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why moral teachings so boring?

The base of life, moral teaching is itself boring most of the time. We can see children ignoring such classes and in some cases they can degrade up to bullying the teachers themselves. Also, in our society those who teach the complicated subjects like Mathematics, Science, etc. are the only respected teachers. To top all this, if you talk about morality in some discussions then you are more likely to be ignored. These are the major reasons as to why we are actually not changing morally. We rarely learn morality rather we just focus on something else that helps us earn and sometimes this is morality as well.
Mostly who conveys the moral teaching is not moral. For example, we can see fathers in our society shouting at their children “go and study” but normally themselves spending their time in playing cards or chanting with friends uselessly. In such cases, they are first to transform themselves and then have to involve with their children in which they want their children to. This helps children learn that moral lessons are not just for discussing rather are the practical lessons that help them throughout their life. Also, the lessons have to be practical themselves. Most of the time what is taught is not applicable in real life and children consider that the lessons are just for reading. For example, the moral lessons like discipline are taught in such a way that the children hardly understand what actually it calls for in life.
Second, what we deliver to the children is regarded as boring theory running for several hours. This is not the way the children could grab such heavy lessons. They have to be planned well and divided in very small fragments accompanied with interesting stories or games. Children do not like to be peace and silent by nature, so the lessons are to be designed such a way that they just grasp a little of the moral lessons and just start to follow one very tiny step at a time. Also, they are to be monitored for their progress in the practical life not just the theoretical knowledge.
We cannot consider the moral lessons similar to other academic lessons. Moral lessons are much more valuable and are the practical things to be applied in the real life. Students cannot be judged by simple aptitude; rather they are measured against the changes in real life of the students. The need of moral lessons and awareness of how advantageous they are for our children is growing in our society. We have to start this from our home and schools so that children will not ruin their life: rather they turn out to be social reformers who could bring the absolute changes in the whole society.

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