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Aarju Pandey



Some of us are weaker
Some are stronger
But why this arrogance?

Some are wealthier
Some are poorer
Still why show off?

You might be attractive
Or maybe not
But what is under your skin counts
So why be vain and brag?

You might be of one race
Or maybe of another gender
Then why this discrimination?

We all have our own abilities
And disabilities
So why this boasting?

We all have our own ways of life
Appreciate the things
That are different about your friends and relatives
Live in unity
Embrace uniqueness

If you are arrogant
You miss a part of life
You are so full of yourself
That you forget to live for others
You forget to make a change in the world
And die with a good deed to your name


10 thoughts on “WHY…

  1. hey erica, whats up? seems like a thoughtful poem. keep up the good work! by the way i think you put a lot of great effort into this poem.

    can you guess who I am?

  2. Very true Aarju… why???????? This remind me a saying of Mahatma Gandhi “It has always been a mystery to me as how one human being can harm and dominate a fellow human being”

  3. You ask why? Why because we are jealous and we are human beings (stated in the first comment). To be better then someone else is always the idea and to be known for something amazing you’ve done is always accomplishment. Humans always look for pride and no matter how shy they want to be they always want that feeling.

    ♥The Hobo♥

    love your poem a a aarju!!

  4. Arju

    They say:

    “Writing is an art not a chance
    as those move easiest who knows how to dance.”

    Write and write and write. You are bound to become better. But you have to read and read and read also.

  5. Thank you so much Dovan Didi and Yestai Ho for your helpful and encouraging comments.
    Please let me know if you have any constructive criticisim.


  6. Aarju, I guess u r the youngest blogger here.
    But your thoughts and writing is one of the best . I like your natural flow, unpretentious style and thoughtful and exploratory spirit .

    Please, give your more participation ….

  7. Good job Aarju once again. You have very througtfully questioned people about their “me me” attitude.

    Yestai Ho

  8. seems a bit of a lame answer, indra. human being can be both arrogant or humble. as human beings we are as capable of being good as bad. and what’s more, it’s your choice what you want to be.

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