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Year 2010 Valentine Day February 14, Job Anniversary Day February 16 , 6 years’ sexy shot,companionship

Year 2010 Valentine Day February 14, Job Anniversary Day February 16 , 6 years’ sexy shot,companionship
It is not a friendship or marriage or job, but, it is something fabulous and greater paradigm shift than anybody can enjoy in life.
Passing 6 six years with 6 Ws. Weather,Wealth,Wine,Women, Water,World. I got all during those last six years and hope to get more , hehe, you may not trust me, it is real fact.
The Ship has to fight fierce Storm and Icebergs Remember, Titanic’s mishap, as crew failed to detect and avoid the problem in time. So, prediction capabilities, warning systems are all prevalent and necessary in any ship of the world.
Our captain helped us grow, learn new things, and there is HR aspect also that was taken care of, thus helped me stay in this ship to allow to complete 6 years, Else, I changed ships every year.
People live for those 6 Ws and it is what they crave for.
Ship’s Destination is important too as everybody has own dreams, intuitions, cultural values, self esteem, and background social effects.
One should be grateful to the captain who smoothed your bruises, rough spikes, problems, and nuisances.
You always do mistake and when you learn to avoid and be saved from the trouble of the results of your mistakes, it is definitely a good advice from one’s captain.
Live and Let live is motto in the fierce ocean or seas.
So, you protect others like in the super hit film titanic marred by lot of story, romance, love,pregnancy, and long life of the women,an extremely rich women who narrates her story , anecdotes to her children, grandchildren, and others.
We see a lot of Divorce Rates these days, frequent, and by large a problem for both parties.
Both sides lose actually, nobody wins.
So, This newer world order wants to get rid of chaos, fight, rebellion, but peace,tranquility, and ordered solutions to any problems.
In a ship, the captain maintains Rules, disciplines, and procedures, that everyone must follow, else, he has security personnel posted to take care of any breakthroughs.
My current ship has decided a farther destination than others.
It has to replenish its fuel or with lesser fuel travel to the destination without glitch, in high-speed style, to save time, and with heavy load on its cargo, constantly added by other smaller ships in-between, with assurance of full-Safety as it has to deliver to end port to the waiting eager parties.
I am proud to be in that arena after crossing 6 years’ moments, 365*6*24 hours minus public holidays and some private holidays, or, 22*8*365*6 excluding holidays list or is there any other way to calculate please comment on my writing. So, Lets see if me with team effort can continue to successfully operate the ship as wished by our friends, relationships, and after all The Captain belonging to Performance Engineering team.
I have also completed a decade 10 years of my undergraduate bachelor degree as we were class of ’99 passed out and started working constantly since 2000 AD ’00.
I learned from scribble wibble project of ventzine.com operated by Aayshma Regmi that 6 is unwinding of mystery, like unwinding of tape for my ship to see future events unfolding , our universe has spiral 6 structure, it is the most beautiful representation number, and probably lucky one.
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