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Youth and Climate Change

Climate change has already begun to devastate communities and deepen the effects of poverty and hunger. This situation complicates the challenges that youth face. And in Kathmandu many Youth affiliated organizations took out rally on 12 August to mark International Youth Day 2008 adding their voices to the call for action on climate change.

The theme of this year International Youth Day 2008 is “Youth and Climate Change: Time for Action“. Youth power could be great assets to the nation not just to save environment and mitigate climate change but for many positive changes.

Took this picture after IYD 2008 rally converged into formal meeting at Bhirkutimandap, Kathmandu.

2 thoughts on “Youth and Climate Change

  1. Let’s get this into perspective. Temperature has increased 0.8 degC in 150 years up to 1998. There’s been no increase in the past 10 years. It’s done this many times in the past – nothing unusual. Don’t get too excited about it.

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