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Hiking from Bandipur to Besisahar

Participant : Mohana, Thakur, Surendra, Ms Adhikari, Ana, Manee, Shiram, Rashmi, Charu, Ganesh, PrajwalS and Vishnu
Days: Saturday_Sunday, April 05-05, 08
Location: Bandipur_Besisahar_Kathmandu
Duration: One night two days
Distance: Run 370 Kms+Walk 12 Kms
Report: ShiramK
Photo: GaneshT and ShirmaK
Caption: GaneshT
CSupport: NishchalS and AshishS

I was favoured before and again to be a part of team of D2Nepal activities. The break at my college due to the constituent assembly provided me an opportunity to be with the squad for their outing to Bandipur. The group comprised of 12 vigorous people in total.

When the sun started to share its radiance with us, we gathered and headed toward the destination. The trip was gaining its pace but it was interrupted by the traffic jam from Kalanki to Pipalbot beyond Naghdhunga. The rally of the wheels lasted nearly an hour and we stopped at Naubise for breakfast. The morning repast energized us for the rest of journey. Our next stop was Mugling from where the route was directed toward the Dumre and an hour of driving brought us to a small town, Dumre, and then the van took the turn to the uphill of Bandipur.

The cool breeze welcomed us to be in clean and calm atmosphere of Bandipur. The terrace farming done on the hills gave us a pleasant sight. Around 1 o’clock we reached the old town, Bandipur. It is a picturesque town which lies at the midway to Pokhara. This Newar village has preserved its age old charm. The concrete chessboard along with its one of its kind, chess players Surendra and Thakur enchanted us till, the hunger waited for its lunch. The mild sun rays accompanied us while we were enjoying our lunch.

The hotels and resorts around the place were booked by the Nepalese film crew-God leaves in Himalayas of Sunil Thapa. Considered ourselves lucky enough, for the some rooms at Bandipur Mountain Resort were available. Having finished our lunch, we were on the way to our resort. The drizzle halted us for some moments; the sun was still making its way through droplets. The view was delightful. With short tea break at the resort got us back to the bazaar where we strolled to the Martyrs’ memorial park, Ganesh Mandir, and Mahalaxmithan in row. The walk through the ancient village in the twilight was lovely. The evening was pleasurable with songs and even some jokes shared from everyone.

The dinner at the Rakshya hotel, with cell phones’ light guiding our way through the darkness turned up to our mark for the night ahead. The refreshing session was followed by the some of ghost stories which wiped our fatigue for awhile. The talk brought us to our bed. Personally, I had some chat with Charu and slowly slipped to my never-never land. The ghost stories followed by lightening and thundering was a perfect combo to keep most of us rouse from sleep every now and then!

The downpour on the previous night left the weather hazy. So we couldn’t enjoy the nature at its best appearance. The clouds over the elevation gave a thought of cotton spreading here and there. After the warm and firm breakfast in the chill morning, we bided goodbye to the place and advanced to next destination, Besishahar.

Besishahar is the district headquarters of Lamjung. It is 42 km away from Dumre. The route had fields on either side. The Marshyangdi enrolled along with us in meanwhile. By half past eleven we got to Besishahar. The lunch was ordered and the troop left for mini-hike to the Kapureshwor temple lying on the back of Marshyangdi. The gushing eyeshot of the water refreshed each one. Making ourselves comfortable at the rock bed and feeling the presence of the river took us out of the rush of this world. Thereafter, we had a fabulous lunch and ready to proceed to Mid Marshyangdi Hydro project.

We made ourselves at the quarters of the hydro project by 2 in the afternoon. The hydro project is running with aid of 273 million euro funded by German government. It is estimated to produce 70 megawatt electricity which would just cover half of the present demand. It is scheduled to start by next October. The small briefing about the project by Mr. Sunil Dhungel set us ready for more. Following, we went to the tunnel where we learnt about the basic mechanism of the project. It was an unusual experience to visit such a mega structure at least in the context of Nepal. We are thankful to Mohana and Mr.Dhungel for the convenience to see in real life which was just confined to the TV screen.

Later we were again back to track for the home place. I was enjoying innocent talks of Anna along with Trishuli flowing by the side. The sun had started painting the sky golden, and then red as our chapter was coming to end. The journey was paused at Malekhu for its famous fish delicacy. The excursion continued alived with songs till we finally reached Kathmandu when the clock struck ten.

Travelling is fun as we come across people of different walks of life and their way of living. Bandipur taught us a lesson that joint effort can work to keep the city clean. It is said that it all starts from thought, so let’s start to think! Nevertheless I’ll appreciate everyone’s company which also contributed to make a great trip.

Every place has its own story to tell. I’ve just shared my part. If you would like to feel the place, to know its stories, the place seems to be eagerly waiting for its hospitality.

01 Kalanki vehicles parade

02 Up to Nagdhunga

03 Lava & Co. heading to Manakamana

04 Chandeswari boon at Naubise

05 Young Green of the Spring

06 Surendra liked a shot here

07 Basantapur rediscovered at Bandipur

08 Local collector

09 Students from Damauli for a picnic

10 A regular scenic beauty

11 Surendra on the move

13 Chicks & flowers

14 Bandipur in the dusk

15 Prajwal’s winter palace

16 Team on hike at Bandipur

17 Remembering the martyrs

18 A look at Bandipur from Tudikhel

19 Bandipurey Sherlock Holmes on the move

20 Half a dozen

21 S sprouting

22 David&Hana at K Garne Cafe

23 A short halt at a local temple after a small hike

24 Surendra ready for irrigation

25 V explaining the irrigation phenomenon

26 Who was it on the other side

27 Morning glory

28 The dancing queen of Tanahun. Marsyangdi

29 Readying for another destination

30 Charu with Mrs. Adhikhari

31 Bandipur backyard

32 Two kids rejoicing international company

33 I just love hiking

34 A parade in Besi Sahar

35 Brother lets fly out of here!

36 I wanna get in there!

37 Pondering, mused, mulling over

38 Thakur ready to go

39 Here he is

40 Pleasing to the eye

41 Lost in Marshyangdi

42 TBaba & Gchela

43 Please vote for me and my party

44 Charu Shiram and Mony

45 Enlightened TBaba

46 Dr Prajwal

47 Pushing hard

48 A regular life

49 TBaba again, with RChela

50 A delicious meal @ Besisahar

51 Ready for a Tunnel hike

52 A bit of excursion

53 Sunil Dhungel, Director of the Project explaining about MMH

54 Next hydro electric engineer

55 The other half of the excursion team

56 Middle Marshyangdi process

57 Not lesser than a hike

58 Recognize the red cap!

59 Scientific & yet so less complex

60 Team ready for a shot

61 Young engineers for generation X

62 An art of hydro elec engineers

63 A close up of the 3 CuM capacity hydro elec project

64 A stop for Jal Bisram

65 Output of Proper irrigation system

66 Aana with Kollywood actor&director Sunil Thapa

67 Pick me a Jungle Berry

68 Beautiful

69 A shot from inside the vehicle

70 Returning back to family

71 Promoting Eco cultural Tourism

72 Evening beauty

73 Jay hos DOUBLE lead ko!!!

11 thoughts on “Hiking from Bandipur to Besisahar

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  2. Chandni Chowk to Chaina, Main Kaun Hoon Samajh Aena……… O Lord Ganesha (Aloo) bless me luck, wherever I go see only you

  3. Hey Ganish u look fine in the pic. What this its a website put some lively pic. I sure you guys must have enjoyed more than what was displayed in the pic. Whatever Nepal is beautiful

  4. GT we will land at good luck if we try to fly. No worries we shall its beauty next time. How was the Maguey in the windy weather!

  5. Vishnu dai, it was our ill luck that we couldn’t capture the morning beauty of the near-by hill (that was lot talked about throughout the journey) due to heavy mist all over. Lets hope the next trip will for sure have Bandipur grandeur spread all over EU.

  6. Himal jee,
    Unquestionably, whenever, spirit of the team directs the course and we shall follow the path.


  7. Vishnu Dai, we must do this trip again. Never knew what I was missing… until I saw the pictures.

  8. awesome !

    very beautiful place .. every nepali people have to visit this place 🙂

    best of luck to all !

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