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Yachange Buda

409.Yachange Buda
Photo By: DreamSky
Posted Date: 5th Nov 2009

‘Yachange Budaa’ – Even thought his real name is Lakpa Sherpa, he really likes to be called by that name. He lives in a place called Langmale at the foothills of the Mt. Makalu, where he is the almost only population of that place. One need to take a challenging 6 days trek to get to his place after leaving the comfort of the road.
Before entering into a new found business of ‘kira’ (Yarsagumba), he has been looking after his yaks and making ‘sherkam’ for 7 years. His youngest daughter is just 6 years old and that unfolds the other side of him. He has been married to 3 beautiful wives, has been to the Nepal Army for 3 and half years and he really knows how to keep his audience spellbound with his stories and his amazing sense of humor.
It was a great pleasure to meet probably one of the happiest person in the planet.

11 thoughts on “Yachange Buda

  1. @ BhaskarB

    thank you so much for that strange but true nick 🙂 and I think I knew what you mean by the question. Yes this was not the first solo portrait of him i took that day but in fact 3rd one. 1st was random, second was along with his ‘Tulo’ (a weighting machine) and this one with his ‘theki’ (the ‘sherkam’ machine) in the bokehed background for which i had to place the subject to the right.

    @TTM – Ya you are right. 🙂 but I’m not really fond of putting aesthetics in to close technical scrutiny under some rules. I believe they should be perceived in it’s own abstract form. I mean photographers may compose and viewers may enjoy such compositions even without knowing the gist of the rule of thirds… and i wish that would be the case always.. a true artistic way to go I guess.

  2. Well composed and Lively as well. Emotions well captured and seems the flash has done the magic( if i,m not wrong).

  3. {$var}Sky:

    Just had a thought … did you on purpose put the subject to the right for this shot? If so, why?

  4. Thank you all for the complements.

    @less happy

    It should be pronounced as याचाङे बुढा \yächäɳgɛ budä\ . Interestingly, nobody knew what that literally means. But he was very proud of that name as it is known even by ppl from Switzerland (some trekkers) 🙂


    Yes it was shot in RAW and post processed in Lightroom (Actually, I had included that information in description section during my submission to LIN. It may have been edited for brevity )

  5. Simple description yet so full of life. Thank you DreamSky for sharing. What is happy life he must be having.

    Btw, how do you spell “Yachange Buda”?? it is वाईच्याङ् ?? or something else I have not heard. I guess I am not only one not knowing it. 🙂

  6. Simple portrait of “Yachange Buda” yet so powerful to tell his story behind. DreamSky! You’ve composed it beautifully and his life story is touchy. This is true that ‘simplicity’ in life is so divine and many people just don’t see joy in such simplicity. It feel so great that photographer in you still care to value such simple people on Earth and be inspiration to many. Keep it up.

    Cheers to “Yachange Buda”. “HAPPIEST PERSON”

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