamakoshi
Serene Khawa
38 Serene Khawa
Drunken Master...Disaster!!!
39 Drunken Master…Disaster!!!
Jiri or Zurich!
40 Jiri or Zurich!
Jiri Bazaar, finally
41 Jiri Bazaar, finally
Happy to hike at night
42 Happy to hike at night
Midnight Harsh
43 Midnight Harsh
Being lost and yet happy (Spot the Tiger in the background)
44 Being lost and yet happy (Spot the Tiger in the background)
Ke ho yo
45 Ke ho yo
Typical shop at Laharemane
46 Typical shop at Laharemane
Traiditional kitchen at Laharemane
47 Traiditional kitchen at Laharemane
Rare hotel on the way to Danda Kharka
48 Rare hotel on the way to Danda Kharka
2AM and eyes wide open
49 2AM and eyes wide open
Good morning
50 Good morning
Tea time
51 Tea time
Still moment at Dhruba Kafle`s house
52 Still moment at Dhruba Kafle`s house
(L to R) Sanjeet, Manoj, Dhruba Kafle (House owner), Tilak Tamang (Rescuer)
53 (L to R) Sanjeet, Manoj, Dhruba Kafle (House owner), Tilak Tamang (Rescuer)
54 Bajai
55 Farewell
Second day`s hike began @ 8 am
56 Second day`s hike began @ 8 am
Lost in the mist
57 Lost in the mist
ShankarS the Forester
58 ShankarS the Forester
Come on Guys!
59 Come on Guys!
A little rest
60 A little rest
Enjoying Devi Sunuwar`s hospitality
61 Enjoying Devi Sunuwar`s hospitality
Passing across villages
62 Passing across villages
Waiting for fellow hikers
63 Waiting for fellow hikers
The dawn mist glowing, the water flowing, the endless river, forever and ever
64 The dawn mist glowing, the water flowing, the endless river, forever and ever
Lava the Leader
65 Lava the Leader
They helped us
66 They helped us
Go this way .. and left ... and right...
67 Go this way .. and left … and right…
...and up
68 …and up
ShankarS and ManojR
69 ShankarS and ManojR
Wait a sec ... Let me take a nap first
70 Wait a sec … Let me take a nap first
A march for Haat Danda
71 A march for Haat Danda
Long way to go
72 Long way to go
Do we have time to step down
73 Do we have time to step down
Trying hard
74 Trying hard
Did I get it right..
75 Did I get it right..
Going easy
76 Going easy
Helping hands
77 Helping hands
Two Maheshes   MaheshS and MaheshR
78 Two Maheshes MaheshS and MaheshR
Gambu`s small shop
79 Gambu`s small shop
Gambu`s hospitality
80 Gambu`s hospitality
Solely from Gambu I
81 Solely from Gambu I
Solely from Gambu II
82 Solely from Gambu II
Gambu  (on white shirt) saved us with filled belly
83 Gambu (on white shirt) saved us with filled belly
Towards Sikri
84 Towards Sikri
Just sown
85 Just sown
86 Signs
Khimti River
87 Khimti River
88 Dragonfly
Busy day
89 Busy day
Rain !! Does not matter
90 Rain !! Does not matter
Villagers with traditional umbrella (Ghoom)
91 Villagers with traditional umbrella (Ghoom)
Good bye Sikri!!!
92 Good bye Sikri!!!
Final push to Haat Danda
93 Final push to Haat Danda
Jiri Bazaar
94 Jiri Bazaar
95 Sidelined
AashishK and NirajS distribute notebooks and pencils to local kids in Jiri
96 AashishK and NirajS distribute notebooks and pencils to local kids in Jiri
They want more
97 They want more
There you go
98 There you go
Clearing marks off the yak cheese
99 Clearing marks off the yak cheese
 Nepali paper in production
100 Nepali paper in production
 The paper engineer
101 The paper engineer
 Morning lesson
102 Morning lesson
103 Jhandaa
 Stupa @ Cherdung
104 Stupa @ Cherdung
 The bespectacled warrior
105 The bespectacled warrior
 The lookout
106 The lookout
 The journeymen
107 The journeymen
 Tired journeymen
108 Tired journeymen
 Once an airport, now a meadow
109 Once an airport, now a meadow
 Reflection on a stagnent water
110 Reflection on a stagnent water
 Not enough rapids
111 Not enough rapids
 Lodges @Jiri Bazaar
112 Lodges @Jiri Bazaar
 V   Veteran (Mr. Man Bahadur Jirel, High Altitude Porter. 40 times to Everest Base camp)
113 V Veteran (Mr. Man Bahadur Jirel, High Altitude Porter. 40 times to Everest Base camp)
 Evening mist over Tamakoshi river
114 Evening mist over Tamakoshi river
 The End
115 The End

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  14. PainInsane, you really are insane , still commenting like this and you are more insane and lunatic than me.Do you remember Asshish got his leg swollen in most easiest hike? Nobody made a fuss. You can die by water choking if that is your end time. It depends upon how much you exert force to be alive to fight against the hardness and ruthlessness of nature.
    If you think I designed this sort of adventure for fun, what do you say if 6 hour route takes 12 hours? I told you guys not to spend more time on way, but according to your wish we all went to dolakha bhimsen , which took 2.5 hours easily. You guys stayed for long-time taking food on way waiting for meal to be prepared. I have seen people dying out of suffocation and frustration like you have. please do not be frustrated with realities and get choked. Be open so your blood pressure calms down opening arteries of heart allowing you to breathe freely in today’
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  15. There is a slight margin between adventure and misadventure and no doubt this hiking was inclined towards the latter and I believe these kind of activities should not be promoted at any cost. I know things are over now and there is no meaning of ifs and buts but still what if there was a major incident and god forsake somebody lost his life. Are the promotors in a position to compensate for that loss?

    It is understandable that the promotors are trying to (falsely)commend Lava for his (mis)deed to save him from the heat he is facing but I would request them to think practical and advise the coordinators to make sure that hiking is fun and enjoyable and is not a ground for them to fulfill their wild fantacies.

    This by no means is a “Good Job!!!”

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  30. If coordinator had not left you guys and caught the vehicle which went searching for you upstream the road, you would all be waiting for Vehicle or you guys would need to walk more to Lincoln, 5 km more. You guys spent more time in easy straight ways than in those difficult portions. We spent Rs 500 in making phone calls but it was in vain to reach anybody else. Lastly, we got number of Ram from Surendra dai, but the 97410 cell was not working too. you 5 would have stayed in local motel there anyway even if missed the vehicle. It was also our duty to report to kathmandu whats our latest status in last 36 hours. Out of 5, when one was in extreme pain, you guys would have sent 1 person to inform the front runners. What help would there been if 9 of them stayed together and doomed together instead of finding rescue vehicle and other friends. If you remember, that day too had Strike on road and no single vehicle was allowed to move. If you still feel your own, you can ask Prajwal Shrestha who was there all along the way to look after me when I became breathless due to shivering result of getting soaked in rain. He managed most of the calls and communicated to ktm as I was unable to speak and move. it is not a good idea to die together but to send someone to rescue team. Prajwal Shrestha and Lava waited 2-3 hours for you guys and even sent messages to every person going to your way. One thing, our stomach was filled along the way as we got so many things air, water , sunlight, to soothe our hunger. This accounts for BrokenUmbrella and broken heart. Shame on you commenting again like this in other name.

  31. Broken umbrella for Rs. 200. Not bad deal when there was such rain!!! Last 5 seems really enjoyed when coordinator left you guys. I should have waited you guys to enjoy umbrella buying campaign.

    Thumbs up to Umbrella seller.. and Umbrella donater..

  32. This hiking was indeed adventurous!!! Night hasn’t scared me until hikers started talking about smell of tiger/leopard in the mid forest. We were walking without knowing where we were heading. Sometime, we gave up the hope that we would ever reach our destination. Thanks god, we meet Tilak. we might have to spend our whole night in the mid of jungle, with our empty stomach and with constant feat of tiger and leopard.

    The next day was fine. Thanks to Both Mahesh, Basu and Rajendra for being with me when it was impossible for me to walk even a single step. Guys do you remember how we brought old umbrella!!! The umbrella was a real life saver.

    The hiking would have been more enjoyable if it was manged properly. At least, we shouldn’t have to to walk with empty stomach!!!

  33. co-ordinator has tried to make this hike unique and nothing is wrong in that, we must respect his creativeness and remember! creativeness is not always simple and good looking, i agree with rudra dai saying.

  34. Very adventurous indeed! Lava is the front-runner. I would have joined the team of nine to ThuloPatal and helped you all reach the destination. Please remember every hiking is not a cake-walk. We all should learn to fight and win. Let us forget all little things happened during the hiking and commend Lava for creativeness and courage. Good job Lava!

  35. Rebellion against Enough and Lava kafle starts from here. What those two doing? One criticizing and another accepting criticism. It is not democratic. It is like Nepal’s contemporary politics. Some party disfavor a motion and others favor the same. They do not have any agenda,adventurism, and belief in their decision making processes. Make decision, do your job and forget ourput. The results from good processes are always good. Nepal still has such a hiking spot is one such example. 0 development because nepalese Never Followed Western processes for development. they made their own creative ideas which were useless and they are doing the same. No motorable roads, no balcktopping, no schools, no health camps, no security patrolling, no rest houses, no hiker’s shades.. God bless you all nepalese, its all of a hell. When do you people start to improve? So Nepal needs a new rebellion to fight against thinkers those I am against. Only you can dream on new Nepal and ultimate development.

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  37. However tough, unplanned and uncoordinated was this hiking, I’m sure every hikers have enjoyed (at least after hiking is over 😐 ) the trip to the fullest that they could ever get from such messy hiking. So, why so fuss about Lava? I’m sure he’ll repent for what he did to the hiking team. I believe he already did. Remember … he did not speak a word after from that Saturday night. And, nobody dared to talk to him either. Can we have just leave Lava’s LILA and just focus on what did we earn from this hiking?

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    Administrator, Please employ a rule so no real valid member’s name can be used as it is. So, if somebody impersonates me, he is compelled to put lava kafle 2 or like that.
    I do not want to be hanged for comments I did not write.

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    Hallucinations. A hallucination is something a person sees, hears, smells, or feels that no one else can see, hear, smell, or feel. “Voices” are the most common type of hallucination in schizophrenia. Many people with the disorder hear voices that may comment on their behavior, order them to do things, warn them of impending danger, or talk to each other (usually about the patient). They may hear these voices for a long time before family and friends notice that something is wrong. Other types of hallucinations include seeing people or objects that are not there, smelling odors that no one else detects (although this can also be a symptom of certain brain tumors), and feeling things like invisible fingers touching their bodies when no one is near.

    Delusions. Delusions are false personal beliefs that are not part of the person’s culture and do not change, even when other people present proof that the beliefs are not true or logical. People with schizophrenia can have delusions that are quite bizarre, such as believing that neighbors can control their behavior with magnetic waves, people on television are directing special messages to them, or radio stations are broadcasting their thoughts aloud to others. They may also have delusions of grandeur and think they are famous historical figures. People with paranoid schizophrenia can believe that others are deliberately cheating, harassing, poisoning, spying upon, or plotting against them or the people they care about. These beliefs are called delusions of persecution.

    Thought Disorder. People with schizophrenia often have unusual thought processes. One dramatic form is disorganized thinking, in which the person has difficulty organizing his or her thoughts or connecting them logically. Speech may be garbled or hard to understand. Another form is “thought blocking,” in which the person stops abruptly in the middle of a thought. When asked why, the person may say that it felt as if the thought had been taken out of his or her head. Finally, the individual might make up unintelligible words, or “neologisms.”

    Disorders of Movement. People with schizophrenia can be clumsy and uncoordinated. They may also exhibit involuntary movements and may grimace or exhibit unusual mannerisms. They may repeat certain motions over and over or, in extreme cases, may become catatonic. Catatonia is a state of immobility and unresponsiveness. It was more common when treatment for schizophrenia was not available; fortunately, it is now rare.

  41. Poorest Nepali not in wealth, but in thinking.I read all comments. I found the corrdinator caged for drinking 2 litres and somebody said ban alcohol in hiking. We do not care about that if somebody drinks 5 litres. Hiking should be for fun.I do not agree to balphsemy. A human being cannot assimilate more than 10% of alocohol level in blood at any case. If the guy is superhuman then it is a different matter. Here, all of us drink on holidays either morning, day, or night is one’s choice. So, have some self-respect.I also saw alcohol factory setup issue. In US,Europe and Australia, there are 10000s of breweries, alcohol and wine factories. They are not illegal. Drinking is not illegal in any country. Your country has hardly 100 such factories.You are still the same old 500 years old mindset in Nepal. Unless you change according to developing culture and timeframes, you people will always be poorest. Poorest not in wealth, but in thinking. Poor thinking cannot generate money or capital. Entrepreneurship Fails then. I personally think the commentors are all drinkers.

  42. My SubhaChintaks/well wishers, Comrades, and colleagues, All Apology for any misdeed in my part. Actually I am going to defend only one thing. I had requested chickens , rice, pulse, and some local vegetable if available for dinner to be carried from 3 hours faraway place to the locality where we were going to stay. I was going there alone to pay and to say sorry that we could not attend the hospitality. Actually, they took money only for chickens and refused to take money for other stuffs: rice, potato, pulse.Locally millet and maize and barley are eaten regularly. Rice is taken only in special occasions. The Main Photo of this article portrays Millet seeds whatever being transfered to cultivating from the barn.
    So, please do not write or trust story even if you heard from one of the members. When you hate the coordinator, you are allowed to say anything. Hatred breeds anger and angry person can speak or write anything he she wants. It is human right.Please divulge truth even if you are angry with anybody. Do not implicate falsely. It is the world of law and order.
    My irresponsible attitude has been described by some well wisher 2 and I do not know about myself. You people are there to judge and make premonitions, theory, and statistics on me. I am nobody to think I am best and write only good things about me. Blog separates Water(falsehood) and milk (truth) like the duckling.

  43. 👿 He is totally irresponsible coward who took other 8 with him into forest because he feared going there alone. I do not know inside story totally, but I have heard that he has been totally irresponsible at 1000 times in his life. He was too issresponsible since his chilhood until earning his life time. He does not care about anything, anybody, but himself solo. Because of his irresponsible attitude he was vacated from key chances in his life and always pressurized under froce to make him responsible.
    One thing! People must be juding him wrong if you look at his intent, power, capacity, honesty, faithfulness, and sincerity. He could have slept in warm hotel bed instead of telling his guys , he is going alone to see his birth palce and they can stay. He must have thought that he cannot cheat his determination, ego, mindset and spirited attitude.I found from one of the team members that It was their mistake to support the bloody minded fool, stupid nonesense, vagabond, insane, maniac, traumatist, Corrupted, bankrupt, oldminded, beaureucratic, undemocratic, dictator, pampered, lunatic, dramatic, …….. 😆 ❗ ❗ ❗

  44. It is religion, culture, and acceptance in stone gods in any form either in Islam, Christian, or Buddhist, or Hindu Communities. Stones, after regular worship and faith become poerful. they get spritual powers and ability to decide. Why People Steal God and Godddess statues of stones that are hunderds/thousands of years old? Becaus ethey have power. You keep one photograph in home. Start Worshipping. After many years it will cost 5000$. Coz, they start a new radiation that helps people. thanks, and so are old Paintings, vehicles, Marlin Moonroe’s Under garments costy millions of dollars.

  45. Thanks Dhilung for appreciating our comments here in this post. I remember you guys accepting all kinds of scoldings, fallacies, morale downturn, immoral activities, and indecent proposals in Everest Uncensored. I took the lesson from you people and my team that I must be liberal enogh to listen what each individual say. I am sorry i took them as personal. Sorry to all those who i said wrong things in EverestUncensored.org

  46. Stone god cannot save life!! you guys did yourselves. I read one story that you all saved coordinator’s life by taking him to hospital in the village as he was dying. So, you all risked your lives for protecting him. While I was in Security circle, I had body guards. they said,” you are protected by us. It does not mean we can stop hurling stone or bullets or bombs coming to you”. So, thanks guys, A big ordeal you all passed.

  47. @Abhishesh
    Exactly, Photo #11 is the most touching.

    @Lava Kafle
    Congratulations for coordinating such an adventurous hike. Ya, you are right comments are telling more about the hike.

    and those lines are from my fav PinkFloyd song ‘High Hopes’

  48. :mrgreen: 😐 😈 you did it for money hell,lava kafle phataha silly irresponsible brute autocrat dictator, killer of others hearts and wills, unsocial, anti-social elememt of earth

  49. “Me, Myself and I, “, I always admired your comments and appreciate this one equally well. you jumped in later on this posting, why? you were busy?
    Hahaha We do not post things here to get money friend, Its voluntary contribution as a human being. I have got this place to release my Anger, hatred, submissions, bad characteristics, whimsical desires, and internal manifestations.

  50. Seems like somebody is paying to post comment here to make the blog live and Lava is surely making quite a lot money. 🙂

  51. This article is the best one. Otherwise prahanata would not comment in any other. Has anybody seen him putting any comments before. I feel honored, Prashanta. I acknowledge my mistakes for next time if I ever have gut to be a coordinator again!!! It was time factor. We moved fast and reached late according to Albert Einstein:
    The shortest line, Einstein replied,
    Is not the one that’s straight;
    It curves around upon itself,
    Much like a figure eight,
    And if you go too rapidly
    You will arrive too late.

  52. Thanks Prashant for bringing out the fact that the coordinator should be more responsible and should not force anybody into Maniac adventure being maniacKing

  53. Caption selection for pic 19 was perfect. Hats off to caption writer & photographer. A perfect match.

  54. True. The guys shouldn’t have started that late. It was a bit of irresponsibility in part of Lava. But it’s been done and the night-hike experience as described was awesome. Guys, something to boast about 😉 A good thing about Nepali village life – you’ll get help anywhere anytime!

  55. Supeeerb photograhies. Lush green pastures and a serene lifestyle. Nice variety. Pics 109 and 110 are my favs.

  56. thanks prajwalan, Bishwa, Lava – The Drama King , Guptachar and followers: its great to see you around with your inspirational comments. We should have manufactured largest WashaWahsa factory there so that we can export our fruits in form of whisky,wine beer, and ( Waahsa Waasha, Chhhyang, Tongba) making the villagers billionare.

  57. Hey Prajwalan, you could join hiking @d2 whenever you are back in Nepal.
    Btw, how is your study going on, when are you completing your masters?

  58. Rawan – Us pakhandi Ram ko Shree Ram mat kaho..mat…usko Ramcha kaho…Ramcha…Yeh ashaambhav hai….yeh nahi ho sakta hai
    Lava – The Guptachar : Waaaaoooow…..ji haan Lankesh, us Ramcha prabhu ne yesa hi asambhav ko sambhav kiha hai…mera biswaask kijiye maharaj.
    Rawan – Asambhav!!! Guptacharrrr…yeh jhoot hai…bako yehi jhoot hai…
    Lava – The Guptachar : Hya…chi@#$%…cha ye wona so sa jiye jila ni…bekaar yu tension…waaaaaowww…

  59. bishal JIRI par daru ka factory ka nirman.. ashambhav.. yeh nahi ho sakta..bolo guptachar yeh ashambhav hai.. boloooo.. bakoooo

  60. At a Glance
    The trip to Jiri was very interesting and the hike was difficult, adventurous, dreadful, risky and definitely memorable. Through this journey, we came to know each other and cheers to all hikers who made it possible. And, a lot of thanks go to our coordinator for organizing such a wonderful journey.

  61. Lava – The Guptachar : Waaaaoooow…..prabhu shree ram ne bishaal samudra par setu ka pul ka nirmaan kiya hai
    Rawan – Yeh ashaambhav hai….yeh nahi ho sakta hai
    Lava – The Guptachar : I am seriously serious lankesh…prabhu shree ram ne bishaal samudra par setu ka pul ka nirmaan kiya hai

  62. :Euta Kuara”, I can give you 50000 out my pocket right now if you think we walked in night to get that.I told them, rest 8, I am going alone like before and I do not need them. they can sleep in Hotel easily. Somebody asked me to buy torch lights and I bought them. I started moving and they said we are also coming. No harshness, no drinking stupor, and no hard feelings, guys, all nonesense, you can make any comments as you wish.

    Ok, if our team gets $5000000 from adventurous ppl,groups, and trekkers and hikers around the world , we will share it as a token to our attempt only, not as a prize. It is not for 50000/13=abt 4,000 Nrs per head. Even if you get 1 million dollars you are not ready to take risks, do you?

  63. BhatuwaMoro saathi, I admire your illogical although truthful remarks upon me. Bhaat is best thing in world, rice is best. without rice George Bush cannot live, so, he said, Indians started earning a lot of money making Food Crisis in the world. Now is the time for farmers to grow with computerized systems. I too eat a lot of rice so I was called bhatuwa which is good. But maile ahile samma chori, dakaiti, lupat, gundagardi chhain gareko chhaina hoi!! mitra personally ris jati phere in hunchha, thanks

  64. that f….. coordinator did not allow me to have rice in hat dada although I was hungry. the coordinator had eaten a lot of rice beforehand reaching there before me. Ma pare bhatuwa moro, Rice man. balla tamakosi maa lyayaera saathi ahru le bhaat khuwaye.
    Maile aaja samma maachha masu, beer, gin whisky, brandy kehi khaako piyeko chhaina. ma tyo bhaate coordinator jasto chor daka, modern concept maanchhe hoina. Ullu.

  65. f….. photo65, you all became bhimsen by compelting the trip. you guys and the hellish bull…. coordinator do not have,,,,,,,, that recognition because of………. all mess written here.

  66. AntiHypoCrite, I think you are one of the hikers. The pic of the cheese was taken by Abhishesh..

  67. AntiHypocrite, you have no right to scold personally to us. Actually, what the participants wrote is their suffocated , suppressed, and dominated, old rooted desires that got chance to be released into free Blogging atmosphere of Everest Uncensored .org . I pay a lot of honor to them for expressing such personal comments on coordinator of hiking.
    It is nepali way, to take out personal things instead of actual victory, so no worry. Please do not scold us so rudely. Even if I have been framed in many comments, i have not used any harsh words, Thanks.

  68. girls/guys, why u all commenting on nonesense attributes, If you really are commenters and bloggers, do not be a hypocrite!!! Do not shed Crocodile’s tears. Are you dogs to whinnning around in everest uncensored ? Who the hell first of all forced you to join the trip? If you all had left , coordinator would be empty and we, who were left behind would be going instead of you hypocrites,. You went had a lot of adventure with d… coordinator and f… tail him with every foul words, All nepalese h…………!!! at least Abhisehs you have got good responses, keep it up, I personally like the cheese in pic 99 chummchumm, muuumm

  69. AbisheshPhotographyFan, Sushmita, and ~(.v.)~, I agree with all of you. Abhishesh exactly brought into front the pictures as the way bloggers wanted it to be. Perfection is the motto and the key!!!

  70. Abhishesh Joshi turning out best photographer of D2!!!

    We need another prize for best hiking photographer and surely Abhishesh will be the winner.

  71. Awe-inspiring tranquil snapshots, love to be frozen like “nineteenth” with young heart of “twelve” at “hundred and ten”. Thanks to those eyes that grew into the ability to see the features of objects and brought for us to look at.

    Cheers to all as always!!!

  72. I agree with hike_victim. His hike coordinator had asked him to relax in hotel. What compelled him to go? I also agree with him that his coordinator drank all shots to take him at night into forest. Shame on you.

  73. Well, Administrator, can you please remove comments of Another Hiker or ask him to moderate it as it violates Non-Disclaimer Policy and release our internal matter in blog site.

  74. Its not about love and hating the coordinator i was trying to talk about responsibility of being a coordinator.
    is it justifiable for a team captain to be drunk and have to be taken care by team mates instead of leading a team and risking team member’s safety.
    Is that quality of good captain ????

  75. Another Hiker, keep your internal company maaters with you, damn f…. corrdinator, you still allow such internal corporate things out, shame on you.

  76. These great pictures must be taken by Abhishesh Joshi. If there were no such great captures I would have ranked this hike 53rd in a year.

  77. Worst f….. coordinator!!!. I am anti jhaap who did not drink but hiked, so Jhaap and Jhaapfan and Jhaapsfan are all wrong. On second day trip too, the coordinator and prajwal shrestha reached before us. we have to agree on that. these two did not drink else could not have hiked past the great last mountain to jiri haat bazzar. On first day we can blame hike cocordinator up to 100 drinks, no problem. I hate him personally too. On second day, there was no way he could drink a drop. We have lost credibility, mahesh, hike_victim, another_victim, be responsible, Why did not you people throw him down the cliff if you awere writing such abuses now? whose father compelled you? Damnyou and the coordinator lava for being coordinator. Dear lava, you cannot be coordinator because we people hate you from their blood.

  78. This hiking’s coordinator is 100% focussed to 50,000 bucks and 0% to fun + teams’ liking. Should such coordinator be encouraged?

  79. coordinater made the trip only with 2 full, anyone other than lava needs 10 full to take such risk!!.. lava the great!!!

    do we have prize for worst coordinator too??????

  80. Seems like a hell great experience. The experience of life time. Great guys. It must have taught a great deal of life and the way of looking at it.
    Cheers to all of you.

  81. jhaap, you are superb, nice say , i have ssen you many times in EverestUncensored, thanks, Keep on.

  82. Seems the D2ians were tourist in a village rather than “being a villager”…Nevertheless, the pictures are amazing.. Thanks for the gre8 pictures and congrats for completing the tough hike

  83. hi lava, they hate you because you were the coordinator.you showed such great teamwork and the chance for such beautiful photogrpahs and the story that the members started being jealous of you, no problem. Shame on them. i am on your side although you denied me hiking request. If I were there, i would never write that comment to you even if I broke my leg.
    It looks that Mahesh is most indecent commenter here than the Hike_Victim. Lava, you are s… not being able to fight their comments.
    You cannot defend.

  84. I have never seen a coordinator whining like that before. Too much drink made him baby for that night. Coordinator should be banned drinking from morning to the evening during next hike. Its horrible Lava!! Why you could be such irresponsible. You know, Thakur dai made you coordinator thinking you have some sort of responsibility from inside despite your past at D2. It was self coordinated hiking.

  85. Hike_Victim, you must have seen me drinking all the time, thanks for that effort. i cried and wept before you to persuade you to go with me. HAHAHHA, you can say anything you like. Blog sites are for such Writings like by Picture 65. Even your father mother cannot force ytou to do anything, what alone man can do before other 8? so talking is what uncovers our reality in blog . Write other comments too.

  86. Mahesh, out of 9 8 people could let me go alone, who forced you to go. It was your own will power, passion and interest to do something adventurous.

  87. Hi everyone Nice to see the beautiful pictures but it was not same as it seems to be.
    You know our coordinator drank 2 full of Wiskey and forced us to hike at night.
    He cried like a kid when we denied to hike at night threatened us to go alone if we deny hiking.
    We were compelled to hike with him as we could not allow drunk coordinator hike alone at night in the jungle and steep trails.
    By the grace of Dolkha Bhimsen who sent an angel to save us , we are still alive today.

  88. Hiking was really tough and of course exciting… I do not have words to express all those incidents that happened in the hiking.
    I heard there is god always for you to help in difficult times. I believed this time. Tilak, a villager we met on the way when we already lost the way and traveling through the jungle was incarnation of god. I wonder where we could left if we did not meet him and followed the Lava, the coordinator’s way to go through the jungle.
    Jiri is really a beautiful place to visit. I wish I can make a trip to Jiri once again without night hike.
    Another interesting part of this hiking was the villagers we met on they way. We even did not have drinking water with us but the generous people welcomed with fruits like plums, water, maize, wheat and potato.
    I can’t forget the old man of the thula patla saying “Juka Bhoka Chhan!” ( i.e. leeches are hungry) and you can not make the trip to Dhrubas house.
    Next time onwards I request hikers not to take such risk and start hiking after 8.00 PM. You can not be lucky every time.

  89. Hats of to the hiker who completed the tough one…..Photos are too good….# 17 is the best one !!!

  90. Pic 65, it was morning without water anything that cramped our legs, forget about Cans. I just had flown the idea that we will have iced 100 cans to keep us alive, but nothing was there, dear. You must have heard rumours friend.

  91. Photo 65, actually forget about 2 cans. there was no water too when we were walking a river stream or tap available only after one hour and we carried no mineral water bottles to trust our stamina. we had empty bottle though which would serve nine of us for another one hour of heavy sweating. I will give you 10 cans if you can make that trip.

  92. Thanks to Tilak & Dhruba. Also for a leader for choosing such a wonderful rout but lots of …. Things happen on this hike

  93. “106 The lookout” an awesome shot!
    “64 The dawn mist glowing, the water flowing, the endless river, forever and ever” an awesome caption!!
    Caption for 109

    The grass was greener
    The light was brighter
    The taste was sweeter
    The nights of wonder
    With friends surrounded

    “19 Frozen in time” and “20 Free Flow (Charange Any Time)” – I can see the time!

  94. Really missed this one 😥

    pic 17, 18, 19, 20, 111, 116, 109, 106 and 104 are so nice .. 😆

    hatts off to the photographer

  95. Hiker, was lava a leader?? After 2 Full can anyone be a leader.. Dolakha bhimsen saved d2 guys life!!

  96. Hiker, was lava a leader?? After 2 Full can anyone be a leader.. Dolakha bhimsen saved d2 guys live!!

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