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Working on Instincts – Is it realistic?

People have tendency work on instincts. While making decisions this may lead to perception biases. This would not be good practice. The person would make decisions in a way that fits one’s concept, viewpoints, attitudes, emotion. This would be illusion and escape from reality.

For instance,
See a person!!! You would have certain perception on the person with respect to their clothing, surrounding and people or things around him. If he/she were to be in a different situation you would have perceived the person differently. Once you get to know the person, talk to the person then socialize with the person your perception towards the person mostly differs from your first acquaintance and you are much for clear about person.

Likewise, the decision maker should be able to make rational decision based on fact rather than instincts as far as possible. In some cases it is difficult to identify the real problem/issue where we tend to use our instincts but we can minimize it through discussion, communication and interaction with colleagues and try to get into “what real problem is?” As there is saying “we don’t see reality and we interpret what we see and call it reality”

25 thoughts on “Working on Instincts – Is it realistic?

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  14. There are so many other natural cares that we are unaware of. e.g. it is good exercise for those who wears thick glasses, try to focus your sight at distant object for a moment and then focusing near object. Repeating such practice each morning for few minutes is very good for the computer geeks.

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  16. I looked at the Cambridge online dictionary and the “instinct” is defined as: “the way people or animals naturally react or behave, without having to think or learn about it”

    In this strict sense, I totally agree with the author that decision makers should gather the facts and make an impartial judgment, and absolutely should not bias by the instinct.

    This is specifically true regarding reviewing of a product, be it software design or written article. Your first instinct might say that since this person has failed to produce result thousand times, this time also it is going to be same repetition. However, the reality might be different.

    It is better to defer a judgment until sufficient data are gathered. Otherwise, even if you are 90% correct in your instinct someone’s life might be at stake. You might have crushed someone’s future, feeling, or emotion.

    Except for a few cases, where an immediate decision is absolutely required always use facts, analysis and critical thinking to reach a decision. More so for people who are in critical positions.

  17. internal vibrantttttt rythmmmmmm of heart, soul and brain neglected by The Second Explanation from the author which should be down-to-earth type solution seeking mechanism, faaaaaaaar practical based, and not based on intuition,personal logic and experience. I must have somehow misinterpreted.

  18. Yes, I agree experience immensely enhances right decision making. If anybody doesn’t have facts and figures about a problem, he will of course rely on his instincts but that can also be improved upon.
    I would also like to say that if the decision is taken with group effort the likely error due to perception can be diminished. Effective decision can be taken by discussing them with colleagues, supervisors, and co-workers openly.

    For Instance the problems that are visible are having high probability of being selected and important ones are undermined. This happens because it is easier to identify visible problems or it might be in the decision makers self interest to address problem with high visibility. If the decision maker is in the correct track of identifying the problem he will reach his correct destination otherwise the track can be a dead end or reaches other destinations, which is not bear fruitful solutions. So, I think effective decision making person should work in-group and in the process improving the perception on the surrounding, situation and problem.

  19. I am trying to figure out what you mean by INSTINCT in this article and all I can dig down is “IMPRESSION”. Instinct lies far above and I agree with you that we need to be rational which somehow develops your instinct. When you are lost in the middle of the ocean and you have a compass with you, it is very unwise not to use it. You will use it by instinct. Human senses (not those five) have developed over the time, our brain matures with exposure to surroundings and we learn many things by experiencing with the nature.

    Long time back when I met you first, I didn’t look at your dress. The only thing that I remember is the look in your face and now that I know you for ages, you are still the same. It is perception by instinct. The impact of impression and is by instinct. So rely on your instinct my friend and Rudra Dai said, if you are mature enough, you become 90% correct.

  20. Incorrectly perception based, You trying to say: Instinct based reality is better than reality based instinct..I might have misunderstood.. Sometimes only Instincts Work. Who knows what is real? We all have instincts that make us feel that something is real. Assume that my instinct of you writer, i have never known you in real is that you are only practical person, having no instinct/perception… If there were no instinct/Perception/Assumption in you..How can you classify something is real/and has practical significance? You have also addeed personal meetings significant to percieving how one is? It is good. Meeting helps knowing people. After meeting people too We need Instinct/Perception/Infatuation/…to describe the person who we just met.

  21. Sometime you do not have enough facts and it becomes too late to wait for facts collection. Your best option then is to make decision by instincts. Your first instinct on a person is usually 90% correct. That’s the experience I have.


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