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Why I love My Country..

1.When something goes wrong. Blame others.
Bloody Aeronautical Engineers made mistake and poor Goat got sacrified (story of Nepal Airlines)
2.When There are series of bomb blast in kathmandu killing few people and injuring a lot. Nothing
had been invistigated till now. Cause Criminals are amoung Politicians.
3.Be in Queue for several hours for Petrol and couldn’t get a drop of it. Cause there is no queue for
higher level people.Law makers are Law Breakers.
4. We are the second richest contry in Water resources but there is always power cut even in rainy season.
5. Anyone can call Nepal Band for no reason. And surprisingly it get always huge success and people of Nepal
even don’t know who called band and for what reason.
6. People of Nepal are least bother about contributing to Flood relief people but much interested in Indian Ideal
Prasant Tamang and contributing money to make him Win.


0 thoughts on “Why I love My Country..

  1. Agreed With Loona but what if we are doing our best part from ourside and result is blank. If I ask anyone in this country he/she always says that they are doing best from their side then why so much defects.. I don’t believe in KARMA GARA TARA FAAL KO AAS NA GARA. and not only me Everyone in this world think like this. It cannot be said you are doing best part from ourside and result is always worst. That means we are not doing any good part from ourside. Either we need to change our stlye of work to get better result or I say that no one is doing best part from ourside. Everyone is doing Worst things.

  2. Despite of all the defects and mal-functionalities, if you are asked why you love your country? You may have no reason and I don’t think any reason is necessary here.
    You may feel bad about the deteriorating situation of the country; you may hate yourself being born in such a country and even curse a few words for not being lucky enough to be born as an American, European or Arabian. But still you love your country, your motherland unconditionally and do your best to support your country and fellowmen irrespective of your whereabouts whether in the home ground or overseas. And if that is what you have been doing then that’s the best thing you are doing on your part.

  3. We all know how bad the situation is over here, but let us all remember that everything has a dark, AS WELL AS a brighter side. So, the best thing we can do is keep our attitude right and ask ourselves how we can contribute to make things better. And let’s consider ourselves fortunate to be a citizen of such a country, because we all know that there are so many countries where people are far worse off.

  4. be optimistic. Nepal will win.(Geeta Comment) When there one good thing going and 1000s bad things then we can hope for the best. But here only all worst things going on.. Where are we now.. comparing to last 20 years .. No where.. We were atleast known as SANTI DESH NEPAL but now everywhere Ashanti. Nepali People have been optimistic for last 20 years. Instead of being more developed we are going down. Nepal had capacity to Compare with India 20 years back and Unfortunately now we are being compared with Ethiopia and IF still we become Optimistic we will become one of the Poorest contry in the world within few years.

  5. In Nepal People do not protect the basic rights to live. They do not provide fuel to live. Shall we go to Jungles again searchnig wood? The whole panel at Nepal Airlines including so called money made aeronautical engineers should be fired if there were people’s rule. Goat Sacrificing made clear how many years Nepalese are behind US? 200 years? In US, at least people can survive. they can get returns for tax paid after retirement. Taxes are used in modern weapons, research space program, Healthcare, Economy, Technology and in solving people’s problem. So, Geeta need not worry about causes that she emphasized. Basic things: living is protected in US combined by education, shelter,healthcare, nutrition,facilties, awareenss, strong rules, commitments, peace, democracy, technology, and above all OPPORTUNITIES. US did not become Superpower by things mentioned by Geeta the karmaic lover, but because all Americans from any Country of birth follow Karma first. They do their jobs first. they work day and night to make a better living and perfect human standards. Americans became super power as mentioned in Geeta: Work Work Sow seed and time to mow is always there. Just do and forget immediate results. If you start looknig at clock, you will lose. So, Americans bypassed the time and won their worth. They are still following the same pattern. It can never happen that a society can be flawless. There are different Dimensions to view a thing, some positve while others negative. If we compute gains versus losses we will know which one is better.

  6. Pawan – you are a negative junkie with nagative attitude. Your interpretation always seem to go recklessly beyond the limit. Watch out your back while you are moving forward with this negative and so called democratic attitude. You do not appreciate those who is not main-stream. Main-streamer-er never ruled the world. Main-stream people are followers. You are neither a good follower nor a leader. Let me see how many bad words you throw-up in response to this comment. You may even go volgur. That’s the expectation people on the blog has from you. Do not try to be smart a_s writing a couple of senseless sentences. Be thorough.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  7. It’s great to be a patriot and optimistic, Geeta. Kudos for that, but don’t insult your (your positives) here by comparing Nepal and the US in the same horizon.

    First of all, the belief that the world is divided between unattainable utopia and ‘everything goes’ is wishful thinking. Secondly, the world is not perfect. Some countries are great, some good, some fair, some unsatisfactory and some worse.

    Some minorities are criminalized in the US. There may be racial discrimination. But, there is law and order in the country. There is no insurgency and/or rampant crimes in the name of politics. It’s a much larger country than Nepal, yet stays united. If ‘ignorant’ people venture to the US in hopes of a great life, they usually end up being criminals to survive. At the other end, the majority of US citizens, including the working class are better of than Nepalis. Crimes against minorities compared against whites may be more, but in Nepal everyone is criminalized, even those that have been the victims of natural calamities.

    Deal with the reality that the strongest shall dominate. Successful countries (US and India, for example) subjugate other vulnerable countries. As a result, their citizens win. Vulnerable countries subjugate their own people (Nepal is an example) leaving most people impoverished.

    It’s not easy to go anywhere if you’re not talented. People only skilled for a low paying job stay where they are, unless they move in life, taking up new challenges and succeeding. In Nepal, even a qualified person finds problems. Confident Americans know they’ll get a deserving job. Talented nepalis pray to god before leaving for an interview. For, they’re hoping the boss’ ignorant nephew hasn’t landed the job already.

    Everyone is entitled to have political beliefs. Not letting your political beliefs take precedent over your work is one thing, politicizing every sector is quite different. The World Bank chief resigned, so did the American Senetor found in the men’s room. In Nepal, Sitaula doesn’t resign, even after rampant crimes in the name of politics and his inability to maintain law and order.

    Tax payers in the US do have a say. That is how Bush went to Iraq in the first place. Besides, I would’nt call terrorists in Afghanistan innocent. Besides, if the US goes bullying other nations, their own citizens have nothing to loose. That’s the way the world works.

    Regardless of the health issue, the life expectancy of Nepalis is much lesser than the Americans. The irony is that while most NEpali’s are under famine, 60% of Americans are obese. Why, because fast food is cheap. For some, food is a luxury in Nepal

    US is a superpower, has nuclear weapons, the biggest multinational companies, industries, global economic connections. It’s human power is diverse. They have the best scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, politicians, leaders, etc and the majority of nobel prize winners.

    In a nutshell, Nepal is worse compared to the US that is great if you believe my earlier assessment of nations in the spectrum of reality compared to your black and white take on the world, divided between utopia and everything goes.

    Don’t mind this writing. You are entitled to your opinion and are respected for that. Democracy can be viewed as a forum for contradictary discourses. YOu said your part; I said mine. Let them both be information for others, so that they can continue to take this debate further. But, the point of the debate must be to make things better guided by optimism, not just wishful thinking.

    Even this process is not in Nepal, but is there in the US. Naturally, Americans are optimistic.

  8. I can make the same phrase for any country. Its nothing unique about Nepal. Let us make same thing about America:

    1. World’s #1 advocate for democracy and human rights while minorities are criminalized wrognfully twice more than whites.
    2. Goes around the world talking about the dictatorship and people’s right while its the #1 promoter of dictatorship in the world – Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq, Saudia Arabia and the list goes on.
    3. This is so called rich country where most of the poor people work, work, work and work and reach no where
    4. This is so called fair country where a supreme court overwrites people’s verdict on bi-partison ruling
    5. They have so called indipendent judiciary where judges are tageed republican and democrat
    6. And their armies go around the world killing innocent people and they talk about tax payer’s right. Tax payers have no say. What a frickin propoganda.
    7. They talk about the health and are proud being a rich country – people here eat months old frozen hamburgers with full of bacteria! See the hyprocracy.

    Americans are still optimistic.

    Jay Nepal – be optimistic. Nepal will win. I like the current friction.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  9. Very well written, Jainepal. I’d like to add a few, if I may:

    – We are brilliant administrators of bands, uprisings, revolutions, but can’t envision, plan, develop, work together.

    – We understand supremacy of personalities, but fail to perfect processes.

    – Our words speak louder than actions, and actions speak louder than law.

    – Our uprisings only result in polarizing some section of society, but we leave actual problems unattended.

    – We replace old mandales with new mandales to be further replaced by few more mandales.

  10. YHE THIS IS THE FACT…………. WE NEPALI…………………………………………………………..

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