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You May

You may have a pet
A dog, hamster or cat
They may rip up your homwork and make you fret

You may have a friend
A best friend, or just a friend
They may not return something you lent

You may have a sibling
A brother,sister or a twin
They may be very annoying

No matter what they do
You will ove them
And they will love you too

11 thoughts on “You May

  1. I have a question Purnima. I have read a lot of the articles on this website. And I have noticed that you have posted a lot of comments. I was wondering have you posted any articles? I am just curious because you have posted a lot of comments which might mean you are a fan of this website. But I haven’t seen an article of yours.

  2. No it really isn’t suppose to have an inner meaning. It is suppose to be light on the surface. But out of curiosity did you think there was an inner meaning? And if you did what was it suppose to be?

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