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Window for Living Goddess

Window for Living Goddess
235.Window for Living Goddess
Photo By: Rina Maharjan
Posted Date: 16th July

Gold coated and beautifully crafted window of Kumari Ghar in Basantapur Darbar Square Kathmandu from where only Kumari (Living Goddess) view Indra Jatra every year.

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-LIN Editor

0 thoughts on “Window for Living Goddess

  1. Very nice and symmetric shot…well done Rina…i presume most of the shots in the hike “Rejuvenating the spirit” were shot by you…loved specially the portraits… Keep clicking…

  2. Amama Rina, the photographer? 🙂 cool. Yep the window is missing something, you know what.

  3. This window also exhibit wonderful craftsmanship of Nepalese people. And zooming the lens Rina is able to show all those minute creative works in detail. Well composed and thoughtful decision to single-out the golden window of Kumari Ghar. I wish ‘Living Goddess: Kumari’ was there in window looking at her with a big smile, when she took this picture.

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