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Work for live

340. Work for live
Photo By: Jyoti Rai
Date: 17th March,09

This photo was took in the gorkha bazar on 2009/2/12. The child is doing his daily job well with his younger brother who is playing the drum for the music(which is not shown). This boy is entertaining the street people. The people in turn will give him some money. Thus, the collected money will be used to run his family.

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  1. Yes nice catch indeed!! No comment as such for the photography. The coverage is great…
    I agree to Lava Dai. The child is in pain…

    I am a bit disappointed with the caption of the picture. This picture is more than “Work for Living” to me.

    This act is called “Stiltwalking” and is only allowed in circus, and there also it is not meant to be performed by children. The kid here is using “Peg stilts”, one of the many forms of “Stiltwalking”.

    For more you can look into:


    Good shot Jyoti… keep them coming..
    (I looked and liked the picture the same day you posted, but looked into many aspects of Stiltwalking.. so that I can add some more information in my comment)

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